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  1. :err: How do I create a character Profile like those on the Characters area? I entered there and began to add a media, but I really didn't understood where to put my name, age and other infomation.

    This newbiw here will really appreciate some help... And sorry for the bother... :paperbag2:
  2. So, you'll have to add the Media first. Then, when you view it, scroll to the bottom. You should see something like this:


    You want to click on the "Edit Tags and Fields" button!

    That will open up a bunch of fields for you to fill out info on your character!
  3. Ah, loool!!! xD I cannot believe that area was for that! Okay then, thanks for the help.

    By the way, for what is the two fields above the image I upload, the ones that says title and description. I thought there's where I had to put my character info.
  4. That's only for a quick summary/descrption of your character(it's just to skip that.)
    The title is for their name or nickname.
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  5. @redblood Ah, arigatou! You girls really helped me a bunch!
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