Prototype: Uprising

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  1. These conference meetings are so menial and boring. Why did they have to stick me with this shit babysitting job. Can't these corporate asses take care of themselves? I could be out on a real mission but no. No, I have to make sure that these old men don't get offed during a routine business transaction. I don't even understand what their talking about. All these percentages and dollar signs-!

    "This here is on of our original Prototypes. Boone, come over here so our constituent members can get a good look at you."

    So these old men want me to model now? Maybe they should have brought a more impressive model...

    "As you can see, she's not very convincing in her true form. Save for those eyes if only looks could kill, right? Show them your first trick."

    I frowned as a regular civilian entered the room. He was clearly just pulled in here off the street, not of his own free will clearly. He approached me timidly, I always wondered if they told these people what I would do to them. I always decided that they didn't. The man grew closer and closer. I let the dark Blacklight encompass my pocketed right hand until he was in arms reach. Just as he got there he extended his hand for a welcoming shake. I complied and took his forearm in a strong grip. It took him a few seconds to register the Blacklight but by then he was halfway above my head. The consumption process isn't a pretty one so I'll spare you...

    The room was still recovering as I began my transformation. Before their very eyes, it was as if the poor fool was back from the dead. Same stature and build, same greasy hair and tacky Hawaiian shirt matched with cargo shorts.

    "Impressive! she's a whole new person!" "She could infiltrate any building in the U.S. with a trick like that." "Give the girl a cookie, a trick like that deserves a treat!"

    Laugh now you worthless old men. You'll be wishing these were just tricks very shortly.

    "Yes yes, she's impressive. Move along now, show them what else you can do."

    I proceeded to show them my strengths. With the help of the Blacklight I broke a chair, their conference table, and then rushed towards the glass window wall overlooking Manhattan. I leapt forward with all my might and tore through the extra strength class to keep marketeers from committing suicide. In mid air I latched onto the outside of the window and parkoured my way up to the top of the building. I could hear screams from the citizens below as broken glass showered down on them. I'll just touch the flag and then make my way back down...and then I guess I'll finish my little catwalk.
  2. The western district was in complete chaos. Half changelings were running rampant, infecting more and more, spreading the infection. Everyday, hunters took children into their nest and fed, adults were becoming monsters, and gentek was doing nothing. They send soldiers to 'clean up the mess,' yet the infection thrives.

    I am infected. But I was born into creation. I am a class s rank prototype, 3rd generation. I was also part of blackhawk, a specially trained ops team, specifically trained to take out infection. I was called in to be an experiment. Now I'm going to get revenge for what gentek has done.

    They murdered my wife, my kids, my entire family. They thought they could control me. But it only made it worse. I am now stronger and more proficient. I have honed my abilities and able to control them at will. It is now second nature to me and I have acquired many skills.

    I had been traveling to east district, where a meeting was held. The people there have information I need. Either dead or alive, I do not care. The transition between districts I do. They can detect infection, and I was pure infection, having merged perfectly with the virus. So I changed into a commanding officer, having inquired his DNA previously the other night.

    "Sir," the guard saluted.

    "At ease," I replied. "I will be leaving soon. Prepare a vehicle for me."

    "Sir, yes sir." The young officer said, giving another salute before running off.

    After I got close enough to the meeting place, I told the driver to pull over, getting out onto the sidewalk. It wasn't bad here. The infection almost nonexistent. I could smell a few incubators, but nothing serious. When I arrived at the place, there was glass scattered along the sidewalk. I looked up, and just where my informant said the meeting would be, the glass was knocked out. Looking up, I saw a prototype climbing the walls. I jumped up after her. Maybe she beat me to the punch. I don't care, as long as I get those memories.
  3. Bounding up the side of a building is almost freeing. You feel like an animal following your primal instincts and running on all fours. I came to a plateau just before reaching an aesthetic extension to the building that posted up Gentek's company flag. I darted onward and tapped the tip-top of the flag pole with my middle finger. After reaching my goal I let myself fall backwards in an eaglespread fashion.

    As I reached the flat building top I landed gracefully and the building's roof crackled like paper beneath my feet. I took a deep breath, and with it came the stench of another almost like myself. I caught my breath and braced myself. I could sense the "other" rushing up the building's side after me. He was close now.

    "Probably just some rampant soul lost to infection."

    I stepped towards the building edge and leaned over to get a better look.

    "Ah-That's no infection...I don't know what that is!"

    I broke away from the ledge and let the my Blacklight coat my body in a silhouette. I gathered up into a fighting stance. Any minute now, fool.
  4. As I ran up the wall, I turned my hand into giant claws. Using them, I clawed the side of the wall, letting the debris fall then float. Setting them on fire, he shot them at the female. Once he reached the top, he changed his hands to a giant mass resembling a giant metal fist. I jumped up high, and allowed myself to fall down, slamming them into the roof, a big crater left in my wake. Wasting no time, I changed my hands into a whip, slashing into the air, leaving the female on the defensive side.
  5. I was blown back as this thing crashed down into the building's roof. I rolled to my feet and let the Blacklight takeover the entirety of both of my arms and shielded myself from the lashings of my assailant. As the rolling clouds of debris and dirt cleared out I could make out the figure of a man. I sneereed. This should be easy enough. I dropped my left arm and swapped out one of my shields and replaced it with an incredibly large, sharp, and fatal blade. I watched as the whip made another return and braced myself. I ran forward to meet the whip and allowed it to wrap around the shield that was my right arm. In one swift movement I sliced through the whip, and broke free of his grip. I rushed forward and came up just inches from the man and made a quick stab in the direction of his heart.
  6. She's good. But only a first generation. She barely has any abilities. Unlike me. I sent a telekenetic wall that threw the female flying. Wasting no time, I used my whip, the other already repaired, grabbed her, and slammed her in the ground. Turning back my fist into hammer arms, I jumped high, going in the direction of her.
  7. I didn't even have time to shout out in pain before I felt one of his whips curl around me and send me into the building's rooftop. As the dust cleared I could see his silhouette falling towards me. I crossed my arms over me and made shield large enough to cover the entire length of my body. Just has he made contact I could feel the ground beneath me crackle. We fell down into the penthouse of the Gentek building. While were suspended in the air I used my Blacklight abilities to shape my right hand into a claw. I managed to pin my assailant against the floor and my left hand reformed into a blade shape once more. I positioned the blade towards his head.

    I'm running out of energy...This isn't good.
  8. "Gotcha," I said, giving an evil grin. Or more so, my copy. I revealed myself from the whole we made, slashing at her back. Then with hammer arms, I hit her side, throwing her into the wall. "Like my trick?" I asked mockingly. "If you were as finely tubed in with the virus as me, you'd be able to do it. Its real simple in theory but hard to master. I just multiplied my cells to make a mindless copy of me linked telepathically. No, before I kill you, why did you kill the gentek people at the meeting? Who sent you?" My hands clamped tighter around her throat, not enough to kill, but enough to hurt.
  9. I was knocked senseless. I felt my body crash into the wall and then something else harshly crashed into my torso and throat.


    "I didn't...anybody."

    It was hard to speak for the crushing pressure on her throat as well as the dizzying effects of the battle. I suddenly became aware of all the injuries I had sustained during the fight. A warm trickle of blood rolled down my temple.

    "I didn't kill Gentek. Who the hell are you?"

    I could feel myself slipping. I blinked in rapid succession fight the darkness washing over me from the toes up.

    "Who are you and what do you want?"

    I groped with a weak, non Blacklight enhanced, hand and clutched at his shirt.
  10. "Your death or your salvation. Join me or I'll absorb you. And believe me, I'll make it painful. Now tell me, what floor is the gentek members on." I demanded squeezing tighter, than loosen to allow her to talk. I didn't want to harm her, being a brethren to her. After all, it was hard to find prototypes after the Mercer incident.
  11. "Alright! Alright..."

    I clenched at his shirt tighter as his grip tightened around my neck. My eyes began to water and ache from lack of fresh air and I swear I could feel bones creaking, wanting to shatter under his grip.

    What the hell did they give this generation to make them so damn strong?

    I licked my lips and tried to remember what floor I had come from. Surely those old men would still be there, making small talk and what not.

    "The ninth floor. They're in the conference room on the ninth floor. You can get to them through the window from the street."
  12. "Good " I said, before tossing her on the floor. Running to the window, I jumped out and dove towards the street. Once I saw the the window with the broken window, I slowed my decent by grabbing onto the wall. Once I popped up into the window, I gave a horrifying roar. "Hello," I said, giving a menacing grin before ripping the entire meeting to shreds, absorbing their memories in the process.
  13. Blood rushed back to my face and I grew hot in a flash. I watched his silhouette disappear out the window and soon later heard the cries of the ninth floor conference room.

    Keep it together. Stay awake...stay awake.

    I sat up and massaged the soreness out of my neck. I slowly walked to the knocked out window.

    Maybe the stairs would be safer...

    I inched my way out of the window and slowly climbed my way down Gentek building. I came into the conference room just as he finished consuming the final member.

    "Who are you anyways?"

    You shouldn't be asking questions like that. You don't even know who you are exactly.
  14. "That's up to you. I could be your end or your beginning. You chose." I told her, before jumping out of the window before gentek sends their army. I didn't think she'd follow, but it would be nice to have someone watching your back.
  15. He was still close by when a security team rushed in. I didn't even get a chance to lock eyes with them before they opened fire on me. Having been standing in the ledge of the shattered window I let myself fall out into the warm Manhattan air. I felt a flurry of rounds dig into my flesh and cried out in agony. I gathered all the strength that I could muster and blindly followed the mystery man. Honestly it was my only choice, it wasn't like I could stay with Gentek after that.
  16. My house was on the other side of Manhattan, a heavily infected populated area. It allowed me to remain hidden from gentek. The downside is hunters attack me at random, wanting to gain my power. The only infected to not attack are newborns. Arriving at my house, I took a shower, washing any dry blood.
  17. He was moving so quickly and my injuries were growing worse. Didn't he ask me to follow him? I hoped I wasn't mistaken, I really didn't want to fight him again especially in my condition. He was getting so far ahead but his scent was now clear in my nose. I tailed him to the infested portion of the city. There were a bunch of weak infected out right now. Nothing to worry about, but certainly there were stronger ones nearby. Once infected, one always wanted more power. I would've killed to have this man's power at one time. Now, I'd just kill to live freely.

    I tailed him back to what was seemingly his house. Not a bad setup, he certainly had freedom here, unlike myself, a lab rat to Gentek and a tenant of, although an incredibly nice condominium, a constantly surveyed household. Being that I had no real choice in any of my life matters, it was not uncommon for corporate heads or researchers on the up and up to make a night time call and ask for my "company." I certainly had pride but, I also wanted to live.

    I could hear running water and steam swirled at the base of a door. I gingerly knocked on the door and called out.

    "You never told me who you are."

    I waited, all the while studying the remaining bullets in my body.