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  1. A family living out in the city is facing some pretty hard times. Outwardly, the family appears perfect in every way. However, behind closed doors, the family is in shambles. The father is cold hearted and the mother is a control freak that hates it if anyone goes against her. The oldest kid uses drugs, the middle one hates following rules, and the youngest 'perfect' in their parents eyes. The parents are planning on getting a divorce and decide they need to be alone for a while. That means the kids get seperated and sent off to different homes for the summer break and it just so happens, one of the girls is sent to a family friends' ranch.

    While staying at the ranch, the girl has to help with chores since she has to earn her keep and she's never worked a day in her life before. The ranch owner's son is the one that's supposed to teach her how to do everything and help her out but it's not going too well. They argue a lot and seem to opposites in every way possible. However, as the summer goes on, they start to fall for each other and realize they really aren't all that different after all. But what will happen when it's time for summer to end?

    My character sheet.

    Name: Jordan Smith

    Age: 16

    Gender: female

    Personality: determined, strong willed, quiet most of the time unless mad or knows the person really well, not easily detered, caring, gentle (when she wants to be), stubborn

  2. This sounds awesome... Also, hi! Nice to meet you. I just got into forum RP, not RP in general though. I'm a veteran of RP in general... So, it'd be great if I could do this RP with you, it sounds like it'd be refreshing, amazing, and fun.
  3. @Akaida Martins
    Hi :) and I'd love to rp with you. Just send me a pm and we can work out the details ^^
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