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  • Plot
    A rich family ends up inheriting a new butler because of a recent loss of a loved one. Though it takes a little time, the only son ______ becomes found of Damien and starts out with little tests, such as unbuttoning his shirt after Damien buttons it, and being a brat. Though Damien was well trained and never breaks under ____ tests and even laughs at them despite them being aimed at him. Over time the two fall in love, and Damien is at _____'s every command, so have fun with him. After all it's not every day you get a hot butler wiling to do everything you say.

    Starting point:

    So we're starting off with Damien entering the masion and greeting his new masters


    Hopefully this explains where I'm coming from in this roleplay
    I got the idea from watching black butler and listening to this
    (once the song is over you might want to shut off the video cause the after video is bad cx)

  • 1) No one liners, write at lest three lines
    2) Damien's at your control, have fun with it~
    3) In your CS tell me what you want to be called by Damien
    for example master, my lord, my highness, ect.

    to start just drop your CS that leads into the rp after and we'll start~
  • CS:


    Name: Damien Smith
    -laid back
    -people pleaser
    -kind of a kink
    -a huge tease to both genders
    -being the best butler you've ever had
    -people trying to threaten his masters
    Damien was raised and trained to be the best butler there is, he can protect you in any type of situation for he was trained to fight in hand to hand, how to defend against a weapon, and was trained to use any weapon or make anything into a weapon. He knows how to work every pressure point in the body and you paralyze or kill anyone with just one touch. Making him actually a very deadly person, and all for you. On top of that he was trained to stay on time no matter what, get shit done in short amount of time, and his previous owner swore up and down that he was inhuman due to how quickly he took care of things.
    -hes gay
    -can play guitar, violin, and piano/keyboard
    -he can sing too

    Bows and looks up into your eyes, "I hope I am to your liking my lord." Smiles and raises from the bow.
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