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  1. Hi, this is a roleplay that goes along with a series that I have created off-site. The world this roleplay takes place in is a realistic magical world, Mantua: that means that a good amount of the population retains special powers like energy manipulation (Or in this case, the energy in this world is named "Eon") or manipulation of an element, etc. I ask for those who are jumping in to be capable of writing at least a paragraph post for characters. Be creative, be visual, be awesome with your characters!

    Plot: You are a newcomer to a land of no laws and no shame. Anarchy's Nest. This expansive territory retains most, if not, all the crime of the continent. It's cold and rocky mountain terrain is perfect for criminals to hide out and is also a great place well known for mining between other nations and worlds that have colonized in the planet. As you arrive between the border of a nation named "Quirenyun" into the grasps of the independent territory of Anarchy's Nest, you will meet your destiny as a vigilante along with an old war hero to put peace to this land and rid the crime and violence that give Anarchy's Nest it's nasty reputation.

    First order of business, jump into action to save a shopkeeper and her wares from a vicious malcontent

    Humans are allowed and obligatory. Have fun~

    Under a heavy ring of a gunshot, priceless antiques of many nations fell from shelves supported by oakwood planks found in this god-forsaken land.....it was that time of night again in a little town named "T'sakai" located in the legendary land of no bounds, Anarchy's Nest....and the bullet holes covering the walls and glass panes showed that tonight was not going to spare anyone.

    Sitting upon a counter top, a man dressed in worn down tan garbs and a wooly pancho swirled a high tech piece of machinery around his index finger in anticipation of the next few seconds to come. The barrel of what seemed to be a revolver surged with fine white lines of energy connecting from the handle of the weapon to the trigger, looking like no other weapon the shop keeper had encountered before. It was deadly, of course, but also mysterious and matching the ecstatic glare of the malevolent thief who was holding up his little fair business in the middle of literally nowhere. Giving a very scared yelp, the shopkeeper placed her hands above her head and dropped to the floor with fear. "P-Please, guys, I already paid you off last week....we-we haven't had any buyers since then...I-I have nothing left other than the money I need to keep myself alive. P-Please!"

    The robber got up and grunted angrily, bending down to pick the woman up and shove his weapon right under her jaw. "My, women and their cash...why don't they ever give it up?" The robber spat, then tossed the woman back down to the floor and shot a round right next to her ear. She yelled in a blood-curling manner than for miles it could be heard but normally ignored. There was no escape this time, she thought. It was either find some money in the next moment or die where she was.

    "If you don't fork over the money, lady, I'm afraid our deal is off and you...and your stupid shop will go up in flames." The robber shot another 4 rounds into the air, all exploding into fine white lights of pure energy. The echoes of the shots and the screaming were only drowned out by the man's continuing demands...

    "Pay up or /die!/"
  2. Sanae stepped onto the scene with a calm but determined expression on her face. Her blue eyes scanned through the shop, and she ran a hand through her long, blonde hair which was tied up in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. She pan around 360 degrees, and then stopped with her arms stretched out, a blue magic circle appearing under her. Jets of water then came shooting, knocking some of the robbers out. Sanae was a water elemental mage, and she governed over liquids and ice. She was a student turned mercenary after her university was burned down, and she is now roaming the Anarchy's nest trying to preserve what little justice was left.

    "Anyone else feel up for a fight?"
  3. Vesclea watched as the scene unfolded before her. She had entered the shop a while ago to get a few things her brother needed, but she was horrifically interrupted by the robber. She was unsure of what to do, but she knew that she needed to do something. She stood at a meager 5'1" with a thick rope of brown hair falling down her back. She silently watched as the would-be robber shot his pistol into he air one, two, three, four times. She squeaked, but she didn't move. The sheer force from the bullet blasts caused her dress to blow back. She had a high voice, and a breathy one at that, so she did not often speak. She knew that something must be done. She felt the Eon running through the floor, and she knelt, her yellow dress billowing out around her. A bright silver circle with archaic runes flowed from underneath her, and she reached inside it to retrieve a wooden staff. It was gilded with a red metal and it had a recess in the top. Reaching again, she channeled her energy and pulled forth a gleaming yellow crystal in the shape of an orb. She stood and the circle wrapped around the crystal, making it shimmer. She looked at the girl who spoke and nodded her head, then returning her eyes to the robber. She was ready.
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  4. "Oi, oi, oi!" yelled a young man's voice from the entrance of the antiques store. At 5'11", he was fairly tall, but he had a thin build that made him far less imposing than what he could have been. "Whaddya think you're doin' there, torturin' a girl like this? A man oughtta know better'en that." Shaking his head, his shaggy hair flew backwards, revealing his hazel-colored eyes. "Tsk, tsk, tsk. I just can't forgive a man like you." The young man, Renshu by his given name, walked inside the shop rather casually, contradicting the feral look on his face.

    Then he raised his right arm, though none of the people in that shop would know of the way he was focusing onto it, drawing in mass from all around him and focusing it into his body. They surely didn't know he was increasing the density of his arm, making it heaver than it had any right being. The petty thief made him angry enough to increase the density even further than he usually did in these kinds of occasions.

    "Something tells me you're gonna be sorry." As if it would make sense to the crowd around him, he punched his right fist into his open left hand, which made a heavy thud, as if hitting a brick into his hand. Renshu smirked, obviously not worried at all by the man's gun. He continued walking unfittingly casually toward the man, looking at him with those wild, hazel eyes.
  5. The Robber spun around his heel to meet the face of the two women whom entered the distraught shop in an almost high-confidence fashion. Just below his feet, the female shopkeeper almost let out tears of joy on seeing these two women and the lone man come in and interfere. However, this was not a fight that would be won that easily. From the looks of the robber and the way his voice rang with a ferality like no other , the robber was not of human origin. The man was most likely a Sky Serpent taking the form of a man, a common sight in Anarchy's Nest and the world. Sky serpents were serpent-like creatures feared by many and admired by all. Reaching as long as 4-6 cars in length[as a reference], their gigantic size proved to be one of the many field advantages their kind had in combat. A Sky Serpent's back retained movable "spike plates" that rose and lowered with their mood and during flight and two fin-like appendages located on the ends of their tails. As for their actual abilities, they were limitless. Aside from high-speed flight, they were able to manipulate the energy of Eon to create all kinds of attacks from huge blasts to piercing arcs, proving to be deadly indigenous enemies or helpful allies. As for the current times, though, the human population growth is what kept these beings hiding their true forms. They would much prefer to shift into their other and last form, Human.

    Watching Sanae cast a basic water attack and catching a glimpse of the strange...man approaching, the Robber flicked his eyes towards the rest of his men and growled, reaching down again to pull the shopkeeper in between his free arm. Aside from the random ambush, the man did not show any fear or doubt in his plan. It was as if he were anticipating the assault all along. Was he? "Don't mistake my appearance, human. I've robbed thousands worth of merch from all the colonies around here: Syelsumoian, Grenian, Celafloran...The people from North and East Anarchy's Nest know and fear me as the bane of night...I am Miruzai!...A man my caliber will not bend to some petty humans with magic!" He then turned his attention at the shop keeper and shot a round at her leg. The woman screamed out in pain as the crimson liquid began to gush out of a large hole between her kneecap and the rest of her leg. "And I will not start today..."

    Within a blink of an eye, the robber known as Myruzai tossed the shopkeeper aside and dashed to his right to where the trio of good Samaritans stood with a death wish. 12 shots of pure Eon energy fired rapidly at them, most Eon energy bullets the size of a ball with almost white electric sparks dancing on it's surface. Meanwhile, the cue of combat shown by Myruzai signaled the men to begin scavenging up the wares of the shop.

    ((OoC: here's a picture example of a Sky Serpent because I suck at describing looks: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2...d_vera_mantua_form_by_starrmonica-d32uuad.png )
  6. "Tch, so that's how you play," said Renshu as he sidestepped -- spining slightly -- so as to get around to this Miruzai's side. Renshu had heard of Miruzai before indeed, being a resident of the Anarchy's Nest, and had always wanted to fight him. Then, with a narrowing of his eyes and a certain sadism ringing in his voice...

    "Good, because that's how I play too," he said, almost playfully. Bringing his arm back, he gave another small smirk. Then he forced his arm forward, putting massive power into the punch. Upon hitting the Sky Serpent-man, it would feel like a brick, most likely breaking bones and surely crushing whatever internal organs happened to be there.
  7. Vesclea raised her staff and close her eyes. The jewel on top began to shine with a bright light as she channeled Eon into it. A circle began to form beneath her once again and she looked up towards the man names Miruzai. Just as well. Shots had been fired, but she was using the incorrect crystal to deflect harm. She jumped out of the way, or so she thought. She felt a searing pain and heard a loud rip as a bullet grazed her calf. As she landed, she cursed and looked at the man. She pointed her staff towards him. A long, hot bolt of lightning sizzles out of the crystal, arcing out to reach several different points of his body. She was trying to keep it concentrated enough so that it would only hit Miruzai, but she wasn't sure if she was succeeding...
  8. Sanae used a simple torrent of water to redirect the shots, but she ended up getting hit by the arcing shot of Vesclea in the back. It wasn't that bad since it wasn't directed at her, but it still burned like hell. Her main object at the moment was to treat the wounded, and to save the merchandise. She cast a spell that encased many of the goods in bubbles, and let them fly out of the shop, and out of reach for the robbers.. She knew that her magic was of more use in open areas, so if she could lure the robber outside as well it would only be a plus. She then rapidly began treating the wound of the shot, removing bullets e.t.c, and patched them up.
  9. " God Dammit! " A man the age of atleast 22 stood up and grabbed to his black long robes throwing them off him revealing his top half of his body to be bandaged with black bandages and his lower half long black hakama pants, His long black hair flowing down to his lower back. His Purple eyes shinning as a grin came across his face, The magical Swords man Artemis was in the room and was out for blood for ruining his drink and threatening innocent life. He sipped from the gourd and placed it on his hip whipping his lips and saying " You are in trouble now fool " His hands igniting quickly turning into fireballs, he had aligned with the rest of the group who seemed to be against this villain.
  10. A man stumbled down the sidewalk. A man presumed to be drunk stumbled into the shop. "Oh hello everyone! This is getting kind of crowded," he said with a slur, "I came to get one last d-drink! Then I'll be on my way!" The man smirked secretly at the looks and murmur's of confusion, but once the man was out of sighed, he immediately took off his overcoat revealing a handsome man standing at 6'2" with light brown eyes. His hair was cut short and fine, and he was a quite muscular fellow. He wore a black button up shirt and black dress pants. He moved at a crouch towards the back of the store where he was able to stand up with his revolver. He aimed right at the back of the robber's head, and that's when he realized he was more than just some magic robber, he was something more. With hesitation he pulled the trigger, but was one-hundred percent positive he barely even hurt the robber.
  11. ((OoC: Okay, no more posting in this thread right now. Refer to the OoC thread for any concerns and stuff and plotting. I'll have this re-opened once we got our character sheets in and plotted out etc. Thanks.)