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  1. I'm planning a one on one RP with a friend from my last RPing home who migrated here with me. We would just do it in pm, but we're planning for it to be a prequel to a group RP later. So my question is, even though it wouldn't technically be a partner request, should I post an OOC topic in the Partner Requests forum for people to refer to when I start the group RP? I want this RP to be public so people who like to read more than a summary can check it out if they're joining the next one, but since it's premeditated an OOC topic wouldn't be a "partner request" per se; just an information topic for later.
  2. When it becomes a group roleplay and you're ready to add more people, you should probably post the topic in the appropriate Group Signup forum, and not in one on one partner requests. Otherwise people will get very confused!
  3. That's not what I meant--I want to have the world information laid out beforehand and, more importantly, I don't want to post an RP without an OOC, since this isn't a Jump-In. When I start the group RP it will have an OOC in the appropriate section.
  4. Then I am a bit confused where the question and problem lies, because you say your doing the start of the roleplay in a Private Message, yes? Do you need to lay out that information somewhere for that partner before you guys can start playing, and you're not sure where to post THAT?
  5. No, I said that we WOULD do it in pms, except that I want the RP topic itself to be in a public forum so that people joining the group RP can read it if they wish (I'll provide a summary, of course, but reading the RP itself would provide a lot more detail).
  6. Ooooh. Well that helps!

    In that case, you could still post all of the information in the partner requests section. Just use a prefix to label the thread as "Private Plot Info". That way people know it's not a partner request thread, but information. And start off the one/one in the correct forum, etc.

    Then later you can have the thread(s) moved where needed!

    (Unless I am still confused, that is always a possibility. >>)
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  7. That's what I was looking for, thank you!