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  1. I've been trying to uplaod images to help out with my RP business, but it keeps saying:

    Messege from webpage

    Something something this picture exceeds your quota.

    and the amount gets lower by the minute @_@

  2. you can only upload a certain amouynt of images, it might be that. now bye! *scurries off*
  3. In that case I'm just gonna go delete a few picture from some old threads. >__>
  4. You may want to consider setting up an account on an image-sharing website such as PhotoBucket; that way you can host your images on your account there and add your pictures to threads with [ img ] [ /img ] tags.
  5. Could be you've uploaded too many pictures in a certain time span or an error from it being in the wrong format or too big.

    The number (I can't really judge since I don't see a screenshot of the error) might be the amount of tie you need to wait until you can try uploading again.
  6. O_O

    That... might just be it.
    -feels like a possible dumbass-