Purgatory Island

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  1. slight rp revival from another site but been tweaked a bit.

    A small passenger ship is making a journey through until charted water when they pass through a very large storm and the ship winds up crashing on the a Island that wasn't even on the map. Only a small group of them survive and wash up mostly unscathed from the wreck.
    The Island seems quiet enough and the Islamd is BeautifulBeautiful what could go wrong Right?

    Wrong The island is a place only known to the government, However they don't even land on the island, the government is to afraid of what is created and lives their. They created a death trap Island. No one ever leaves this Island even if you see a helicopter, it will not land for you. You are stuck on Purgatory Island as the government calls it.

    On this Island are the most deadly of deadly creatures. It is also a place to send the most dangerous criminals instead of the death penalty they send them to the Island to die.

    How ever The government didn't know that out every 100 they drop their 3 to 4 make it and stay alive. They find refuge with either the Bàs or Saol tribes on the Island Bàs as in death Tribe mostly criminals, some regular people who washed up on the shores like our cruise ship it happens government can't stop other ships they tried with rocks but that just crashes the ships and still people survive the water and make it to the beach. Now Also their is Saol Tribe the life tribe made up of criminals and people who wash up on the shore. They are the bright tribe the one that is the good of the Island. Bàs is bad and dark, they are the evil of the Island.

    That however is not the only thing on this Island It is dangerous animals, Dinosaurs, deadly bugs, and deadly plants. The Bàs and Saol Tribes have learned to adapt and live on this Island the adopted from one big tribe called RA.

    Also Yes I said Dinosaurs, Scientists had found a way to clone them just for this Island and now they run a muck on the Island.

    So when your ship lands her home will survive this dark world and which tribe and side do you choose. Will your choice upset the balance of the Island who will gain rule over the whole Island find out in Purgatory Island. Can you survive?

    Small Group of survivors:
    Male Naval Seal: Taken
    Female Archeologist: Shayla
    Female Doctor: Rose
    Male : open you choose Occupation
    Male:open You choose Occupation
    Female: open you choose Occupation
    Male: open you choose Occupation
    Female:open you choose Occupation

    Bàs Tribe:
    Leader: Taken Female
    Right hand: open male
    Rest of tribe:

    Saol Tribe:
    Leader: open Male
    Right Hand: Dovah Female
    Rest of the Tribe: open
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  2. Female archeologist still open?
  3. yes ma'am
  4. Whilst the idea does interest me, I am not interested for the time being. Kinda in a fantasy action RPing mood and well.....

    actually, screw it. I'm in.

    Can I be the right hand of the Soal tribe?
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  5. I will take it up than.^^
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  6. female doc please
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  7. Do the tribes have access to firearms and other modern weapons or makeshift ones? Just curious as i may give the right hand a customised one.
  8. like island weapons no modern day weapons
  9. So, bows, shield and swords etc..? Bit confused as island weaponry is a massive variety to me due to many universes having different meanings.

    Is it right to think along the lines of low fantasy melee weapons? E.g. curved swords, mount wristed crossbows etc..
  10. Bone knifes bow and arrows stone weapons so basically think very basic
  11. Ah, ok. Gotcha. :)
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  12. While I'm really intruiged with the plot (it also reminds me of a very interesting manga, which the title I forgot), I'm going to have to bow out. Survival RP's aren't really for me. Thank you for the invite though.
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  13. You have sooo many brilliant ideas! I can't join this anymore with RL stuff happening but I'm soooo glad you invited me anyway. Thank you!
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  14. tag people guys I really want to do this one
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  15. I would but I don't really have anyone.

    I could however, spray a tag on my laptop. Granted, it'll do nothing but annoy me but it'll be tagging.
  16. ?
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