Quick Question.? Uploading and sharing photo's.

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  1. Hey there!

    firstly thanks for your time...

    I was just curious about uploading pictures...(non Character photo's.)

    My problem/Probable user error ...I'd like to show a photo to someone who requested a map "or banner, or or or"

    My Question...Is there anyway to upload or send a photo that is 5/10 megabytes.? Or do I have to use gmail or some other site in order to send it.?

    It's no biggy either way, but I just figured I'd ask and clarify...

  2. You can try to use the "Upload a File" button, located below the text box - I'm not 100% sure the size constraints, though. If that doesn't work, you can upload it to Imgur or a similar image hosting site and just post a link or img/code the image :)
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  3. @Elle Joyner

    Alrighty, yeah I've already tried using the button...I'll look and see about linking it though.

    Thanks a lot! Have a good one! ^.^
  4. No problem :) Good luck!
  5. Hey, just a quick note here about our upload limits:

    Hope you figured something out! Generally hosting images and linking using the IMG code is the way to go. If you aren't sure how to use the code, you can press the Image button on your post editor as a shortcut (it's just right of the smiley face).
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  6. @Astaroth

    Found the Problem...

    Apparently setting the file output to a JPEG instead of PNG reduces the file size... it went from 40 megabytes down to 200 Kilobytes..........I knew it was going to be a user issue XD

    But thank you though for your help.
    I probably would have needed to know about the image linking thing as well, so thank you for sparing me that problem! ^.^

    Have a good one! and thanks again for the help!
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