Prototype: Uprising

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  1. Character description/bios.

    Name: Boone
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Boone is rather short. Five foot two inches in height and weighing in at a mere 110 pounds. She doesn't look like she can do much damage but she still yields an athletic body. She has medium length auburn hair that dips below her shoulder blades just barely. Her skin is mildly tanned and a splash of freckles accent her upper cheeks, even if she doesn't have the innocence to match them. Her face is rounded with almond shaped slate blue eyes and a petite nose. Her lips are bright and plump and usually stuck in a bored flattened line.
    Bio:Boone is a first generation prototype. With Gentek constantly updating their armory with newer and more deadly models she has grown into a mere assassin for the corporation. Like many other genetically engineered weapons, Boone has no memory of her past before waking up in the basement of the Gentek facility located in New York City. She is cold and calculating but easily angered. When enraged Boone attacks blindly, a downfall at times, however her rage increases her attacks' power by ten fold leaving anyone or anything caught up in them dead.
    Abilities:Boone's abilities include transformation for cloaking purposes, consumption of others to replenish power, as well as the Blacklight extension genetically infused with her body. Through this "extension" Boone can manipulate her body and make a monster out of herself when at full power, or simply manipulate portions of her body to be used as weapons.

    We can use this OOC to update as needed. I'll have the IC up in a few.
  2. I'll start up the ic. And I'll post the character in a bit.