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  1. why exactly are they exempt from being blocked in the iwaku chatrooms?

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  2. Because they help with moderation? And I imagine if they do something stupid enough to warrant a block it may very well cost them their position too. If you have a problem with any of the staff members there is a link to the form you can fill out at the bottom of the page.
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  3. Sorry, but that is kind of a, to be blunt stupid reason

    It's nothing serious, it just goes down like this

    Let's paint a hypothetical situation

    topic gets brought up

    I disagree with the view of the other person, but I openly state I have no desire to argue about it, so I state a desire to not argue about it and just drop it

    the Volunteer in the chat room, does not drop it, and seems entirely unwilling to do so, but I still would like to talk to other people in the chatroom, so to avoid his/her attempts to bring me into the discussion/argument again, I seek to mute his chat temporarily

    I find I cannot

    I'm sorry, but unless you're a moderator, as far as I'm concerned, you have no right to force me or ANYONE ELSE to listen to you jabber at them if you don't want to talk to them, for any reason unless it is official business.
  4. But that's the thing, because CVs are suppose to help with moderation in the absence of a staff member, they need to be able to perform their duties and blocking them may prohibit that (especially in the case of a person doing something wrong and muted the CV trying to give them warnings or something). My advice? Message Diana or Vay (I forgot which one handles these situations but normally Diana is everyone's go-to Admin). This way no official report is filed but the admins are aware of the issue.
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  5. Alright, I guess that is reasonable even if it irritates me, it's just something I'd rather not have to bother any of the upper brass about so to speak
  6. Ah, but because they are the ones who trust these people with their position, they have the right to know there's a problem :) Even if it's a minor issue of someone not respecting the wishes of another and taking advantage of the fact they can't be muted in chat.
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  7. If someone is being a pain in the ass, report them! Especially if they happen to have moderator controls!

    Also, we actually want people to be able to put CVs on ignore (since they are not full staff and there is no reason for them to be exempt), but apparently the system makes all members with mod powers exempt, regardless of what permissions we grant them. So I am looking in to a fix for this. >:/

    But yes, report people who cannot let things drop when you ask them to. ANY member. They can get a swat.
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