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  1. Pollakr sat at his small camp fire, the wolf skin pulled against his muscle. When he stood he was as a wolf on two legs. The snow fell lightly and his back ached against the tree. He looked at his hammer pendant. He had not heard or seen praise from Thor, or any God for some time. He sighed standing up. The forest was a lush backdrop covered in snow and ice. Wolves howled in the distance, he wondered how far they were. He had tried casting a rune lot earlier, but the messages were no longer clear. And with his tribe now dead he was unsure whst to do. Dark elves in the land of Midgard, it was unheard of. This might be the beginning if the Ragnarok he thought as he headed into the wild.
  2. Beinan trudged through the snowy mountain, brushing past the thrickening forests. He would reserve the use of his axe, which he always carried with him, for his enemies. One such he immediately recalled had caused him to be cast out of his own clan. His steely eyes looked on forwards, never once going back to that place. As he walked though he could hear the sound of wolves howling. A good omen to those who once were his people. Up ahead he could see a dim light. It was not of a hearty camp. Why sould he expect such blessings in this place? No, he guessed that it must come from a small fire. Another out cast such as he. His body clenched against the wind, trying to keep his body from shivering, despite the bear furs he wore. He trudged on towards the fire until he began to see it clearer. There in front of him stood a hulking man, alone, attempting to make another casting but everything coming up muddled.
    "So! Another deserted one?" he said more to himself than to the other"The gods bless you if they wish." he said.
  3. "Nay fellow wandered." Pollark pointed in the distance where four dark gret skinned creatures with pointy ears and dimmed yellow eyes lay. It's gut was sliced open. "My kinsmen were slain. But I got the foul creatures who did the deed." He looked at this other man and collected his rune stones in a small pouch. " why are you deserted and what brings you hear? I fear the All-Father no longer casts his eye to us mortal men."
  4. Beinan nodded after a brief silence. "Indeed, strange times are a head. Clan members turn against one another in senseless greed when all is common good. I am Beinan Ulfhund. A harty greeting, I suppose would be offered if not for this wretched occasion." Seeing the elves he spat at the ground. "Least they weren't loki's ice trolls."