PSA: Good Attitudes and a Positive Environment

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  1. Do to others as you would have them do to you.

    Today's PSA is about behavior and attitude on Iwaku!

    As you would expect, not many people want to be part of a community where spiteful behavior and bad attitudes are the norm. One of Iwaku's best assets is its strong community and positive character. Writing is meant to be enjoyable and, within the boundaries of the rules, the staff members want everyone to have fun here.

    That brings us to the key message in this PSA: making the kind of community that you want to be a part of. This is a rule that is hard to quantify because there is no clear boundary on what is too far. In this regard, the best solution is to treat all of Iwaku's members with the same respect and courtesy as you want to be shown yourself! This encompasses many behaviors, from posting passive aggressive comments in threads to saying something offensive about another member and beyond.

    This also means that we don't consider it OK to vent about other Iwaku members on the site! In blogs, counseling, chatbox, and any other place: publicly complaining about another member is toxic behavior. Think about it: you wouldn't want someone doing it to you, would you? This includes venting about members, even if you don't name names. It's OK to have a bad day and to talk about it with your friends but some things are better said in private conversations.

    The same idea about a positive environment applies to using the rating system in a spiteful way. One rating is one thing, but going through rating multiple posts just to be bitter isn't good behavior.

    Everyone has different personalities and sometimes those personalities clash. You don't have to become best friends with everyone but you are expected to have the maturity to refrain from creating drama and fighting with your fellow members. Choosing not to interact with someone that you simply can't seem to get along with is usually the way to go - but don't go around stirring up drama by telling everyone that you're doing it! The ignore features can be used to help you focus on having fun and enjoying Iwaku.

    If you feel that someone is breaking one of the Rules of Iwaku, report them to staff instead of engaging with them and getting yourself involved in the mix! Petty disagreements and hurt feelings don't break the rules but harassment and malicious comments do.

    In short: be excellent to one another and help make Iwaku a great place to be.​
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  2. All of you shall lay peacefully beneath my many Willow branches and write collaboratively forever kindly~
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  3. My blog is a wonderful place to plaster with lore and other writings. And I love blogs that do likewise. And... I love all of Iwaku, even the people I don't see eye-to-eye with! I am ancient. Been RPing since 1978, online since 1986. And I have never seen something as amazing, diverse, welcoming, wonderful and overall awesome as Iwaku! A large part of why is the robust yet flexible moderation. I've done the job and I know it can be thankless and frustrating. But I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff.

    Thank you. All of you.
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