PS4 anyone?

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  1. Hey everybody,
    I recently purchased a ps4.
    Now I had a ps3, but found out most of my friends don't play anymore.
    Or they simply deleted me while I was figuring out how to get one.

    I have NBA2K15, and COD advanced warfare.
    I am kind of funny, and I'm a nice person.
    I'll be doing streams on twitch from time to time, just really looking for friends.
  2. Got one on Wal-Martâ„¢ Lay-away. Once it's paid off gonna grab it.
    Not really sure why I'm getting one.

    Oh, right, Bloodborne, free copy of Destiny and stuff.
  3. Lol, I had destiny, but I sold it.xD
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  4. Digital season pass copy that my spouse bought me.
    Most of my friends got it for ps4 though so I was left half a gen behind.