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INTEREST CHECK Rafiq's Magnificent Emporium

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mexma, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. The thing here is simple. There's this rich man that has this great emporium (combination between restaurant, bar and casino) where all the personal are women. (Though we could could also squeeze in a male or two, hehe) The place, in the day, is pretty much the restaurant part and a bit of a casino for the family. The place is closed, no windows, only the air conditioner, the main entrance and the back entrance, the latter only known to the personal.


    At night is when the bar and the full casino experience are on. |-)

    My point here is, the owner is a vampire and so are his employers. They use the night clients as food, well some of them anyway, and if you want to get a job in Rafiq's place, you must turn into a vampire.
    The boss (Rafiq) controls his clients and the courtesans that work in the emporium at night.
    We can discuss a plot in here, or just go with the flow.

    Anyone interested in this sort of idea?