Public Service Announcement: Be Excellent to one Another! :D

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Our typical "active to the point of people going insane" summer season has decided to start now during the fall instead. Thus, we are having a LOT of new members flood in, and with that flood of new members we often have a very crazy transition time while we get used to new personalities.

Here are a few requests, advice, and tips on how to keep yourself from going bonkers and make this active season more pleasant for everyone!

Greet and get to know our newest members through Member Central.
Take the time to get to know our new members and let them get to know you! Say hello, introduce yourself. You'll be far less confused by new names, and you'll have a much easier time adjusting to personalities.

Take a couple weeks to get to know a member before you try to kill them!
Or bite them, or smother them, or run away screaming, or throw them in a vat of jello. Many members are people we wanted to punch in the face when we first met them, but are now totally cool. 8D Don't forget, new members have no idea who YOU are either, so they might not know that you're just being sarcastic or making a joke. See a trend of "getting to know people" yes? Do it!

Please use the cbox as a FUN place to chat and roleplay with other members!
If you need to complain, rant, emo, or need some serious advice we have the Counseling Forum. We don't like a lot of trolling in the cbox either, you can do that in the Asylum! Let the cbox be a relaxed place for people to chitchat and roleplay talk without getting frustrated. :D

Make sure you are excellent to one another, or we'll end up like "THEM".
Iwaku is everyone's favorite place to be, because we're a friendly, tolerant, and fun community to be apart of. In order for us to be this awesome, we need YOU the members to be great people. :D So keep on being awesome! Have respect for your fellow members, and remember that we all share Iwaku. Lets keep it enjoyable for all!

Now off to play with you!
*puts his troll to sleep for the winter*

Hush, my darling... hush...

*the troll moans, pawing weakly as the needle slips into its neck*

I love you... remember that... in your dreams.... in your troubled dreams...

*weeps as he feels the troll go limp in his arms*

Best advice:

Don't dip in another man's Kool-aid.

And don't be a whore.
Should the banner read 'nice' to people? Or 'extra nice'
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