QR: Redbrook Bed & Breakfast

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[align=center]QR: Redbrook Bed & Breakfast[/align]

About five miles off the highway and behind a lush green forest lies a large mansion now known as the Redbrook Bed & Breakfast. To some it is love at first sight with its old design and warm feel; to others it is a building wrought with mystery. The past of this particular building is more than just the average a man killed his wife. In addition to this house being home to a murdering business tycoon it was previously a home to cultists of Sha'kha a god of blood.

Historians and guests from all over have come to see the famous Redbrook Mansion and not once had there been an incident. Yet, not once had there been any true breakthroughs into the home's secrets. This time, however, is different. This time there is a group of gentlemen and women ready to find out the secrets and ready to explore the darkest depths of this establishment. What they find might not be as innocent as themselves.




Why Your Interested: (What brought you to the Redbrook specifically?)

Expertise: (Optional: What job you are proficient in.)



There you have it. This will be using QR Rules and I will be playing the villain. Your main objective is to find out the secrets of this Mansion before the Mansion finds you out.

I'm a Tzeentch guy anyway.

Eh, *rubs chin* Maaaayyyyyybeeeeeeee....

Drawing something up.

Deeply sorry for "bumping" this but I think the real problem is the three I posted here came right before a Jack raid so I will give these one more shot.
[DASH="#EE2C2C"][BG="#E3A869"]Name: Eusia Tso

Age: 17

Eusia is a delicate looking girl. She has blond hair and mahogany colored eyes that look nearly red. She wears glasses instead of contact lenses because they suit her and keeps her hair in its original mullet-style. She dresses in BCBG and French designers because she prefers puff-sleeved polos and medium-length skirts as more fashionable than jeans and a t-shirt. She's very classy, you see.

Why Your Interested: Eusia's father is somewhere in the city on a business venture and he found Redbrook was the perfect place to let her stay since she had insisted on coming along. In actuality, Eusia was convinced that she could solve the mystery of Redbrook if she told her father she was interested in coming on his business trip, whereupon of course, he left her out of his meetings and in RedBrook, just like she'd predicted.

Expertise: Computer hacking/software

Personality: Eusia is sneaky, laidback and clever. She doesn't let anything out of her sight until she's done with it and she's very discreet about it, too. She can lie easily, pass around fake smiles and make up for her mistakes as quickly as she can photograph something into her memory. But her most lethal quality is her wit. She's so clever she'll get you no matter what you say, even if she looks innocent, she's a force to be reckoned with.

History: Eusia's mother died in an accidental fire in their mansion when Melody was ten years old. The new electronic oven model had somehow exploded and there was no way to save Mrs. Tso from the wreckage. Mr. Tso later discovered somehow had hacked into their home, which was technologically advance, down to the doors and locks. When Eusia discovered this bit of information, she changed from a little girl into a preteen hacker quick to grow up with a vengeance against people. She had been thankful for her mother, even if she had not loved the woman, she had still appreciated her maternal ways. Unlike her father, Melody could see, her mother had put some effort into taking care of their child and for that, she could never forgive the murderer. She vowed to become a hacker so she could track the person down, but she still hasn't gotten any leads yet. She spends her free time looking for mysteries like Red Brook to crack on her own and test her skill.