Psuedo Swears

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  1. Have you ever used Pseudo Swears before?

    As an example, I've been trying to use some slang from 2000AD/Judge Dredd Comics, mostly the word 'Grud' which takes the place of 'God.' And occasionally, words like 'Drokk!' for general cursing and 'Stomm' for shit.

    You could also use other words. Some sillier than others. (Ex: WHAT THE SHELL?!, or SON OF A BEACHBALL, or whatever else)
  2. I've been trying to stop cussing so much, since we have my niece around every now and then....

    The mother does NOT like and kind of swearing, so n "jesus".

    I stubbed my toe, yelled out "JUICE" and learned that my niece knows what that is, ad proceeded to explore to whole house on the quest to find what I spoke of.

    <.<;; I try not to swear, but when I do false ones, shit happens <.<
  3. I just let it all out, unless I'm around children. The thing is, my mother even hated pseudo swears when I was a kid; I couldn't say freak/freaking in place of the F bomb, etc. But there's something satisfying about cursing aloud when you're alone and frustrated.

    I remember hearing an interesting one in the second Resident Evil movie, when it aired on tv. This one guy was going around saying "Motivator" this and "Motivator" that. Took me awhile to realize that was a censorship of Mother****er. I facepalmed.

    ... "Motivator, please".
  4. Having recently gone into nursery placement I'm not really allowed to swear during the day anymore... So I've taken to shouting "jings" instead of "ah shit" or whatever I'd usually come out with.
    Also, "D'arvit" is a favourite replacement for "dammit" right now; yay for stealing words from Artemis Fowl books.
  5. Now that I am babysitting my nephew and he's getting to that age where he's trying to mimic sounds.... we're -supposed- to be watching out curse words. >>;;; That's really hard to do in a house full of serial cursers! D:

    when I was little my dad always told me touse "dog gonnit" instead of god damnit. XD

    But I am thinking about just stealing the fake curse words off Adventure Time. 8D WHAT THE MATH. OH MY GLOB.
  6. Oh for Cod's sakes, you lot can all just flibberdyjibber yourselves.
    I mean, what the schnitzel is up with your futhermucking language?
  7. If I am really, really angry, I have a tendency to launch into pseudo-swears and Angrish. (For those who do not know, Angrish is nonsensical English or just a series of random sounds) Alternatively, I swear like a sailor, and to disguise my swearing, I use English, because most people will have no idea what I am talking about. I also like to say [DATA EXPUNGED] if I feel like no words are enough to express my feelings, or just simply say "BOOM" in the loudest voice possible as if I just exploded from anger. For some reason, it works!
  8. Fer' The Love a Grud. Drokkin' Pseudo Swears.
  9. we just talked about this in the Cbox the other day :D I substitute bad words for candy names! I only do it sometimes, but it's pretty entertaining.

    Ex. Suck my Starburst you son of a Whopper!
  10. I babysit a three-year-old, so pretty much a tape recorder.

    I try soooo hard not to swear and I haven't failed yet! But when I swear at home now, it either comes out as "sugar cube!" (thanks, MLP) or "CRED VILG!" which is Al Bhed for "SHIT FUCK!"
  11. I say "ain't that a-bout-a b" sometimes. I know it's not really a pseudo swear, but I like it and it's clean.
  12. pemf


    Pointy Eared Mother Fucker
  13. I swear all the time, mostly when playing video games. Even when I was around my siblings. >>; It would always make my mom mad, but I explained to her that it's not that easy to just put a lid on it. When some cheeky fucker is pissing you off in a game, you react with rage. Or.... I do, at least.

    When I'm around parental figures (except my Dad, he's cool enough to let me say what I want around him) and kids and am not gaming, I'm more in control. I adopted "b-word" and "f-word" from my boyfriend, as substitutes for bitch and fuck. When I feel like saying 'shit', I just say 'shoot' or 'darn it'. Sometimes, I even say "Tarter sauce!" just like in Spongebob... >>;

    I also say frak sometimes, which I think I got from Battlestar Galactica. Can't remember.
  14. I likely do a lot of unconscious pseudo swearing since I came from a household that didn't swear much, then mom started a daycare and we had to watch our language even more. It's gotten to the point where when I do swear near a co-worker they look at me in shock. I find this amusing. Only one I can think of off the top of my head is fudge monkeys!
  15. I say 'frick' does that count

    in all seriousness, i swear A LOT on the internet but not so much offline... I say 'shoot' a lot too...

    I'm really boring, I've started picking up 'mewling quim' from The Avengers. 8D