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  1. [​IMG]

    || ART BY ME ||

    || MOTHER - F U C K I N G - FOX ||

    Long, layered locks of snow bounced and swayed up and down and side to side as a lone fox prowled down the insides of the airship designated to travel to the oh so famous "Beacon Academy." An inhuman aura cursed with the needle-like aching cold surrounded her like a posse. A smirked was perfectly formed by her multi-coloured lips that reveled a pair of large canines in a set of tiny, sharp fangs. Her sickish green eyes drifted here and there along the faces of the others as she stared each of them down with a dark, yet cockish look. Her appearance made her intimidating from the start, but her personality turned her into the devil. Although she didn't recognize anyone right away, she wouldn't be surprised if someone else did. Either way, she knew that eventually the other students would learn about her and how she acted.

    The faunus continued to strut down the ship. Her curves moved in an almost memorizing way. Unlike the others, she didn't have the chains of luggage to carry around herself. The fox managed to manipulate two boys into carrying her two suitcases into the ship and wait for her by the windows near the end of the aircraft. Men, and even women, often fell for her looks and she used that for the better of her. True that it didn't work on all people and she couldn't get certain people to do some tasks, but it worked more than what she needed for small things. This "gift" would also fade away as those around her learned more and more about her, well, bitchy attitude.

    "Well aren't you two just sweet things!"
    the faunus purred as she came towards the two boys,
    "Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it."

    The two male blushed a bit before giving her the usually "It wasn't a trouble." To help keep her charm up, she gave the pair a quick peck on the cheek before they strolled over to join their friends with cherry red faces. She smiled until they weren't in her view.

    "Fucking human shitbags..." the words hissed through her mind.

    Despite her sweet look for the moment, she had a raging fire against humanity. Still, however, she was traveling to a school where she would be outnumbered by the peevish species. For all she knew, the faunus could be the only faunus on her team. The thought twisted and turned in her stomach like a school of panicking live fish. Disgusting, dark, and chaotic were just a few words to describe it. Somehow she kept her feelings locked up. She was taught to do this over and over in her life.

    Then she heard a ringing from her right and only ear. Unlike others of her kind, she wasn't born with an extra set of human-like ears. This was a major weakness for her and she did her best to live with it. She slid a hand into her vest's pocket and pulled out the small sized scroll. He was calling, but with a grin, she slid her index finger across the device to cancel the call. For now she wouldn't answer any calls or messages since she was busy with the whole "student act."


    || AND - S I N I - L I V I U S - IS - HER - NAME ||

    Scrolls are the phones of RWBY by the way!
  2. A young man sat knitting on a park bench just outside the Beacon academy.
    Many older women had stopped to watch him knit, often they would get upset when he would pull out his scroll,
    and then they wander off as he typed up a response, with a sigh he returned to his knitting every time.
    After hearing a bell toll in the distance he packed up his kitting and started walking to the Academy.
    After seeing another old lady glare at his silent form, he sighed again. this was going to be a long day.
  3. Violet stared up at the scene unfolding infront of her as she held the guitar in her hands. She sat in a corner of the airship as she waited for them to arrive. Many boys had tried to come over and talk to her and she just nodded to them all. To her understanding they must think that she was mute and unable to speak. Finally she began to have the weapon expand out so it was in its sonic cannon form. She turned the volume all the way down so it wouldn't destroy the airship if she sturmmed it. It was up enough that it could be heard by her and others if they wanted to listen to it. She took a object out of her pockets and put it on her ears making the Mic go infront of her face as the wire seemed to disappear as it connected with the weapon.

    She leaned back as severals boys came over to her and began to sit next to her. "A beautiful girl and a guitar player." They said to her making Violet look over. She smiled slightly before lowering her face. "Whats your name?" They asked her. Violet began to blush before taking a deep breath "Violet.." She let out making them look at her hair "Is it natural" they asked her. She just nodded slowly before beginning to strum her guitar lightly. She closed her eyes and did what made the boys gathering around her just blink. She was playing the guitar by sound only. She wasn't watching her hands as she played it with the skill of a professional.

    When she finished she found that most of the boys on the airship were now gathered around her. She blinked before beginning to blush heavily. She almost let out a nervous squeak as her purple hair flowed infront of her face "Thank you.." She said sheepishly before the all sat around her. "What else can you play if you don't mind." One of them asked her. She just took another deep breath before smileing. "Uhm... Well.. I have a specific song for this.. but.. I can't play it unless.. I am.. well fighting.." She mumbled out making them look at each other "That is your weapon?!" They all asked at once. She nodded making them begin to laugh making her feel awkward before one spoke up "Thats amazing! Where can I get one?" He asked her suddenly.

    Violet was taken back completely and blushed again "I made it.. Its of my design and I combined the dusts with the help.. of my late mother.." She said making them nod slowly realizing it was a question making her upset. "Well, if you ever want to consider making one I think you would have possible buyers." The boy let out bringing a storm of nods from the others "But I doubt we would be as good of a player as you are." He continued on making Violet feel alittle up lifted "Thank you." She said once more as they remained around her.
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  4. Prue Grey

    "Ma'am? .... Uh, excuse me? Miss Prue? Your things are all packed on the airship. It's time to go."

    "Oh is it now?"

    Reaching up to tie the bow atop her head, Prue Lee Grey gazed at her maid through the mirror she sat at. "And who was the one who took it upon themselves to pack my things? Was it you?" she asked, standing and turning to face the woman. Immediately a nervous expression was on the features of the woman as she placed her hands behind her back. "It was. Your parents instructed me to do so."

    "I see. Well... I assume you made sure not to be rough with my things?" taking a step towards the woman, she would reach out and grasp a bit of the woman's black hair, twirling it around her finger. Absently she wondered what the true color of it was. "You know how it makes me angry when you people mess up my things. We wouldn't want that will we?"

    "N-no, ma'am. I handled your things with care."

    "Good! Then I'll be heading out." she said, releasing the old woman's hair and patting her shoulder. "Take care of yourself now!"

    Stopping at her door to grab Primrose, she started to run down the hall of her family's large house and towards the kitchen to where she knew her parents would be so early this morning. Strapping the large and heavy sword to her back, Prue would fix her bow again, something she did out of habit all the time. Stepping into the kitchen, she saw her parents both smiling and laughing while they slaved away over breakfast. Rolling her eyes at their sudden happiness, Prue would take a seat at a stool that was on the opposite side her parents were. "Goodmorning Father, Mother." she said, leaning to the side to avoid a strip of bacon that was thrown at her by her dad.

    "Look at our little girl, finally making it into Beacon. I thought this day would never come!" he said with an overdramatic tone. "I know," her mother began. "It's a miracle. All this time we thought you'd never get in with your grades." Her mom's shrill laughter filled the kitchen then, followed by her dad's boisterous one. Irritated, Prue grabbed an egg and crushed it in her hand. "Will you two can it? I'm hardly little, AND it's only because the Headmaster finally recognized my talents that it's taken so long. I'll have you know I'm the smartest--"

    Suddenly a piece of paper would be held up in front of her face, showing her grades the previous year. Grabbing it and balling it up, Prue's face would turn red and she'd stand. "That is beside the point! You two should be less happy about sending me off. What kind of parents are you?" she criticized.

    "A pair that are happy to finally be free of their daughter with the ego larger than their house." her dad said matter of factly.

    "Wha- Oh the nerve of- I can't believe what i'm hearing!" she said, stomping her foot. Crossing her arms, she turned and started walking away. Barely getting in five steps, her arm was suddenly pulled and she was swung around, crashing into her dad's chest in a tight hug. Her mother quickly came over and hugged her from behind.

    "Waaaaah! You're messing up my hair!" she cried when her mom started to pet her head. This only brought more laughter from the two before they released her. "Ah, my daughter. I wish you the best." her father said when he got his laughter under control. Her mother went to stand beside him and held his hand. "I hope you lean many things... but don't lose sight of who you are, no matter what your new teachers or peers my tell you." her mother added. Smiling, Prue made a fist.

    "Dont worry Mom. When you see me again, I will have become a better Huntress!"

    "You have got to be kidding me..."

    Sitting inside her family's private air ship and on the way to Beacon, Prue looked around at all the things that stupid human maid had packed for her. Literally everything just shy of the kitchen sink, which she probably would have taken too if she knew how to remove it. Sighing, Prue started to sift through her things, seperating what she really needed from the things that were unnecessairy. She made sure to put her spare clothes, dust, and other things near where she was sitting, and moved everything else to the other side of the ship.

    By the time she was done, her hair had fallen out of her perfect curls, and she was growing irritated at having the long strands falling down her back. As she fixed them, she would gaze out of the window, looking out upon the colorless world she wanted so badly to protect. Seeing Beacon in the distance, her excitement canceled out her frustration about the packing incedent. Making a mental note to tell the pilot to be careful with her items, she continued to stare out the window, wondering what color blue the sky was.

  5. On the Beacon campus, sprawled out on a shady patch of grass was Olive. Close-eyed, she wore a perpetual, stupid grin, that probably wouldn’t fade even if all of Remnant were to fall into chaos. A gentle breeze trickled through her hair. The student found herself humming along to a familiar ode almost unconsciously. (she had caught herself crooning the same song before on multiple occasions, it had become somewhat of a bad habit.)

    -Excuse me.” a stern voice broke Olive’s peace. The humming stopped. She opened one eye to find a tall woman standing above her, then promptly shut it again.
    Hm?” Her response was soft, lazy, relaxed in its undertones. ―Hardly audible under the loud excited chatter of students pervading the air.
    ...Are you a new student here?” The teacher had a skeptical tone. Olive thought that was an awful silly question to ask.
    Mmhm.” Leisurely, she placed a hand on her forehead. Her smile was still ever-present.
    The woman looked upset from Olive’s lacking response. “New students are required to report to the Great Hall upon arrival.” It was more of an order than a suggestion.
    Olive opened both her eyes now, staring up at the woman with pallid yellow orbs. Her expression: apathetic.

    ..Mmkay.” She didn’t move from her spot.

    The teacher and the student stared each other down. The older woman had a dour gaze full of spite. Olive on the other hand, seemed lax, inattentive, (maybe she was just naive to the real situation on hand.) But still somehow managed to seem daunting. A passing by student couldn’t help but note that he'd seen considerably less vicious knife fights.

    The teacher chewed on her bottom lip. “Behave yourself.” she concluded with a defeated sigh, and with that warning, the teacher took off, making her way back towards the academy.
    Olive outstretched her limbs with a yawn. Her metal arm creaked loudly, drawing a few quick concerned glances her way. Olive watched a loud droning airship move overhead, through the clouds, bringing with it an influx of newbies.
    The melodic humming continued. Olive closed her eyes once more.
    The sun felt nice on her skin.
    Maybe she’d lay here for a just few more minutes.

    ✄- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  6. The boy wedged into a window seat simply looked like a void: all black clothing, dark, impenetrable sunglasses hiding his eyes. It discouraged the casual interrogator, and there were a lot of them. One might think that the male in black was asleep, and had been most of the flight, but it was a clever illusion for constance vigilance, even paranoia. Michael White had watched everyone and everything in his sight for most of the flight, even though none of them meant no ill to him, it was a habit he had learned surviving every day in his childhood. You can't trust anybody.

    Unlike many other students, who brought carts full of luggage, he only brought two pieces deemed nessecary: A duffle bag with clothes, and a black case with attachments for his rifle. Almost bored, he had mechanically checked the weapon several times throughout the trip. Most students were at ease, he had a round loaded and the safety off. Such were the things that kept you alive in a warzone.

    When the airship began to descend, he looked out the window at the academy he was approaching. Magnificent white buildings, expansive green forests, throngs of people... He blinked, and saw it all in burning ruins, just like where he had been raised. He shook his head to clear the image, and focused on the minstrations of the pilot. He was acceptably okay, for flying a tub like this, and while he prefferred to have the control stick in his own hand, he would grugingly trust the pilot this time.

    When the ramp lowered, he did his best to remain anonymous, and strode out with his two bags. He was given a destination and walked there, eyes always sweeping. He detected the cameras around the buildings quickly, identified ambush points, sniper hides, suitible cover... You can take him out of the war, but you can't take the war's effects from him.

    A low thrum of engines drew his eyes up. If he had not been wearing sunglasses, a byatander would have seen a look of blazing hatred hot enough to melt steel. The airship, a private one purchased in blood money, had the emblem of a company that had sold arms to the White Fang, who in turn used them against his people. He wondered if the glass was bullet resistant. He wondered how many people would be killed if he shot the pilot or the control surfaces. How many people would be saved? It would just be so easy.

    Shaking off these murderous thoughts, Michael proceeded to the Great Hall and took off his sunglasses, letting his night vision kick in.
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  7. Silva watched from above inside of Beacons infamous castle-like structures tower, also known as the Headmasters Office, as students arrived via many different methods. She hoped that she could become friends with some of the students and that she would see many interesting things this coming school year. Silva saw this year to be filled with fun times and good fights, some of which she hoped that she would be a participant of. She was excited about teaching these fresh minds, and fighting them, and was also looking forward to assisting the headmaster as well. Silva was pulled out of her thoughts as the headmaster called for her attention, so she turned and started walking away from the massive clock window.
  8. ╔══════════════
    The Roots of a Mountain

    The Sinews of a Bear██

    The orders he was given just a couple nights before enrollment still rattled about in his skull. He was set to be a body guard of sorts for another operative they sent before him, ensure she was doing what she was told. None of it sat well with him and the irony of his orders left a bitter taste in his mouth. Protecting people was what got him mixed up in this affair to start with. And, of course, things would only get worse for him from here on out. Heaven forbid he'd have to hurt anyone, or worse still.

    Roth was no stranger to Beacon. He had been here once before during a previous school year. His guise now was the be the transfer student. As he approached the entrance Roth was slightly astounded by the number of students. It seemed Beacon had a few more signing up from last year. He caught the tale end of a teacher and a student exchanging a handful of words before the teacher walked off in the same direction he was going. He stopped, considering giving the girl just laying there a bit of motivation to get inside.

    "Hey..." Roth started, tugging at the rim of his hood. The more he could hide of his features, the better for the time being. "You know there is fairly comfortable beds in there for students who pass the entrance exams, right?" He started walking back off. "Just something to consider!" He shouted behind him. Maybe that was enough to get the girl on her feet. Maybe not. Maybe he'd come to regret opening his mouth to her all together. The last thought always weighed heavy in his mind. He had no freedom of his own. Rothgar tried to push it out of his head again. He had a task to do. Find the Faunus with the missing ear.
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  9. With the Airship having landed Violet stood and up and stretched her arms and legs before making her way out of he Airship. She gazed around as she felt the people move past her while she stood as solid as a rock. Not caring if people were annoyed with her standing there she finally began to move forward. While in the middle of the ground she jumps up and sees the main stairs into beacon. She disappeared into a massive cloud of purple gas and appeared out of no where on the steps. She turned around and shrugged at all the people.

    She held her guitar out as the speakers and blades disappeared before entering the main area of Beacon. She walked through the halls before beginning to rift through the areas of the Academy. She finally arrived at the great hall and stopped in her tracks. She moved into the greathall before gazing around at all of the people. She didn't know anyone here now but at the same time it was nice just being alone. She moved to a corner area of the greathall and slumped down to the floor before pulling her guitar into her lap. She let her head rest against the wall as she closed her eyes and slowly began to strum her guitar.
  10. new-garnet.png

    Scarlet O'Hara sat on the grass near the main walk ways from the Airship docks. Her long hair in a pool behind her on the ground. She looked at the castle - like school, then down at her pad, regularly switching her vision from one to the other. She'd gotten there earlier than most and decided she had enough time to draw a the entire school from her perspective. She finalized the main lines between tower's and what on the buildings that made up the school before coloring and shading everything in.
  11. His eyes had adjusted to the darkness finally as he listened to the quiet conversation around him. Michael tucked his sunglasses into the front of his shirt and leaned against a pillar. A sudden whoosh made him spin, his right hand grabbing the grip and index finger touching the trigger as he looked at the source of the sound. A girl had... Teleported? Behind him. Had she shown hostile intent, or had she been a little closer, the rifle would have come out, and the wall behind her would be splattered with blood and holes.

    He slowly relaxed and turned back to the stage, though his dominant hand rested on the grip of his weapon. He continued to observe those around him, trying to stay away from them at the same time. He pressed close to the pillar, almost as if he was using it for cover.
  12. Tama kept his hands in his pockets as he looked down to the ground below. The people were so miniature. The sight was something he could only imagine in a dream. His eyes were peeled from the glass by a conversation between a couple that made it together. Their conversation about their future and plans humored Tama. "I give 'em... a month. Just in case." Tama pulled his arm out of his pocket letting the gauntlet free. As it transformed Tama's jacket tails fluttered from the movement caused by the gauntlet's recoil. His blade swung at his side and he just sat staring and judging everyone. His stomach started to grumble and his cheeks blushed. "When is this thing landing?!" Tama bent over leaning on the glass with a fist and arm while caressing his stomach with the soft needle like fingers of the gauntlet. Shortly after the ship landed.

    "Free at last!" Tama shouted as he hopped off the giant metal bird. "I need food now." He looked around like a stray dog searching for scraps and for right now he was. Tama spotted something red next to the hand of something big and burly. "Piece 'O Cake." He jogged over silently behind the giant hunter and shot a round combusting it in his claw next to the man drawing his attention to his gauntlet. While the man looked over his shoulder to see the source Tama had already swiped his delicious apple and walked away munching with his metal hand at his side. "Now where do I go?" Tama looked at all the paths and just followed the one with the most students. Tama's bags were being taken right by him and he reached his hand out to stop them, but noticed not many others did. He assumed it was a norm and let it be.

    Tama's path led him past a suspicious man tugging at his hood "Nerves?" He took a chomp out of his apple as he walked by rubber necking just to see him. The path eventually ended at a hall and the core of his apple. He tossed it towards a garbage can and did not stay to see the results of his shot. He walked into this hall and looked around. "Big." It was the only words he could muster after being confined in small hideouts and houses for so long. Tama pushed his way through toward the middle of the room and looked around. "Why is everyone here..."
  13. Intro: A revolution is what we need
    Graham's shoes tapped lightly on the floor as he strode among the students, hunters and huntresses in training. His suit seems to almost shimmer among the crowd as he strode between people, blending right in, it was only when he ducked into an alcove and returned with a mask over his eyes and several others, that any issues would start to become clear, some noticed, and stared for a moment, others dismissed it as some kind of gang, only a few started to murmur among their friends about them, and how they noticed weapons on several of their hips

    "Ah...That's more like it" the male murmurs as he he and his men make their way to the front of the zeppelin, a few of them breaking off to block the path from the main room where most of the students had gathered, and more outside of the door to the cockpit, where Graham found himself

    "I'd like to commandeer this vessel...if that's quite alright" the male says with a small nod, bringing his cane's solid steel grip up toward the captain's throat "And please...refrain from trying to draw that dingy weapon you call your protection...I wouldn't want to break such a valuable and historical heirloom because you forced my hand...remember...I want the ship...not your life" he grins slightly as he holds his hands behind his back, looking out the window "If I wanted that, you'd be dead already"
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