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  2. Pelican Corporation: The Heart of the Machines


    Location: Northern New Corsa

    Founded by Dr. Gerard Rockhold fifteen years ago, Pelican Corporation is the leading developer of weapons and technology in the known world. Equipped with the greatest robotic inventors at it's disposal, as well as top notch weapons developers from around the globe, Pelican Corp strives to advance the world into a new age; a mechanical age, with machines at the heart. Their latest robotic creations, known as Osi, flood the streets of New Corsa, promising security and structure, while eliminating any and all that would stand in their way.
    Evotech Sciences: The Next Generation

    Location: Southern New Corsa

    As the corporate rival to the Pelican Corporation, Evotech Sciences is the most advanced Science Corporation in current existence. While it does not boast powerful machines or futuristic technology, the scientists of Evotech have their own weapons called Lotus: powerful humans who have been genetically modified via nuclear radiation. With the belief that the Lotus are to become the new inhabitants of Earth, Evotech Sciences looks to destroy the world in nuclear fire, rebuilding it into a paradise for the new generation of ultimate beings.
    Virus: The Freedom Fighters


    Location: The Fault Line

    Formed after the rise of Pelican Corp, Virus is a brotherhood brought together to save the world from ultimate destruction. Painted as terrorists and criminals by both Evotech and Pelican Corp, Virus embraces the role of the villains, using their title to strike fear into the hearts of the common man. Despite their best efforts, Virus is small, and their access to resources and manpower are extremely limited. Despite all this, their end goal remains the same. Destroy Pelican Corp, Destroy Evotech, and save the world.

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  3. The Fault Line

    When the first Lotus was created, an intense earthquake caused by radiation split New Corsa in two, effectively creating a Northern and Southern New Corsa. Over time, the Fault Line became the center for many battles between the different organizations, destroying what little remained there. Many corpses still lay strewn across the ground, rotting and unclaimed. Because of its history and danger, few venture through the Fault Line unless absolutely necessary, making it a perfect place for Virus to establish it's hideout.
    Northern New Corsa
    Northern New Corsa is empty. While it boasts beautiful architecture and scenery, It is empty. OSi units patrol the streets, effectively eliminating any human they come across. In the center of Northern New Corsa is Pelican Tower, the massive headquarters for the Pelican Corporation.
    Southern New Corsa

    The South of New Corsa is quite different from the North. The streets are bustling at all times, and many humans who escaped Northern New Corsa have traveled across the Fault Line seeking refuge from Pelican Corp. Located in the higher quandrant of Southern New Corsa are the laboratories of Evotech Sciences.