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    History is filled with various tales, of mystery, espionage, adventure, romance, the supernatural and more genres. Stories were chronicled in cheap pulp magazines, novels and anthologies one could purchase with pocket change. And the most well known were tales of tough-as-nails detectives, masked fighters of injustice, globe-trotting genius strongmen, who partook in solving cases, impossible science and occult mysticism against the criminal element, facist dictators, enemy agents and weird menaces like monsters, obedient mechanical men, demons and even alien invaders from other worlds?

    And what if I told you these hero pulps existed once long ago?


    That Doctor Clark Savage Jr. was a real live world renowned scientist, known by his nickname "Doc Savage, The Man of Bronze" to the sinister underworld of crime? To the world, a famous genius and peak physical superman who traveled the globe with five equally skilled associates helping those in need?


    That 'The Shadow,' was a costumed vigilante who employed agents all over the world, as well as his own skills learned in the far east: Including telepathic ability, hypnosis and other skills with which to control men's minds, and see the darkness in their hearts?


    And that they were but the first of many who existed at a time?

    But you must ask, what was it that destroyed this Golden Age of adventure and mystery, where the innocent could feel safe, sleeping each night?

    In 1950, "The House Committee on Un-American Activities" had declared "War On Masks" Nationwide, ruthlessly hunting down crime-fighters who weren't enlisted with the police or military, as part of the "Fifty States of Security Act." Only a few joined up, the rest hanging up their belts and hoods. And the one or two most daring legends among men continued to operate for years, evading the law. But their presence couldn't keep crime on the low forever.

    Adventurers were many in number, mostly inexperienced foolhardy fellows. The number of occult and science fiction-esque capers overwhelmed the world, horror and sci fi films throughout the years showcasing threats that had just barely been stopped by a few lucky people.

    It's the 1950's-- a new age.

    Innovation is needed.

    Mysteries must be solved.

    Justice must be provided for all.

    Let the Spirit of Adventure rise up once more, and imbue mortal men with a vigor unseen!


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  2. Dude, I am all over this. Watchmen set in the 50s using actual pulp characters as they're being hunted down by the government? Sign me up.

    Also can I call the shadow? I've been a happy owner of the original radio show for yeeeeeeeeears.
  3. Definitely interested. I've been hoping for a decent pulp for an old charrie of mine.
    I've got some work to do with her layout, but when this is ready, I will be.
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