Quest for Cross-Over Fandoms

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  1. Hello! Recently, I started craving RP(s) containing Cross-overs. I'm a huge fan of Cross-overs. I'm currently looking for a few partners willing to sate my desire.



    AU: My partners need to be okay with AU, or alternate-universe elements.
    Romance: I only do MxF or MxM pairings. (Romance is a must for me in my RP(s), but it doesn't have to be the main focus.)
    Canon x OC: Looking for partners willing to portray Canon characters.
    Canon x Canon: Open to this pairing dynamic.
    OC x OC: Open to this pairing dynamic.
    Switch: All M x M pairings must contain Switch characters. I don't do strict dominant or submissive characters anymore. I prefer versatile roles and expect the same from my partners.
    No OOC: I'm not perfect when it comes to portraying Canon, but I try my best. I expect the same from my partners. If you don't bother portraying a Canon character correctly as possible, I'm out. (Research is the key.)

    No One-Lining/Two-Lining: I don't tolerate one-lining or two-lining. A minimum of 2+ paragraphs with decent grammar please! (I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I want to understand what my partner is posting, y'know?)

    | Key |

    Strikethrough: No more positions are open.
    Red: Canon x Canon only.
    Sky Blue: Canon x OC only.
    Pink: OC x OC only.
    Orange: Open to all pairings.
    ❅: Contains AU setting.
    ♡: MxF dynamic only.
    ♤: Open to MxF & MxM.


    Supernatural/Walking Dead ❅♤
    Supernatural/Criminal Minds ❅♤
    Supernatural/Harry Potter ❅♡
    Supernatural/Avengers ❅♤
    Criminal Minds/Harry Potter ❅♡

    Steven Universe/Adventure Time ❅♡
    Adventure Time/Gender Swap!Adventure Time ❅♡


    My choices are odd, but I love them. If you read my Expectations thoroughly, please add Team Free Will somewhere in your post.
  2. The criminal minds/harry potter cross over sounds interesting.
  3. Adventure Time/Gender Swap! Adventure Time (I love that show...) Team Free Will
  4. Criminal Minds x Harry Potter?

    Never heard of that combination before. Sounds really interesting. :)