PS4 or Xbox One

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  1. I'm considering buying one of these systems and I need peoples opinions on which system to get. I have both previous generations (Xbox 360 and PS3), but I really don't know which of the newer ones to go with. I hear the PS4 has 1080p while Xbox One has a lower resolution so is there a huge difference in the games look? Also, are there games that are MUST have that are a exclusive to one of the systems?

    Try not to turn this into a console war *hides*

    I'll even throw WII U in there so give me opinions if you want on it
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  2. Neither. I'm all for PC. I used to be a console gamer, but this atrocity that is the new generation of games disgusts me and I don't dare play any of them.

    Except for the Wii U, the Wii U is okay, I just lack the games to justify frequently playing it. And, to be fair, I was never really a fan of Xbox or PlayStation anyways.

    In all honesty, I know next to nothing about the Xbox One and PS4.
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  3. I love the Wii U It's the best of the three to me, I also have used a PS4 and X1. I was dissapointed with the Xbox one, I dunno, It may be patched now but there were alot of things wrong with it, 359 steps backward. PS4 is now 2nd place for me, It's cool, Love the new Infamous and junk, but Wii U, dat Wii U.
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  4. Hmm. The resolution thing is mostly a myth. Microsoft typically releases patches to coincide with the game's launch that bumps the resolution up to 1080. There may be a difference for some games but I can't imagine it being all that noticeable.

    If you're worried about graphics get a PC.

    As far as games, at this moment neither have exclusives that scream for me to pick one or the other. However, this will not always be the case. Look up games in development and future releases to decide which set of games you would prefer.

    I personally have an XBOX One because I have been happy with the Microsoft product since the first gen Xbox and the line of exclusives they have (HALO).

    It is really up to you and which lineup of games you prefer.

    Also, that new XBOX One controller is muy comfortable.

    Haven't had any problems with my One and have had it since last Christmas.
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  5. Got a PS4 on Layaway. Mostly for Bloodborne and because I've got a free copy of Destiny for it. Although I did just buy my spouse a WiiU and a couple of the exclusives for it. We love it, save for the Gamepad and its ABSOLUTELY ATROCIOUS BATTERY LIFE. How am I going to have a 12 hour marathon if it's dead in four hours?

    Also, Idort Master Race.

    Though I do need to upgrade my PC. ArcheAge is only running at 30FPS in busy cities.
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  6. I have both, mainly for the exclusives. I got my Xbox One because I have been happy with Microsoft since the first Xbox.

    I got the PS4 for Order 1886 and Bloodborne
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  7. On my PC, I can emulate PS2 and N64 titles. Play Ocarina of Time and Timesplitters again.

    If I were to pick a console and could only pick one, I'd probably go with the PS4 this generation though. It'd serve not only as a games platform, but as a pretty competent general media server too.