Quotable Poetry Challenge #2

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  1. Roleplaying is one form of creative outlet. Short stories and roleplay posts are similar, but what about the long used verse?

    This is a poetry challenge. You may use any style poetry you wish as long as you utilize the given quote somewhere within your poem. It can be the entire quote or parts of it, so long as it's recognizable. Have fun, be creative, but don't feel limited by the content of the quote. Expand and let your muse free.


    I think they meant it
    When they said you can't buy love
    Now I know you can rent it
    A new lease, you are my love
    On life, oh my life

    ~"I Will Cover You" Rent

  2. On life, Oh my life,

    The life of which I never learned.

    The life of which that faded dry,

    And all the bridges that I'd burned.

    To my son I'd ask forgiveness,

    To my love, I'd ask her Hand.

    To all the Lords of which I'd played,

    I'd offer back their land.

    I'd seek solace in the friendships,

    Those ships I'd left behind.

    Sailing on a distant sea,

    A younger me did find.

    It is here that I must leave you,

    From this bed of which I lay.

    I pray you do not roam as I,

    I pray you seize your day.

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  3. This came out really awkward, but I felt like posting it to join in...

  4. Love cannot be bought

    Now I know I can rent yours

    A new lease on life

    *edit: Haiku Style!
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  5. When they said, "you can't buy love"
    I believe that they meant it
    But I am also pretty sure
    That you are able rent it

    If you give someone your love
    You should get theirs in return
    Now I'll sign the lease to your heart
    Because for your love I do yearn
  6. They say my heart is young.
    They say my love is incomplete
    They tell me we cannot be one
    I don't think they mean it

    They tell me I cannot own her
    That her heart will never be mine
    That I'll die on a quest to have it
    I think they mean it.

    I see our hearts grow closer
    But never are they one
    Leased, but not owned
    I know they mean it.
  7. Lessons for Life

    Man pursues power, positions, possessions, and prestige
    Such a bottomless appetite he will never appease.

    Love cannot be bought, based on wealth love will quickly sour,
    If money is the only quality, love can be rented by the hour.

    There is nothing without faith and love, compassion and sacrifice,
    Futile is living with a negative lease on life.
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