Questions for the Transformers

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  1. 1) Do you miss Cybertron?

    2) Optimus Prime or Megatron?

    3) What do you really think of Earth?

    4) Are the new movies an insult to your cartoon heritage?
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  2. I'm loving where these are going ^^
  3. 1. Yes.

    2. O.P. is O.G.

    3. Thanks for all the fish.

    4. '86 movie for life.

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  4. [​IMG]

    This is Shockwave, I am receiving your transmission. You appear to have inquiries with insufficient data to come to a consensus. This will only take a cycle to complete.

    Item one is irrelevant. I remain on Cybertron because Lord Megatron has left its custody to me in his absence. That was approximately 4 million of your Earth years ago.

    Item two is illogically posed as a question. Hail Lord Megatron!

    Item three is a point of minor curiosity. Your planet is home to primitive and young carbon based biological lifeforms which are inferior to Cybertronians in every conceivable way. It is a wonder how such frail platforms you call bodies are capable of sustaining life, but no matter. Your kind is too ignorant of the rich raw energy your planet provides and lacks the knowledge or awareness to properly harness the vast reserves into Energon.

    Item four is a point of irritable contention. I have seen how that member of your species called "Michael Bay" portrays our kind, and his inability to conjuror an original thought has illogically resulted in a great measure of success among your species.

    This is how he has presented me:


    It appears to be a waste by-product of an Insecticon infestation instead of a proper portrayal of an esteemed scientist such as myself.

    It is illogical that this Michael Bay simply did not steal this design to earn himself more of your purposeless currency:


    Unlike the so-called film he has produced, the source of his inspiration is a much superior product despite being made over a decade before with obsolete technology.

    An inquiry of my own: Has Lord Megatron disposed of that traitorous buffoon Starscream yet? I am beginning to have doubts over his effectiveness as leader.
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  6. All I have to add to this thread is this:

    The animated film is far better than anything a multi-billion dollar budget has come up with yet.
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  7. No one can top Orson motherfuckin' Welles as Unicron.

    (Not to mention the rest of that cast. Goddamn.)
  8. Feel free to replace it with another classic...

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  9. Alternatively:

  10. 1 I do not miss Cybertron. Rather I miss it being under the iron heel of Lord Megatron.
    2 I live but to serve Lord Megatron!
    3 squishy humans
    4 Dare to be stupid. Light our darkest hour. Til all are one.