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  1. OK i had this idea a few hours ago and i just decided to post it up . Halloween is a fun time of year but people often forget the traditions that it was born from.In Romania the jackolantern was made as a way to keep evil from homes.It was used in order to block evil spirits from entering ones home and causing trouble and to also frighten evil things away on the most sacred night or in other words the night which the spiritual world was closest to ours.IN light of this im making this threat.

    THe object of this thread is if you make a jackalauntern or just see or spot one you really like fake or otherwise :P please take a picture and post it up on this thread ill be posting my own with this starter come Halloween night myself and try and mabye add a small spooky story if you feel like it .NO double posting the same image try and keep it original and good luck!