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Question about tags

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Yaoilover91, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. So I want to add tags to make the role play I wanna do easier to access to those who would like to join. I think adding tags maybe help me a lot. Rather that is true or not remains to be scene, however every time I try to add tabs the scree lights up with a message long the lines "You can't add new tabs. You must use excising ones" and that's all fine and good, but I searched around and cant find a list of all the availability tags. I'm sure they don't want us to just guess. So where can I find a list of tags I can use?
  2. It's actually a feature we're still working on, and no one is supposed to be able to see yet. O__O That will be open for public later!
  3. .... Ow! Well I see. Alright then. That actually explains why I cant find anything on it anywhere XD Well thank you for helping me ... again. Your sort of my watch owl for me so far. You keep helping me :P in all seriousness thanks for informing me. I appreciate it.
  4. *Salute!* Helpings is my job! 8D