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  1. Carmen heard the car stop outside a small but cozy home. She got out and then went towards the back of the car, and grabbed her suitcases. This place was familiar, this place was the place she lived in for most of her childhood until she and her family moved away. The neighbourhood was just how she remembered it, full of greenery and nature. It rained a lot but she had grown used to it over time. There was also a lovely beach where she had her best friend first met and went there a lot. She wondered how he was doing, she really missed him. She was planning on seeing him when she was done with her unpacking.
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  2. It was an ordinary day, nothing pleasant or unpleasant about it so far. Levy had been out within his back yard, working on something for a pal of his. The friend was there as well, watching him tinker. Truthfully, Levy didn't know what he was doing, and he hoped he didn't break whatever it was. He was always good with reading things by sight, able to tell where certain things went and what other things needed tightening or loosening. Putting down the wrench, he moved away from the thing - which was supposed to be a motorcycle but wasn't such anymore due to the crash and Levy's tinkering.

    Levy the shrugged and walked towards his back door. "I'm getting some water." He said. Being in the back yard made it unknown to him that his bestfriend, who disappeared for many years, was now back. She lived a few houses down - maybe ten or so. After grabbing his friend a glass of water,too, Levy walked outside and handed him it. They sat in idle chatter, talking about the bike and other, more manly things.
  3. Carmen did up her room, it took her a couple of hours but it looked pretty. She put a sweater over her tank top because she knew the weather wasn't going to be as sunny. She walked outside and told her parents she was going to visit her best friend, Levy. She walked slowly, until she reached his house. She knocked on the door and was answered by his father. She smiled warmly.

    "Hi, how can I help you?" He asked.

    "I was wondering if Levy was in?"

    "Yes, he's out in the back yard. Are you a friend of his?"

    "Yeah. You probably don't recognise me after many years, I'm Carmen, remember me?" She asked.

    His father's face lit up and he nodded. "Carmen, is that you? It's great to see you back again! I'm sure Levy will be happy to see you. Come in!" He said. She walked inside.
  4. Levy was still sitting, until he heard a knock on the door. This made him jump to his feet, opening the back door to see who it was through the kitchen and living room. Watching his dad and some female talk, Levy shrugged and returned to talking with his friend.

    Unluckily, the friend had to go, waving and saying his goodbyes. Levy returned his own bye to boy before opening the back door to enter the kitchen. Closing and locking the door behind him, he went into the fridge, opening it to search for any food. All he wanted was something with meat in it, having a craving for such.
  5. Carmen and Levy had a conversation together, and she heard the back yard door shut and someone walk into the kitchen.

    "That'll be Levy" He said and stood up, leading her into the kitchen where a boy stood. Levy. She smiled and then walked towards him.

    "Levy! It's me, Carmen! I missed you so much, me, my mom and dad just moved back here" She said happily, reaching out to hug him, tears of happiness in her eyes.
  6. Levy closed the fridge, not finding anything with meat inside of it. Turning, he noticed his dad and Carmen both entering the kitchen. Not thinking the company was for himself, he was about to exit the kitchen past the two. He was paralyzed though as her words reached him. Carmen, he thought, finding it all a bit hard to grasp. This was really Carmen? It had been far too long since they last spoke,let alone seen one another.

    Clearing his throat he stared at her. "That's really you, Carmen? REALLY YOU!?" His arms opened, lacing about her form when she approached with teary eyes. He ould have been teary eyes if it hadn't been for his lack of showing full emotions. After minutes of squeezing her in a tight hug, he stared at her with a smile upon his pale lips.

    "How have you been? You're back! This is unrealistic seeming."
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  7. Carmen giggled and then wrapped he arms around his torso. "Hey Levy. It's really me" She says gently and then giggled again. She pulled away and then looked at him for a couple of moments, smiling. "I've been great. It was nice in Hawaii but it wasn't the same without you being there" She said.

    "How about you? How've you been?" She said, returning the question. His father had left the kitchen so the two could catch up by themselves.
  8. He thought about it when she asked, knowing a lot has gone on when she was gone. He decided to lie instead, keeping the deep truth concealed.

    "I've been... okay. I'm alive and well!" He nodded and released her form his tight grasp. "You were gone long... You don't even look the same. My oh my..." Shaking his head a bit, he looked to his dad and nodded, letting him know that he'd be okay and all. His dad then left the two to be. It was now catch up time, since it has been forever.

    Moving to the small, square table in the kitchen, he sat it the chair closest to the kitchen appliances. The other three chairs on the other sides were all vacant, hoping she'd choose one and sit with him.
  9. Carmen pulled out a chair and then sat down next to him. She ran her hands through her brown hair and then smiled. "Yeah - But I'm back now, my mom and dad thought it would be nice for me to finish my school years here and graduate with all of my friends" She explained. "We moved into a house not too far from here, by the beach. It's small but cozy"

    "Did you make any new friends whilst I was gone?" She asked, curiously.
  10. He took a minute to thinks, shaking his head after. "Not really. Same ol' bunch of friends, you know." He then shrugged a bit and stared at her. "There are some newer people, however they aren't really... friends. Just acquaintances." Looking at the table now, he readjusted himself within the chair.

    "How's the house? Good condition?" He questioned, curious about her move. "Was the move alright for you?"
  11. She nodded. "Oh yeah. The house's condition was fine. The move was okay. I was sad about moving away from Hawaii because it was great there, but I really missed this place too. Maybe you can come along and see our house sometime?" She suggested and then looked out of the window, there was rain drizzling against the windows. It rained a lot there, and there was lots of nature. She would get used to the rain again. She was starting school after e weekend, she was nervous. The next day her mom was going to take her out to the mall to get a couple of outfits and some school supplies.
  12. He watched her stare out the window, he staring as well now. Downward trailed his eyes as they watched little drops roll down the window. Once one reached the outer windowsill, he turned to look at her.
    "I'm glad it's all well."he He grimaced just a little, processing how she said that she was sad to move from Hawaii. Maybe it was just him being a tad bit clingy, as he always had. He shook away the thoughts and continued talking. "I'll definitely be sure to visit sometime." A little smile was placed on his laps, enjoying the thought of hanging with his old friend again.

    "You hungry at all? Thirsty?" He stood to move to the cabinets, in case she answered yes to any of the questions.
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