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  1. This is a very simple question honestly. I notice on the home page that in the sidebar near the bottom (right underneath the donations,) there is a section with active players. All of the names have different colors for their usernames. I was just wondering what these colors are for.

    I tried looking this up in the FAQ, but I didn't find anything other than inactive players, which didn't have a color included.

    What I was wondering if someone could flat out tell me the meaning to the following colors:

    1. Green (even though I assume I already know what that means)
    2. Orange
    3. Purple
    4. Blue
    5. Gray
    6. And the darker green.
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    1. Green : Standard Member
    2. Orange : New Member
    3. Purple : Staff Member
    4. Blue : Community Volunteer
    5. Light Grey : Lurker Member
    6. Dark Grey : Inactive member
    7. Dark Green : Donator
    8. Red : Administrator

    Other than the green, orange, and greys, if you click someone with that name you'll see the tag under their name in the same color, which says what it means. Just in case you ever forget. :D

    Edit: Here's the FaQ as well.
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  2. Dang, that was a fast response! Thanks for the help, Peregrine!
  3. There are also two others that you won't see on the active members list as they can't log in to be seen there, but you might stumble across them in the forum.

    A white name (if looking from a forum list such as the one x one/group in character list) means the member has erased their account and is no longer on the site. When looking at a post with an erased account, the name will change color depending on your background choice (for example, I have a dark background with purple colors, so the names turns purple), they will also have the text "guest" under the name and you won't be able to go to their profile by clicking on the name.

    A black name means the member has been banned from the site, and if you go to a post they have made on the forum, you can usually find a message left by staff with a short explanation for the banning.
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  4. To piggy back off this, what makes someone a lurker member versus an inactive member?
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  5. Lurker members have not posted anything to a thread in 30 days. Inactive members have not logged in for 30 days. :D
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  6. Sorry to bump this thread, but I was just thinking, is there any reason why a member's name might stay green despite the fact that they should be considered either a lurker or inactive? (A few examples here and here. According to their profiles, their most recent login dates were both more than 30 days ago.)

    This is something I notice a lot when managing my RP's and checking in on members who haven't posted in a while. In fact, the only reason I'm bringing it up now is because I only recently noticed a member with a gray username and wondered what it meant. O_O I would've assumed inactive when I first saw it, but, since I knew based on experience that most usernames didn't seem to go gray after being inactive... yeah. :/

    Just wondering if there's an obvious explanation for this that I'm missing or if this really is a glitch or something.
  7. Gray does mean inactive and darker grey means lurker, why some names doesn't go grey when they should sometimes is probably a question better suited for @Diana
    More than likely it is just a glitch.
  8. There is a slight problem with the usergroup color promotions, where they don't update until a person logs in. NORMALLY, this isn't too bad, cause most people will log in enough to where they'll turn to Lurker grey before fading off to never be seen again.

    For the inactive dark grey, I have to run that one manually. And well... I FORGOT TO DO IT ALL THE TIME. ;__; I am trying to find a cron job that will do it automatically for me once a week or something.
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