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  1. The Storm and Its Rainbow


    A young woman and her close guy friend live out in the middle of a plain, where there are few trees and lots of wind and golden grass. They live in a very small community whose main jobs are integrated with one of the most productive Hot Air Balloon Companies. Where they live is the perfect place to blow hot carbon into a balloon and take off in baskets.

    These two young adults find that they feel that they are being choked by boredom in their small "home", and want to get out of there. They yurn to explore a world they'd never seen.. So, in the middle of the night where the stars lay naked in their sky, this young woman rushes over to his house and pries through his window. For they planned an escape - to run away.

    A little farther away, jumping a creek that separates the community to the Company - they fetch a hot air balloon scramble to set it up. Right when they are about to take off, they realize a little girl had secretly joined them.
    So, as they all leave their home, they know that they will be missed. However, their thirst for adventure tasted stronger than a place they had always known.

    This is when the adventure begins...a storm brews, and their balloon pops midst it. They land into a foreign land, with the little girl missing. The two friends having grown a parental attachment for the little girl then achingly search for her.

    This journey is about finding a home, love in all of its naked glory, and the true meaning of family.


  2. Ember Skine





    Her parents are artists, and living off of
    this simple income hasn't been easy. They always encouraged her to invest in her imagination and to give it to others.

    Ember has always admired her parents for having fallen in love in this small town where the grasses and winds whisper. But
    she never felt satisfied, as though her spirit longed for more. Ember became restless and rebellious, staying out late not doing anything naughty with the boys, perhaps, but exploring as far as she can without being called back or worried about.
    There hasn't been much discovered, untill now.


    She can be rather independent and curious. Ember is not simple.

    Pet Peeves, Habits, Unique Qualities, etc:

    Ember has always caught the stranger's eye. She is quite average, her looks aren't extraordinary.
    However, it has always been her radiant passion for life. Freedom and the thirst for a journey has always excited her childhood imagination, and has well moved into her 18 year world.


  3. Name Todd Farmer

    Birthday June 1994

    Appearance Todd has medium-brown hair, dark green eyes, and an easy, often sheepish smile. He's a little short for his age and is self-conscious about his voice cracking, though farming has made him quite fit.
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    Family Helen "Nelly" Farmer + Bradley Farmer ; Ellen Farmer

    History Todd grew up on his parents' farm, the land having belonged to the Farmer family for as long as anyone in the town can remember. Todd plans to inherit the farm; it's all he's ever wanted … until now.

    Personality Todd is fiercely protective of his little sister Ellen, especially at school where she is often teased. He loves and encourages her spirit and would do anything to keep her safe, especially since she tends to gravitate towards trouble. In terms of character, he is quite her opposite, cautious and reclusive where she is adventurous and outgoing, uncomfortable and nervous where she is bold and fearless. He finds comfort and security in manual labor and would never even have considered leaving the family farm if his sister hadn't decided to join Ember in her quest.

    Unique Qualities Perhaps Todd's most defining quality is the absence of any distinguishing qualities. There is no particular area in life where he stands out our finds himself particularly talented; this has only served to make him more listless and discourages him from attempting an adventurous endeavor – he's not equipped to handle the radically abnormal in an elegant way.


    Ellen Farmer

    Birthday April 2003

    Appearance Ellen has long, light honey-brown hair, sky-blue eyes, and her brother's smile, with the additional healthy dose of mischief. Like Todd, she is petite for her age, and somewhat thin and lanky, making her the object of teasing at school, but she radiates an infectious confidence and optimism.
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    Family Helen "Nelly" Farmer + Bradley Farmer ; Todd Farmer

    History In contrast to Todd, Ellen has never been much of a work enthusiast at her parent's farm. When she is most needed she can usually be found exploring the creeks or roaming the woods, or perhaps playing in the hayloft or talking to the animals. A dreamer, her grades in school aren't particularly good either, except in P.E. and art, which she adores.

    Personality Ellen is a little ball of supercharged energy. Nothing can get her down – she's always smiling, good-humored, excited, positive. She is totally devoted to Todd, emulates him and follows him everywhere. She loves animals and meeting new people. She's much more of a risk-taker than her brother, who is always fretting for her safety.

    Unique Qualities Ellen has an uncanny tendencies to be where trouble is, or perhaps it's she who is inexplicably attracted to it. When something goes awry, she is always there to gape in awe from the sidelines, and often this results in her unpleasant involvement.

  4. Hello! It seems I will be joining you two in this roleplay, which I am very excited about. I apologize for my delayed response. I have been working a lot. I will be posting my revised character sheet once Quill has had a chance to look it over as well. I look forward to this story though!
  5. Okay here is my character sheet. Quill suggested Matt be cousins with the Hunters due to differing last names. But he could also be a sibling. I can change his last name, that's fine. Let me know what you guys think. :)

    Matt Bellamy


    Age: 18

    Physical Characteristics: Short (about 5’5”) and very skinny. Clothes are almost always too big on him. Sometimes female clothes simply fit him better. He has a slight speech impediment, in which R’s become W’s. This is most prominent at the beginning of words rather than at the end, when he’s especially excited or drunk. He’s a fast talker. Sometimes it’s hard to catch what he’s saying.

    Background: Matt’s parents divorced when he was about thirteen. His mother moved him and his brother away from their father to the small prairie community to live with Matt’s grandmother, who runs a small and poor hobby farm.

    Personality: Matt is hard-headed, stubborn, driven, has a lust for life and excitement, socially awkward, smart, but hated school so is mostly self-educated on topics that are of interest to him (particularly conspiracy theories, science, astronomy, aliens.) He is exceptionally musically gifted and wants to pursue music as a career, but feels very held back in this small community. He can be quite crude, a bit of a jerk at times, and swears like a sailor. Often boasts a large ego, but underneath can be very self-conscious. He has an independent streak, but deep down desires to be cared for, though this is something that he fights vigorously. Has a soft spot for kids.
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