Protect the Body, but Stole the Heart

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  1. "Dad! Look! There is not going to be no one good enough for you, when is comes to me. We have been through so many applications and interviews, I am so done. This should be a red flag for you." The Blonde haired model of 20 walks away to the door of her home. Looking back to her very picky Father, she sighs. "You can't find a Bodyguard Dad. None will deal with a Rich Man's daughter. A blonde one for that. All people think we are spoiled." She heads out the door....

    You can make a post with him coming and being one of the many people applying for the job. Make him stand out more then the normal body guard. What makes him better then the rest? His Training? His Smarts? Things like that. Consider your character in a interview for a job. How does he sell himself to get the job. What makes him perfect for the only one to Guard this Rich man's Daughter?

    Just a small start. As you can see I am looking for a Bodyguard do guard my Character. As well that doesn't mind playing a different role or so that we bring in and out of the Story. I am looking for a romance if possible. I'd like for the the Blonde and Body guard to fall in love. But we shall see. You can make your Character how you wish. I am not picky. Just maybe his Age be no more then 35. I am pretty laid. I am open to ideas that you think would help it last longer or more exciting. So let me know. Feel free to do a Character Sheet if you wish :P
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  2. Name: Valhite
    age : 20
    Profession : Student and Assassin
    Weapon : everything in his possession
    History : Valhite is a student at morning, and night watcher at the night. Usually he receives contract about his job. But now, considering that he almost finished his study, he found a job to be a bodyguard.

    Appearance : [​IMG]
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    Name: Leandra Wilson (Leah for Short)
    Age: 20
    Profession: Swimsuit Model for many companies
    History: Her Mother died in a Car accident. Her Father is a very powerful Man for the Government, but not many know of that. She is a very smart young women and is in college for Medical. She wants to become a doctor. Seems since her Father is who he is, she is not safe alone. Many Bodyguards have come and gone. None of them seem to stay long.
  4. "My name is Valhite i'm here to apply to become a bodyguard . I'm skilled at fighting. Mainly using Dual Blade. I also capable of shooting and I prefer dual hand gun for fast killing and fast execution. I have a quite slim body but my I can even lift women body easily, in case we need to run I will pick her body up. I am also quite capable of working in a team but I prefer to work alone. I also capable of reading enemy tactic by looking at their movement. I myself technically is a doctor after finished my study, I can heal people and attack someone vital point to fully paralize them. Also, I tend to have a personality which is differ from my bodyguard personality, in case to hide my identity as a bodyguard. I was once a night watcher and do killing as my part time work, and used the victim body as part of my research for killing. Relax, I only killed bad guy. I also have some gadget for killimg like a boomerang that can slice people throat. A grappler so I can easily catch people and throw them. I also capable of throwing knife. So , I am a perfecr machine to become a bodyguard. You must pick me, or I will kill all the participant"
  5. The Father had just left his seat when he heard this Young man spouting off why he was the number one for the Bodyguard job. "Umm....Well... I wasn't expecting no more people to apply for the job." Looking to the applications, he tried to find the Young Man's name. But sees there was nothing there. "I see you did not fill out a application for the job, or did you bring it with you? And how did you hear about it? I never made it a public notice..." As the Father waited for the Young man to answer, his Daughter came into the room. She was only 5'7''. But very beautiful. She had long dark hair, green eyes, her skin was a sun kissed tan. Her body was slender, but not sickly looking like most models. The man walks over to his Daughter. "So Love, what about him. Seeing as he will be protecting you, you should have a say." The young woman looks over to the Young man. "He looks like he is nice. If he is what you are looking for in a bodyguard Dad, then Hire him." And she moves away and heads out of the room. The Father laughs as he walks over to the Young man. "Forgive her. She is very short with people. She has seen so many bodyguards come and go, she doesnt think you will stick around log. Sometimes things can get a bit rough." He nods as he holds his hand out. "Well Mr. Valhite, I am Mark Wilson. And the Love of my life, is my Daughter Leandra. She is all I have left of her Mother. The Young woman is my everything and as her Father I try to give her everything. So as her Bodyguard. I want you to be around her when she goes out. Whether she sees you or not. I want know, I can place my life in your hands and I will survive. That young woman in there is my life."
  6. "Mission confirmed mr. Mark Wilson. My top priority is to protect your daughter by any means. Thanks for applying me. I won't dissappoint you".

    Valhite stood up from his chair, bowed to the man he simply called Boss, and went to the big door leading to the house hallway. The hallway was very gorgeus. The wall was painted by black Elegant color, you could see candle stucked in the wall for every 200 metres. The floor was covered by red carpet which is very elegant. He looked to left, and then right. He found the Girl he's supposed to protect at the right. So he decided to go right.

    He walked to the girl while also thinking why the girl needed protection. Maybe, she is to beautiful to walk alone that raper always tried to get her.. thought him. As he was thinking even further, he was getting nearer to the girl. He said

    "Excuse me my lady, I would like to request your most cooperation on this operation. I need you to treat like some sort of a friend or a boyfriend you might say. So that the enemy will not know that you were followed by a bodyguard. And as soon as you were attacked, I would use my other personality and appearance to execute the offender. What do you say my lady?" Said Valhite politely as he bowed to the girl
  7. Leandra looked him up and down as he spoke. Not a look to be rude or disgusted, but more of a one to know who she was talking too and who she would be stuck with until he couldn't hand the job or her no longer. Shaking her head as she heard him ask his question, she comes too. "Umm..Wait....What?" Leandra was told to do as they say, cause they are there for her safety. "Be my family or Boyfriend?" She looks down as she thinks for a moment. "I guess I would need or you would have to be my Boyfriend, seeing as My Father would not ask no family members to protect me." She wasn't use to the bowing. "I only ask that you don't bow. I know it maybe hard. But try to act normal. You can bow to my Dad if you wish. Just not me." And with that she waves to him as she heads down the hall to the second door on the right. Opens and closes it. "He is going to be a new one. He is not like the rest. But we will see." She said softly as she pressed her back to the door as she closed it to her room.
  8. "As you wish my lady" said Valhite after he straightened his body up. Then she continued to talk about being her boyfriend. "Alright , from now on I'll be your boyfriend" said Valhite politely. Then, she began to walk away past him down the hallway. He observed her movement. She entered the door second in the right. Valhite silently followed her

    "What is this room?" Asked Valhite to one of her servant. The servant said that the room which door painted gold and quite big and elegant supposed to be her own room. He contemplated the surrounding so that he won't forget this room. He silently entered the room. He didn't see Wilson there. He entered the room and heard that Leandra Wilson have just taken a bath.

    "Well I just need to wait" said Valhite
  9. Not expecting him to be in her room as she came out in her towel wrapped around her body. She had her ear buds in her ears, listening to her music as she looks up and almost screams, but ends up tripping over her own two feet. "Val! What are you doing in here?" She holds her towel close to her body as she makes sure nothing is showing. "Val! You don't need to protect me all the time. You are allowed to go home, or have a room down the hall!" Her eyes look at him as her face was flushes red from being embarrassed by him being in her room. No man had ever been in her, other then her Dad. But that was during the time it was being re modeled and she wasn't here. Looking around, she holds on to the closest thing to her and gets to her feet. "There are rooms down on the right side that are free, if you plan to be a live in guard here." Leandra rushes back in to the bathroom, shutting the door.
  10. Valhite listened to what she said. "B-but my lady. No one knows if there's an assassin getting in through your window right?" Said him pointed at the window. She rushed back to the bathroom. It was clearly obvious that Valhite was wrong

    "Alright so I need to take a note that My Lady doesn't want to be bugged when she was in her own room" murmured Valhiye by himself as he picked a note and wrote it. And then he picked up a hidden camera and placed it across the window so he could see if someone is peeping on her from the window or someone trying to break the window

    "I'm going out my lady" said Valhite.

    Outside, he met a maid and asked her where is the vacant room. The maid pointed at the right side of the room just as My Lady said. So he went out to his Mazda RX8 and went home to picked his undercover , Doctor, and killing things.
  11. Once he had left. She got dressed in a white tank top and some cotton shorts. Opening the bathroom door, seeing he is no longer there, she sighs and she heads over to grab her books. Opening her bedroom door, she glances around. The Butler smiles and says he is gone. "Thanks Charlie." She smiles back as she walks outside to the deck. The house was off the beach, so she would go down outside and sit on the deck to do her homework for college.

    What seemed like hours outside, Leandra leans back in the tanning chair as she looks to he star filled sky and just smiles. The crashing of the waves soothes her as she closes her eyes and without knowing it, she falls asleep. Her books and folders lay on her, the chair and ground.
  12. Valhite arrived at his house. He picked up many things and loaded it to a big bag. Then he locked the door of his house and went to his Car again. His house however, located in near a lake. His house was covered with glasses so people could look what's inside his house. He lived with his brother who seems rarely at home
    "He had the key anyway" murmured him

    He started up his engine and drove off to his "Brand New Life"


    As soon as he arrived, he picked up his big bag and put it down in his room and start to look for My Lady. But My Lady isn't at her own room so he asked the butler around and informed that My Lady was in the deck. He walked there to found that My Lady was fallen asleep there. So he decided to lift My Lady back to his room.

    "Sorry My Lady, but I'm afraid you must enjoy your sleep at your room" said Valhite as he lifted the My Lady up and brought here to her own room

    "I should wait here until she wake up" murmured valhite. He sat down at the chair and played his phone
  13. The Butler shook his head and explained that he need not wait for her to wake up. The Leandra falling asleep from studying so hard was normal. And that he soon would get use to her disappearing in different places of the house. Charlie also told him that if he does happen to lose her in this house, which he will, to always as a Maid or himself personally. Since they usually know where she goes. Charlie the Butler also explained that Mr. Wilson would have some crazy parties and Leah would head out to the beach. So him being her new Bodyguard or BG as the maids call it. It would be wise for him to take her places on those events. Cause many people get drunk and wasted. And many sleep among the rooms. Charlie said to make sure he kept his room locked. If not, a maid would lock it for him. He handed Val a key and explained that was for his room and the same for Leah's in case she is in trouble and has her door locked.
  14. "Alright then, this job is easier than I thought. I saw in the internet, that we must protect the VIP for 24/7. But if you say so, then I hope this girl could protect herself. Oh yes, and remember, called me Obsidian. Do not ever call me by my name. Oh yeah, where's the kitchen anyway? I'm hungry, I need to make a strawberry sandwich" asked Valhite
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