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  1. So I joined awhile ago with a push from a friend. Which is all good except I can't find many rps that I would be interested in, or there are already a lot of people, or it is already full. So I decided to see if I can find someone to rp with. A little about myself. Lets see my favorite color is rainbow, I am currently a student so sometimes I can't be on all the time. I love love music, and hanging out with friends. Always looking for an rp. I have been on lots of sites, but sadly most are shut down. I enjoy all kinds of rps. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

    Master/Slave (( A little side note with this one. I tend to go for a darker theme, but not an absolute must))
    Teacher/Student (( College lever preferred))
    Step Sibling/Step Sibling
    Oc/Oc ((I don't much like playing canons from shows, animes, Etc, but enjoy playing characters in their world))
    Forbidden Romance ((I guess everything I have posted is this, but I just mean like warring kingdoms and things of that nature))
    Human/Supernatural ((Magic users, ghost, etc))
    Threesome ((Normally done this with twin rp, and no this doesn't have to be sexual. It could be twins in love with one person, or a person in love with twins))
    Furry/Furry (( Based off real animals, mythical animals, heck even pokemon. Whatever floats your boat.))
    Animal/Animal (( Real animals, mythical animals, heck even pokemon. Whatever floats your boat.))

    I'm ok with
    I normally play male roles, but can easily play female.

    Little side note, I try to match who I am rping with. So if you post three to four paragraphs so will I, but if you post less then one, sorry, but I don't think we should rp together.

    There are a lot more, but I don't wont to write out a list a mile long, so here is some. Don't see something on the list, then simply post an idea. Maybe we can find something that works. I enjoy everything from sweet, to creepy pasta, and everything in between. Hope to hear from people soon. :bsmile:

    Little side note, I am comfortable with any type of rp, but I prefer knowing what a person prefers before hand. Basically if my partner only wants, a romance rp, fine, action adventure what have you. Just please let me know, because if all a person wants if pure smut or fluff, I would like to know, so I can rp accordingly. Personally, I enjoy anything as long as there is a plot. Sexual, smut or anything of that nature, isn't a big thing to me, so if the rp doesn't have it great, if it does same thing. I just would like to know, so that there is no miss-communication.

    Here are a few of my Oc if you are interested in roleplaying with them. A place where imagination runs free This is only a few I have plenty more, and always willing to make up new ones for roleplaying.

    Also I love people that love to talk out plotting idea, and enjoy just talking even if it isn't about the rp. I like making friends, and promise I don't bite ><
  2. Be on the lookout for a pm from me. In any case feel free to browse my roleplay resume.
  3. Can we do a furry x human?
  4. @ Darker Then Grey Will do ^-^

    @ Midnight Justice Do you have a plot in mind?
  5. Not really I was gonna hope to create one with you and hint of advice don't put the space in the @. It doesn't tag people.
  6. @Midnight Justin Oop sorry, it has been a while since I have been on here and forgot ><

    What are some things that you prefer?
  7. It's okay and what do you mean for what I prefer (I can take it in many different ways of thinking)
  8. Well do you prefer M/M F/F F/M. More realistic or fantasy based themes. Something cute, or dark. Romance no romance. Instant attraction, slow attraction. Your character being the furry, or human. A Pg rated roleplat, something more R rated or XXX rated. Past present or future. Things like that.
  9. Well that gets to it straight off but can we discuss this over pm?
  10. Sure that would be fine with me, wasn't sure if you wanted to discuss things here or not. ^-^
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