Rain Helps Flowers Grow

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  1. Raeya Enno (open)

    Raeya Enno
    “Ray-ah” or “Ree-ah” “Ehn-noh”

    Dark blue hair | Ocean blue eyes | 5’6 or 167cm | 20 years old​


    Republic City officer​


    Assertive and Selfless
    Raeya believes in helping everyone. She refuses to back down from any challenge nor take any shit for anyone. Due to many years of perfecting her element, her confidence in battle is well-noted. She sticks up for fellow officers and innocent citizens will often take on burdens that aren’t even her’s to deal with in the first place. Raeya has a rather idealistic point of view. She gives most people the benefit of the doubt and it doesn’t take much for the waterbender to give hope to a cause. Raeya does have a tendency to disregard her own needs for the sake of others and is known to concern herself with more personal problems.​

    Loving and Amicable
    Raeya is someone that shows love very easily. You can expect to have many smiles, hugs and kisses from this woman, as she wears her heart on her sleeve. She is someone that could give so much her heart would eventually give out. From humble beginnings, Raeya did small favours for people around her that eventually turned into large scale defense against the Equalists. After the death of her father and the attack against her mother, Raeya has a philosophy to show love to everyone and everything. The dark haired girl has a love for life and refuses to kill at all costs. She gets along rather well with fellow officers and is a pretty easy person to befriend.​

    Naive, Sheltered and Oversensitive
    Before the Equalist movement, she was sheltered with a life of comfort. Raeya isn’t very street smart, and tends to get lost very easily. Even with the rampant crime in Republic City, Raeya can easily get tricked by a con-man or someone who is not as they appear to be and reap off her misdirected good deeds. Her opinions towards Equalists and most criminals tend to lean very negatively. On top of her naivete, it doesn’t take a lot to push her buttons as long as you know which ones to push. Raeya thinks that she will never get over her parent’s death. Raeya is rather emotional in general, causing someone to prey on that weakness have the upper hand.​

    Born to a pro-bending athlete and healer, Raeya was living a pretty middle class lifestyle, maybe even more to the upper class considering her father’s fame. They were born in Republic City, with the father being an earthbender while her mother bent water, living in a flower shop that doubled as a fancy apartment. As a child, she took after her mother, in looks and bending ability, though they would say Raeya inherited personality traits from both.​

    Life was pretty peaceful, her grades were passable at school and no one in her respective city region seemed to bother her. Raeya had a ton of friends and her life was pretty ordinary. In her spare time, she would learn how to bend water with proficiency and even begin to heal. Her mother taught her how her abilities could help with growing flowers while her father taught her how to use her abilities in combat. If there was anything Raeya loved more than gardening, it was helping other people.

    Help other people she did. Her waterbending even landed her a job in the police force, which she gladly accepted. There, she then became well trained in combat, both hand-to-hand and with most bladed melee weapons, her favourite being a sword. Eventually, she became old enough to live on her own, but still visited her parents from time to time whenever her father wasn’t playing. However, her whole family dynamic changed when the Equalists targeted the all-bending family.​

    Her father had been killed protecting her mother in vain whilst her mother had been one of the first to have her bending taken away. Raeya was devastated that she was in the middle of fighting off and imprisoning another band of Equalists. Immediately, Raeya took time off to grieve. She had felt disappointed in herself and plagued with guilt. The woman refused almost any food or drink and was nearly inconsolable. However, her mother had taken it much better than she had, telling Raeya that the world still needed her. Raeya still wasn’t convinced, though when Avatar Korra returned her mother’s powers, she retained a small bit of hope.

    Consequently, being back on the force and havormalcy in her life had aided the waterbender quite a bit and even changed her. The policewoman became more loving and sensitive towards all living things, but it had also made her more sensitive to any losses in battle. Despite this, Raeya would do anything for her citizens’ well-being, though there might be a new danger on the loose.

    Raeya was going to be late for work today. Lin, despite her kindness and devotion to the force, the woman was relentless with excuses. Raeya had always been one to just bow and apologize, though, little did she know, her excuses would be validated, even rewarded with a bigger task at hand. Without any money to pay for any additional taxis, she was sent to walk on her own a bit past dawn.

    A bright and sunny day. It was raining before the rainbow shone through the early morning. The time in Republic City was late enough for the sun to be shining, but early enough that it was in its early stages of rising. The alleys remained dark and crime was rampant still. This was her favourite kind of weather and time of day to simply savour and enjoy.

    The city lights were still lit as vehicles made their way to respective destinations. Her heart hurt as the officer passed a pro-bending arena across a major street. If she were to remember correctly, athletes normally began training together before the arena was open to the public. I have not been to a game in so long… Sighing at the faint memory of her father, the woman decided to cheer herself up as a small mist of a rainbow drew attention to a single daisy.

    The rain helps the flowers grow, Raeya thought to herself, smiling at the potted plants and the flowers that grew on top of high rise buildings. Her mother's words, applicable to real life and in being optimistic. Every step she took with her boot caused in some light splashing on her uniform from a puddle or two. Waving to some women on the street, young or old, she strung some wildflowers in her hair absent-mindedly.

    Humming a small tune, she kept her eye out for any dangerous situations. Hearing the clang of metal and masculine screams, Raeya snuck her head into a nearly alley, her instincts kicking in. The passage led to a rundown area of Republic City. The place was still unlit and concealed with weather-worn rags. A place where you didn’t want to be left alone and where the debauchery always started, but the waterbender felt no fear. Fear was something that wore you down. Instead, she wore a defiant look on her face as Raeya made her features clear in the light. She eyed each bandit with ocean blue eyes as the woman readied her sword. Hopefully the rain would grant the bender an upper hand.

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  2. Zia hadn't been looking for trouble that day, she swears. While that might not have been true in the past, today really was one of those days where she was just trying to mind her own business and get where she was trying to go. She was already late with her meeting with Lin as it was, so she really didn't have time for this. As much as she liked to think that she could go toe-to-toe with the older woman, she would rather avoid putting her in a bad mood. Zia knew from experience, from all the times she'd been arrested, that when Lin was in a bad mood, she could be rather... Difficult to deal with. And she really needed her to be in a good mood - the better mood she was in, the more of a chance she'd be paid a bigger sum for her help.

    So, being jumped by a bunch of benders in an alleyway really wasn't in her plan of action for that day. In retrospect, maybe taking the back roads hadn't been such a good idea, but Zia didn't like the stifling bustle of the main roads. But she really, really hadn't asked for this. She'd just been minding her own business, hands shoved in her pockets, as her boots splashed in the puddles, when a blast of fire blocked her path.

    She immediately dropped into a fighting stance, her years of being in scrap after scrap giving her quick instincts. There were four of them, as far as she could tell. If there were more, they were good at concealing their presence. Her cheek twitched, stinging slightly, but she refused to let her pain show. The ground rumbled as an earthbender sent boulders flying at her. She ducked underneath them, dancing around the debris. She ran for the earthbender before he could attack again, sending a series of quick jabs to his arms and legs, smiling to herself when he went down.

    She managed to take down two more - a firebender and another earthbender - before even more arrived. A firebender caught her from behind, burning her leg. She turned to counter, but winced when pain shot through her as she stepped. Her moment's hesitation was enough for an earthbender to hit her in the stomach, sending her flying across the alleyway. She groaned, struggling to her feet. This was looking bag. There were at least four more, now. Damned benders. This was why she couldn't trust them.
  3. Raeya stared back in shock, but knew that this was her duty to fulfill. The benders seemed to target one woman, but the waterbender had never seen such acts of violence targeted at one person. Not since the Equalists. Feeling angry but with a surge of determination, the woman smiled as the brushing of metal against cloth was heard against her ears. "Stop it, right this instant!"

    Immediately, the shady group addressed her. So far, from what she could tell, there were only firebenders and earthbenders around. Looking straight at her unconventional weapon, a firebender sent shot after shot at Raeya. The woman was more of a graceful, fluid fighter, preferring ice over liquid. Gracefully spinning and avoiding the fighters, the fire quickly become steam. With the earthbenders, they launched a large disk of rock. Raeya grit her teeth. With a wave of her weapon, she launched smaller shards to break the rocks into smaller pieces. Raeya did stop to flinch when the pieces flew everywhere and landed on her.

    The woman ran in front of Zia to protect her from anymore harm, but leaving enough space in case she wanted to get anymore hits in. The numbers seemed to diminish but still stayed relentless. One of them even snickered subtly at the thought of the two females even beating them. Raeya didn't notice as her blue eyes focused on each fighter as they shot their own form of elemental fury.

    With another light push of her hands, she made smaller ice platforms to trap three benders from moving. As more moved in, Raeya only smiled. This was just another easy job of defending the city to her. The shards cut through each fighter as she created a sort of storm around her. Before the woman lost herself in the fight, Raeya shot Zia a small, yet reassuring smile to tell her that everything would be alright.

    Eventually, everything seemed to halt as the fighters rolling in appeared to stop. Using the rest of her energy, she extended the icy platforms using the remaining water from the fallen rain. This wasn't one of the harder fights she had, though, it did leave her blood flowing as small drops of sweat lightly layered her soft features. Grabbing Zia's arm, Raeya ran in the direction away from the alley and closer to the police station.

    Beckoning her to sit down on a nearby bench, more people started to crowd into the streets and the sky had gotten brighter. "Ah," Raeya finally spoke. "You've been burnt... that's no good." She shook her head and extended her hand towards her leg. A small pool of water immediately brightened with contact onto her wound, another one of her mother's teachings. "My name is Raeya." The woman kindly smiled at her once again. Her voice was similar to a smooth river, flowing. "What were you doing in there? It's not a good place to be in..."
  4. A wave of relief washed over Zia as she heard someone else's voice. Her relief was short-lived, however, when the woman began shooting ice at her attackers. A waterbender. Great, just what she needed. Another bender. And what was this bender doing? Rescuing her? She couldn't help her incredulous snort. She didn't need her help. Even if she was outnumbered and injured, she would be able to figure a way out of it. She didn't need the help of a bender. She took a deep breath and, as the woman moved in front of her, got to her feet.

    While she was slightly slowed down by the burn on her leg and ache in her side, she was still incredibly light on her feet. She ran past the woman - a cop? - zipping between her attacks as she attacked the benders on the peripherals. She landed a kick in the stomach to one of the earthbenders, knocking her backwards, before disabling her bending. One of the men, a firebender, made some comment about it being ridiculous that girls could take them down. Zia went straight for him, sweeping his legs out from under him and then blocking all of his chi points - maybe a few more than she needed to, but she needed to let off some steam.

    She was already irritated from the fight, and the fact that she'd been saved by a bender, so her blood practically boiled when the woman grabbed her arm and dragged her away. "Hey, let me go!" She hissed as they ran. As they slowed down and the woman headed towards the bench, Zia yanked her arm out of her grip. Reluctantly, she moved to sit beside her, leaving a sizable gap between them. She knew she owed the waterbender for saving her life, but she wasn't going to be happy about it.

    When the pool of water enclosed her burn, she flinched away, shooting the woman a glare. "You don't need to do that. I can take care of myself," she said, voice tight, and maybe a little harsh. She regarded Raeya for a moment, assessing her. She didn't trust her, not by a long shot. She didn't trust any bender, not really. Not even Lin. She just knew when to pick her battles. Then, she glanced around them, feeling uncomfortable at the amount of people passing by. Too many benders, too many possible threats. "Zia. And I don't really think that's any of your business."
  5. Raeya immediately pulled her hands away from the burn, the water that she amassed falling back onto the ground. She tilted her head, confused. No one had been this hostile towards her after she had rescued them. Granted, most of the people she had come across were children or older adults that couldn't defend themselves. Though... seeing this woman in the alley, the waterbender knew that she was capable.

    Seeing Zia dodge past her attacks and chi block was incredible. The way she moved and ran even after injury, Raeya only saw Equalists block bending chis. Though, Raeya had only ever seen non-benders that ever chi blocked to level the playing field. However, the blue eyed woman never felt any hostility to anyone but criminals and Amon supporters. "A-Alright, if you say so." She responded, not sure what else to say to this unapproachable woman.

    Unlike Zia, the bender felt no fear in Republic City and the people passing by. "It's my duty to protect the streets... Zia." Raeya tentatively mouthed her name. Although, she wouldn't admit it, Raeya was a bit hurt that someone would refuse her help when the officer had put in time and effort into rescue. Especially when she was going to be late for work. Oh well, it was already too late to be bothered with such matters.

    Reluctantly getting up from the bench, Raeya eyed her one last time. "You probably have some form of work to go to like me..." She said, lightly, attempting to ease the air around them. "Have a nice day~" She had her last attempt at being kind by politely waving and smiling goodbye. Now, Raeya put her sword back into her sheath and made her way to the police station. Lin would surely be mad at her now, but Raeya had a valid excuse, and that was protecting the city from more thugs and bandits. Now that the officer thought of it, they were showing up and jumping people more often now. Raeya wondered if there was a reason why...
  6. Zia could sense the woman's discomfort, but she ignored it. She was, begrudgingly, grateful for Raeya's timely rescue, but she was also bitter about it. She probably expected her to be singing her praises right about now. Well, that wasn't going to happen. It might have been more difficult, but Zia could take care of herself. She didn't need anyone to look after her, least of all a bender. While she could admit that the woman had skill, she didn't need it.

    "Your duty," she repeated. "A cop, then?" She briefly wondered if she'd see her at the station later. Not that she really cared. All she really cared about was getting through this job so she could pay for her university fees. Realizing how much time she'd wasted, she lifted her wrist to check the time on her watch. Shit. She was going to be so late. Well, maybe this cop could vouch for her to Lin and calm her down. Either way, she wasn't going to talk to the station with her.

    "Yeah, sure," she replied to Raeya as she got up. "You too, I guess. See you." She gave Raeya a nod, attempting to at least be semi-polite, before she got up as well and headed off in a different direction. She knew a shortcut to the station that wouldn't leave her so out in the open. Walking quickly, and carefully, she made her way there.

    When she reached the station, she was already twenty minutes late. Wincing, she hoped that Lin wouldn't be too angry. She made her way up the stairs, and towards Lin's office, ignoring the odd looks the other officers were giving her as she stepped inside. Lin's head snapped up as she shut the door behind her, her eyebrows knitted into an irritated frown.

    "So, you finally decided to show up," the woman huffed irritably. "Take a seat. I'll brief you in a minute." Zia nodded and silently did as she was told, twiddling her thumbs as she waited.
  7. Raeya didn't bother to bolt to the station, but they appeared to have arrived at the same time. Instead of the strange looks the officers gave Zia, they welcomed the blue haired officer with open arms. Smiles were returned as well as mutters and rumours of Lin not being in a good mood. One officer offered her a sip of water and pat her reassuring on the back.Their interactions were hurried but still loving. They were all seemingly scared of the chief.

    "Good luck." The man said. Raeya only laughed quietly. "I'll try." Her tone wasn't fearful, especially not of Lin. The woman knew that she was a good person. Keeping the streets safe was never going to be an easy occupation. No matter how hard you try, there were still going to be people that weren't appreciative. Raeya was even more hurt at the fact that she wasn't even thanked for her rescues. Sighing, she walked in through the hallways.

    Up the stairs she went, preparing a small speech in her head of bandits jumping a poor woman. Mustering enough confidence, the woman fuddled with the doorknob, peeking her head, and then entering. Looking around, she spotted Zia. Immediately Raeya tilted her head in surprise, almost surprised to see her here again. Lin, from her desk, was not pleased with either woman's late presence.

    Judging from the prolonged eye contact and their respective latenesses, Lin huffed expectantly. "Something tells me that you've met before. What is the meaning of your lateness, Officer Raeya?" The no-nonsense woman asked. Raeya instantly snapped out of her trance and faced the chief. Her back was straight while her posture was relaxed. "It's quite funny actually..." The blue eyed woman began, but the look on Lin's face told her that she wasn't going to find a single detail remotely humourous.

    "I saved her from bandits. There were multiple of them, all firebenders or earthbenders and they just seemed to jump out of nowhere." Raeya gestured to Zia and bit her lip. "I thought there might be more gathering so I trapped some in ice and hoped another policeman on duty would find them..." The waterbender explained. Taking the seat next to her, she hoped that Zia would vouch for her.
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