PSA: Dawn of War 2 Retribution New DLC

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  1. If you own DoW 2 Retribution and like it at all, there is a new DLC that is free from the 10-15th of March that adds the Necron Overlord to Last Stand

    If you were unaware of this before and have a reason to care, you're welcome
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  2. *Goes to find this now*

    Thanks for the heads up. :3
  3. Noobcron is ridiculously op from what a friends shown me today. That and everyone is using them because, well, they're new and OP.

    It's free though so whatever.

    Relic needs to get on Dawn of War :Nothing Like 2 Edition.
  4. It just came out, things being op or UP on release is nothing new, devs need time and data to properly balance stuff
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