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  1. Built in a world of intrigue and masterful gaming, the brand new multiple player online rpg Quest Online unveiled and drew in Millions of players. After only hours of the game having been released, a grim reaper like appearance shown in the sky and announced that each and every one of the players was locked in a game of life and death. The only possible way to leave the game world created was to clear all of the Floors in the game and defeat the final boss at the end. he also in this moment; revealed that the world would not attempt to interfere because over 1,000 people had already died when officers and such attempted to remove the Visual head gear. This was the cherry on top for a lot of people, and from here everyone seemed to scatter and even in the first two weeks, over 6,000 players died without having defeated the first floor.

    The game quickly became a setting where people mostly just settled down and took advantage of the very real life mechanisms that were allowed in the game. Every day people would go and gather what they could to make a living and sell to the npcs already scripted into the game. It was enough, and even with the group that formed to clear the first floor in a great many failed attempts; things had calmed down exponentially. One player within this world, a 22 yr old boy outside the game now masquerading around as a rough white haired boy with icy blue eyes happened to take a liking to his potential as a Blader. His style was odd and despite the obvious use of a shield being incredibly practical, he only used a shield in times of dire need, which soon as he met up with the spunky quick mouthed, and beautiful; Azmeryth, the times of danger came in like spring rain.

    The Commander of the group known as "Guidance" suggested a large scale party move in to take on the World boss for the world, and drew in everyone, even Tirian and Azmeryth were persuaded. This was.. by far... the greatest mistake they had ever made, and under the command of Jurian of Guidance over 400 players found themselves face to face with a Stone Golem that formed from the hill, a crash of his might and like that before their eyes other players died out from underneath them. When they looked to Jurian they found his dust, for the Coward had run, and from that point On reluctant as he was Tirian stepped up to the plate and assumed the role that everyone needed. There was no defeating the creature, he knew that but with minimal casualties, on all but himself they survived the encounter, he and his friends and thus forth mysteriously Tirian got the name of "The Silver Haired Hero"

    Opposition stirred in the people, even while Tirian tried his hardest to stay apart from it all. He often spent time with Azmeryth, as she seemed to be the only one he truly could relate with and get along with. Reapers were fairly solitary so he was also that for her. Tirian was the side dish that everyone wanted, while the Reaper was that stand alone meal that could handle itself, and in most cases did its best work alone. It didn't matter how they tried to avoid it all, the result was the same.

    Tirian returned to the City of Grandia and was just in time for the public to have started rioting on Jurian. They blamed him for so much help, and were getting quite blood thirsty, a quirk in Jurian made him choose to target Tirian and forced to face off in front of everyone, Tirian humiliated the Two Hand sword Blader with ease. His skills were nothing, about as good as he talked honestly. The people recognized him instantly as the one that saved them in the recent struggle, and he had no choice but to finally embrace them, but not alone. He pulled Azmeryth from the crowd to stand by him as his partner, along with a few others who had acted well in that battle, and with strong words of hope he ushered them onward, it was time to break the first floor even if they were the only ones left.

    Deep seeded memories from his first moments in the game wrought for Tirian to face his past and return to the First floor master dungeon. He knew it already, a secret he had kept from general public was his first group before he had become a mainly solo player. A group of strong fighters he trained with had attempted the Dungeon, and even then he had been a part of the main force. The boss was too much, they were not prepared and so they were dying, he watched several die on him right away, and was helpless to do anything for the sake of fear. He ran, warped from the place and continued to live while the others died. No report came in of the floor being cleared despite how he waited, and so eventually he was forced to accept that all but himself had died in that battle.

    This time was different, With Azmeryth or (Azzy) as he had taken to calling her he felt strong again, brave and confident, that he would not allow any of them to die this time. The group was far bigger than it had been then, they had to clear this dungeon. The dungeon became routinely repetitive after a while and the group washed through each room as if it were nothing. The Shamans were slain first to avoid the hassle of Magic that they could not touch, and the range were to follow until they could pincer in and slay the fodder, it wasn't until the big boss room door that his anxiety began to kick in.

    Just like it had been before, the Boss was laid out in the same way. The Goblins that supported him were the hassle they would need to take care of and so each of them split into groups while Tirian took a lead on facing the Boss and distracting him with a group of other Bladers. The battle became hard as people started losing their vantage points, and then out of nowhere a Cry of terror, and he turned to see the last few seconds of Azzy's tamed wolf, whom had been struck down. It came in waterfalls after that, people grew restless and rushed in getting stomped out when the Goblin Chieftan switched out his weapon for a quick blade like weapon and began to take them out one by one. Tirian and a few others fought him head on despite injuries, driven in rage, in fear and with a last hit landed by an outside source the Goblin fell, the doors at the end of the room were open.

    Tirian didn't move, he was frozen in fear in disgust, a bile would have built within him if he could of actually puked at that moment, but the truth of it was, this was a game and there was no room for that. It had happened again, people had died with him at the center piece, and even though he stood before them, never had he run, it was under his command. Even she probably hated him now, her friend, her pet gone. Tirian looked to the others who looked at him with mixed intentions, some of them blamed him, he had lost some control here and ruined the perfect plan some. it was his fault, and he couldn't deny that; he had to vanish.

    The people of Floor one continued on to enter a harsher enviroment on floor two, but with a much larger city. The people presumed to have vanished were here, 1,000's of people now finally accounted for, and the prospect of guilds. Tirian vanished, changing his clothes and somewhat his appearance, he went rogue and took up refuge in the southern villa for mining. he would be able to focus his craft this way and stay out of peoples hair, train when he wanted to, and on one side their was the path marked by trees and rivers, the other a Mountain Dungeon kept people at bay. Even still he found himself often wondering about his firey red headed friend, where had she gone to what life did she live now? Perhaps he would find out someday, only time would answer him.

    "I will become a phantom of the hero that should have died twice already, a shadow of a martyr upon peoples hatred, for to hate a phantom or a shadow they show their true foolishness. The world is cruel, and so I will be that catalyst of cruelty and cold dispositionlest no one can ever be hurt by me again."
  2. Second Floor
    Villa of Mines (Femdil)
    Lv. 13 Blader Class D (Sword and Shield)

    Sweat fell from the brow with each strike of the pick-axe against the cold stone. The wind was especially chilly this morning, but it was always best to hit the hot spots before anyone arose, and luckily none liked to get up like he did. it helped that training came easiest for him in the night, so going off of that sleeping a good part of the day away to get up in the night, hunt and then to go right into this it was a pretty perfect schedule. He had already gathered a few pieces of iron ore today and was just attempting to see about a rare drop, though it seemed so extremely unlikely too. A sight left his lips as he tipped back his hood and suck to the ground, he leaned into the rock and looked up at the sky.

    The brim of stars could still be seen, ever so slightly, a calming presence that always seemed to help him relax to some extent, it had been a few days since everything, and sadly he had made little progress in leveling, but the simple life he lived made it easy to just let go and actually enjoy the world for a while. No one bothered him anymore, although their was little bits of trials, an inn had been set up in the little villa, and after a days work before bed, he would show up their if for no other reason than to listen to the song for that night and relax under a hearth. Only recently had he started to regret it, a pretty young blonde girl had started coming in, and she often would sit an talk for a bit. Tirian really didn't mind her company, but the night prior to the current she had pushed things, she had confessed feelings for him, it was an odd prospect considering this was just a game, but some people had already given into the idea of settling down and making a true life of this place as it was already close enough to life. He was going to reject the girl then and their, but she had already placed her fingers to his lips and in a sweet tone, told him to think about it, and not make a decision until the following night. She was strange, he often thought that but he couldn't lie that the thought had more or less tortured him all day and night long. he would have to give an answer, and that alone was enough to make him want to leave town.

    "There is never an escape ehh?" It was an amusing thought as he found himself framing the sky for a moment. It wasn't bad that this person wanted to be with him, but it wasn't part of the life he wanted for him or anyone. Getting involved with others caused them pain, he believed that, and to some extent telling her no would be merciful, but he also wasn't so dumb to think that his own martyrdom was the soul reason behind him choosing to reject her, well assuming he rejected her anyways. He didn't think about her so much, rather what she wanted, then he would find himself scanning his friends list and landed his finger upon Azmeryths name. It was mainly for her that he kept her friendship, even now he wanted to lie to himself but in the true case of it all true reasons aside he had left her as a friend so that she would know he was still okay. Now why he was thinking of her and this other in the same draw of things was beyond him, but time was getting close and soon people would be getting up, he would need to go and relax elsewhere, or sleep soon, after all he had a big night to "look forward to"
  3. It had become habit at the end of the day. Her finger flicked through her friends list, which wasnt all that big, and she eyed each of the three names that sat there in their place. Each name had turned up at the end of the day, and that meant that each of her "Friends" were safe, and alive still. Yet she could never help, but to worry about one in particular. She could see his silver hair, and could remember so well looking into icy blue eyes that nearly matched her own. Tirian was as close to a true friend as she had had here in this terrible world. And even from afar, she would watch over him, and make sure that he was at least still living after what had happened back in the first floor boss room. One would assume that it was hard to live with the burden of lost lives on your shoulder. She felt for him, but she was also suffering from the loss of her best friend, and dealing with the guilt that she was the reason everything went downhill.

    A sigh slipped from her lips as she closed out her friend's list, and continued walking along the path she had set forth. Heading toward the small mining town, hopefully getting a nice new sickle with the money she'd saved from the ancient weapon she'd gained from the boss fight. Her steps were quick as night had fallen, and she didnt much trust the game, or its players anymore. It had been a good 30 in game minutes before she'd even set foot into the town. None would recognize her as her name was hidden, and her face was veiled by the large hood of her red cloak. They'd only noticed the soft blonde/silver hair, and the pointed elf ears. She'd changed her appearance for the sake of keeping herself hidden from the vengeful players who had fought in the boss room with her.

    Azmeryth ventured through the little town seeking out an Inn which she could spend the night in before she shopped tomorrow for her new weapon. Something she really needed for even a small increase in her AD. She also needed to update her stats...which she hadnt done in awhile now. How on earth did she expect to keep up with the fiends of this floor if she didnt keep up with her combat abilities, didnt keep the right mindset, and didnt particularly keep her head in general. Another sigh slipped as she finally came across the Inn she assumed she;d be sleeping in this night. At least now she knew where it was, and soon enough, she'd venture into it, but for now she'd just admire the the empty inventory she had, and the names that still appeared on her friends list.

    Especially The Silver Haired Hero.
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