.PundaQueen meets everybody.

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  1. Hi! I'm the PundaQueen~ Just call me Punda XD.

    Ermm... I like anime and YouTube! And I also like doing roleplays :3. This is actually my first time doing it in a public website (I've only done RPs with friends).

    The genre I like is Romance (not sexual), Comedy, Fantasy especially with mythical creatures and a bit of drama.

    So, I hope we can all get along~ OwO *politely bows*

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku~ :D Have a cookie!~ :D
  3. Oh salutations! Here's to hoping you enjoy the stay.
  4. Thank you~ >w<
  5. Yaaaaay~
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  6. Me and you have quite similar tastes in roleplay! Welcome to Iwaku and enjoy your stay!~ Nice meeting you ^ ^
  7. That's good to know ^.^ It's nice meeting you, too.
  8. *walks in room* Yo...Enjoy your stay.... *moonwalks back out*
  9. Dat moonwalk, though
  10. Yeah...I know...I'm pretty damn cool. Okay I lied I'm not even cool. You are though!
  11. Anyone who does a moonwalk is cool.
  12. Thanks! *teaches you to moonwalk like a pro*
  13. Greetings Punda, welcome to us! ^o^