GROUP RP PLOTTING Quest for Excalibur

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Power. An item that so many lust for yet so few achieve, all to varying degrees. It defines who in history is remembered, and who is forgotten. It determines whether you are able to change your fate, or to simply follow a destiny that you did not choose. So many people chase it for any number of reasons: To answer to no one, to change the world in your favor, to protect those close to you, or just for the sake of having it. Each person has their own reasons for wanting it, and not all are successful.

But what would you do if you could have enough power to achieve anything that you wanted? To cure your friend from a deathly illness. To be able to feed your starving family. To exact revenge upon those who wronged you. Would you chase it? And how many sacrifices would have to be made to achieve such power? When is it safe to draw the line and say that you've gone too far? At what point does the end not justify the means?

The legendary sword Excalibur, a magical item of mystic and wonder, has revealed itself unto the mortal plane after having been a lost relic for ages. Tales of its fearsome ability in battle, its magical healing properties, and the inspiration of the owner's allies and the fear in their enemies make it a priceless artifact that all wish to own. However, only those who truly desire it may even get close to it, and not everyone that grasps for it finds its hilt within their fingers.

No one is sure exactly where it is, or even where it can be found. For all the world knows, it's just some rumor that someone started that happened to catch fire. But for reasons unexplainable, those who search for it instinctively know it exists, as if some mysterious person told them so. So the search is on, the grand quest for the legendary sword has started, and only time will tell whether the hand it falls into is good.... or evil.

This is the idea so far, really just a basic idea and driving theme for an rp. Looking to see if maybe I can acquire some help in maybe making it an actual roleplay.