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    If you feel turned off by the amount of text on this thread, look elsewhere; this request isn't for you.

    Hello, I'm Rainjay (but you can call me Rainy). I am a recent high school graduate and am heading off to college in the fall! I'll warn you in advance that I'm looking for some very particular attributes in any potential partner-to-be, so if that doesn't sound like it's up your alley, it might be best to look elsewhere. But otherwise, I'd love to have you shoot me a message!

    First things first, though:

    I'm looking for compatible, potential partners.

    This means that we won't be starting the roleplay right away. This might sound a bit silly, but I've noticed that the only successful roleplays I've ever been in are the ones where the players have some chemistry with one another. Little ragtag groups of players don't tend to work out very well if they can't establish communication or some sort of connection. So, I'm essentially looking for people who are interested in a 1x1, and wouldn't mind just chatting for a little bit first to see if there is any compatibility between the two of us. This doesn't mean we can't talk about the potential roleplay itself, but I'd also like to get to know you, too.

    But before you message me, I have a few things I'm looking for...


    - I prefer to roleplay with people that can write at least couple paragraphs per post, with a spelling and grammar check done before posting. I'll probably ask to look at a writing sample of yours at some point: and if you want one of mine, I'll gladly offer it!

    - In regards to activity, I'd rather play with somebody casual. I can't post once a day; the best you'll get out of me is twice a week, and that depends on post length, what's going on in the roleplay, etc.. When it comes to action scenes, I can sometimes get going to multiple times a day, but keep in mind I'm in other roleplays, too, and I need to get posts up to all of them. Once a week is my personal posting goal, and so I'd work better with somebody that posts at a similar speed. If you're slow as molasses, that works for me!

    - COMMUNICATION. I don't want to play with somebody that can't communicate, hence the chatting period before we really get the roleplay going. OOC is important.

    - The ability to play multiple characters.

    - The ability to write the plot. As I'll get into in a little bit, I'm hoping to get somebody that wants to create a world with me. Maybe not a huge one, but still a world. I can't do all the writing myself--you'll need to contribute to the plot and storytelling just as much as me. 50/50


    - I'm 18 y/o. This means that I can do libertine, but I prefer not to detail sex. I'm perfectly okay with mature themes (violence, gore, all that), but I'm more comfortable with a fade-to-black. It's also worth mentioning that I'm not usually into romance for the sake of romance. There has to be a story beyond and-so-they-fell-in-love.

    - As before mentioned, I'm a busy person and don't post all that frequently. I'm always around to chat, but I have other roleplay obligations to reply to as well, and I'm preparing for (and soon will be in) college! This roleplay will need to have a pretty slow posting speed--but I won't quit unless I've lost interest, or you've vanished.

    - I love worldbuilding! I'm alright with certain fandoms, but would always prefer to create my own world to play in. I just find it funner. For fandom roleplays, I don't like to play canon.

    - I prefer to play a primary female character. For romance, I'm alright with FxM, but I prefer FxF. I'll play any gender for side characters.

    - I can get behind almost every genre except horror, historical, and western.


    These ideas need a further fleshed out story and characters!

    - Guilt & Grief
    - Running away/Starting over
    - Coming of age*
    - Loss of innocence
    - Identity
    - Survival
    - Good vs. Evil
    (this is so overdone, it'd have to be special)
    - Morality

    These ideas need a story to go with them! Not strictly romantic. I'm not as interested in these as I am in plots or themes, but figured I'd include them anyway.

    - Female knight x Princess
    - Amnesiac x ???
    - Blind woman x Artist

    Original plots that could be tweaked and need characters.

    - Finding Wonderland
    It's WW3 (or as close as it can get) and America has drawn the short straw and allied with the UK and a few other small countries, is at war against Russia, China, and Korea. Character A discovers that her parents are Russian spies, and both her mother and father leave her and her siblings behind in Boston when they are found out and flee to Europe. She escapes the city with her two sisters before bombs hit, and plans to travel to 'Wonderland', a place rumored to be a safe underground haven for refugees. They meet Character B and their younger sibling on their journey and unite for mutual survival.


    - Missing*
    Based on Life is Strange; Character A is still searching for her best friend, Character C, who has been missing for a month when she meets Character B, who is Character C's sister. The siblings were seperated when they were young when their parents divorced, and reunited only days before Character C's disappearance. The two join up to try and find Character C.

    Modern/Slice of life

    - Crashlanded
    Character A and B are among the crew on the USS Harmony. They, along with the rest of the crew, awaken from cryo to alarms and the on board AI instructing all persons to evacuate to the life pods. The pods land on the planet below, habitable but otherwise a complete unknown. Characters A and B are two of x crew members that survived the crash landing and now must survive.


    - Disease Harbor
    C1R1; a highly infectious disease that causes the host to deteriorate into insanity before rotting and dying, pronounced 'Siri'. After the initial outbreak killed tens of thousands, quarantine zones were put up to keep the infected in and protect the healthy. Ultimately, the inverse happened, and the healthy were kept isolated from the rest of the world in massive bubble dome constructs, almost completely self sufficient and cut off from the outside world. Character A is evacuating with her children to Zone 3B after her zone, 3A, was breached. However, one of her children fails the screening test and will not be allowed inside. She trusts her remaining two children to her sister and leaves to find a safe haven in the outside world with her youngest. On the brink of death by starvation, she arrives at an independent colony, run by Character B, who recognizes Character A from life before the outbreak and quickly welcomes them inside. The colony is in danger, with the remnants of the U.S. military ready to destroy them and their land for harboring infected persons. They must find a way to stop the destruction of their home and discover the origins of C1R1 in the process.

    Post apocalyptic/Survival

    - Forbidden Art
    In the world of Vespera, a place locked in eternal twilight and where magic is illegal, the daughter to the king (character A) hides a secret; since birth, she has possessed forbidden magical powers, and if discovered, it would mean her death. Character B is a city dweller who has been training in the unspoken art of magic for years in secret. An evil wizard lord, exiled into the Beyond, a great nothingness outside the bounds of Vespera, returns and threatens to finish what he started and plunge Vespera into darkness and horror for all eternity. Character A begins to sneak away to be trained by Character B and the two eventually must stop the evil lord as the only two remaining magic users left in Vespera.


    I'm willing to try something out there, but I only play OCs!

    - The Last of Us
    - Beyond: Two Souls
    A retelling or a sequel. The only one I'd be convinced to do canon characters with (Jodie/Zoey).
    - Life is Strange
    Based on or a retelling with OCs.
    - Dragon Age
    I haven't gotten to Inquisition, and I want to avoid spoilers, so it'd probably be Blight based.
    - Beautiful Creatures*

    Your ideas! I'm happy to hear them! I'd also love to do a worldbuilding project with you!

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  2. Hey there ^^! I haven't played Life is Strange but I've watched Playthroughs and thought it was pretty awesome. I'd love to do Missing with you :0!

    I don't mind chatting first to see if we click, and I can send a writing sample your way whenever~
  3. Alrighty! Shoot me a PM ^^
  4. Hello~ I know that you're busy since I saw that you're starting college, but I would love to do the Identity theme with you! We can start to build out the plot and characters when you are not busy :D
  5. Hi! Unfortunately I don't think we would work well together. I peeked at your roleplay resume and I'm looking for somebody that can write longer posts and less frequently. Sorry. Best of luck finding somebody that fits what you're looking for!
  6. Still looking for one more person to write with!
  7. I'd love to rp with you. Either the forbidden art or the finding wonderland one. PM me if you are interested.
  8. Unfortunately I just found a second person! I apologize for not marking the thread as a closed request. If I do find another opening soon though, I'll be sure to message you!
  9. Ok. Thanks for the reply. Hope everything works out with your current partners!
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