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  1. No, this is NOT about the totally cool old show staring Scott Bakula! However, it is related.

    Imagine you have a device that allows you to jump in to the body of another person for a day. They're fine, they won't remember they were body snapped. 8D

    Who would you want to leap in to for the day? Whose life would you like to have an insider view of? ...or if you're evil, whose life would you totally wreck from the inside out?
  2. I wouldn't, because I value one's independence and self control too highly.

    But if I was forced to do something, I'd take over Donald Trump and have him resign from the election.
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  3. I don't know much about quantum leap, so does this only work on the body, or do we also have the ability to see inside their mind?
  4. A Rockefeller or Rothschild, share what they'd done to the world.

    Failing that, Obama. Dump all state corruption and secrets to every media outlet on earth before publicly jumping off a tower or something.

    Or.. I dunno some cute busty chick.. Maybe Ryan Reynolds, visit some rural high school or college and drown in pussy.

    Edit: Grumpy. Then I would spend the entire time banning everyone on Iwaku then before leaving have a ton of empty bottles laying around with pills everywhere. Just to make him 'wtf did I do' before Diana eats his eyes.
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  5. Blake Lively so I could make babies with Ryan Reynolds at least once.

    Donald Trump to call off his run for president and endorse someone decent.

    A few rich people to make some nice little deposits into my own bank account, and my family's.
  6. Into a dead person. so I can stare into the mystery that is death and despair.

    #sodeep #edgelordsupreme


    In all seriusness. I'd jump into the head honchos of the Swedish Democrats so I can disband their nationalist, fascist party of unredeemable asswipes.
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  7. Scarlett Johansson.

    Then I'd head into the bedroom with a camera phone.

    You wouldn't see me for hours.
  8. I'd jump into the body of JJ Abrams and watch all the Star Wars action up close. 8D

    Or James Franco, if he's still with Danaerys ;D

    Otherwise, I'd jump into Matthew Bellamy so I can play with Muse across the globe :D
  9. A brilliant scientist like Stephen Hawking or Neil DeGrasse Tyson or someone else like that. I would love to understand the complicated sciences and mathematics that they live and breathe, so maybe I can better myself and discover something wonderful to share with the world.

    I would love to be someone they speak about centuries later because maybe I did something that made the world a slightly better place.
  10. I'd leap into some evil billionaires body and transfer they're money to some broke ass intercity schools and some broke ass intercity people. Leaving them just enough to scrape by. Robin hood the shit outta that leap.

    Oh, and I'd "robin hood" myself some so I could build a gaming store.

    More serious answer that doesn't involve theft; I'd like to see what life was like in ancient Egypt, some of the construction of the many tombs and pyramids would just be mind-blowing to watch. So i'd leap into an ancient Egyptian architect.
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  11. Doesn't matter and wicked freefall.

    OK. Not true. I'd take over someone with a licence to base jump because base jumping is fucking awesome.
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