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  1. Hi,

    I have a great plan for a RP on my mind. However, I am here today to ask you for a help. I need someone to help me with making up a prophecy. My future RP is going to be about fight between God and Anticrist. It is also going to be about Nostradamus and Notre Dame cathedral. It is going to be mysterious and magical yet suituated in modern world.

    The prophecy is from Nostradamus. It should contain a hint of when the final fight should take a place and what forces are going to be used and maybe a hint of how to defeat the Anticrist.

    Is there anyone who could help me, please?

    EDIT 1: I forgot to add that it could be something like a riddle as well ^^
    EDIT 2: I already know that there are going to be 3 humans and 3 supernatural creatures that will guard and guide humans. Their base is in the catacombs of a cathedral.
  2. We need a non-believer that ultimately ends up on the side of God, starting neutral. He must be a cynic! Xd.
  3. Thank you Panda. Looks good but doesn't sound that mysterious to me :( But thanks again for trying ^^
  4. Ive got one...okay, so there's these people. they generally fight demons and all sorts of other nasties. Well, there's a prophecy up in heaven that at a certain time, to this group of people a child will be born and that child will be the only thing to defeat the antichrist. the only thing is, that this group doesnt know about th e prophecy...and you can make it as complicated as you want or their beliefs or what not.
  5. That gives me idea for another RP ^^ If nothing else, then you reminded me that I should put more info in the first post.


    Doh! You really got me for that idea! I think I am gonna create another RP xD
  6. lol youre very welcome..glad i could help...ask not good at making my own rps but i can help with ideas for others...
  7. For those of you who happen to read this thread. What do you think about prophecy that would go like that (both paragraphs are part of one prophecy):

    Out of the dark when all the hope is lost arise three jewels. Three jewels each on a chain. Only time will show their purity and time itself becomes their slave. Three jewels each on a chain. Will they shine brightly enough to pierce the night? Won't they break under the pressure of evil?

    Two sisters. One smaller, one grand. Their vouge is different yet popularity even more. Looking at each other, their gaze meet halfway through. Great fight arises bu only one will stand tall at the end.

    Note: I think that the language is too modern for a prophecy from 16th century. I need to work on that.
  8. Really? Thank you so much! But I still think that sometimes the word I chose are too modern like - popularity. And I didn't know how to substitute the word 'arise'. (I need to study more English. I wanna be like native! >.<) Also I am not sure about the questions at the end of the first part.
  9. Well, I study alot of old english, and the phrases you used in the first one are about as close as youre gonna get...and 16th century would be around the 1700's. So, the words havent changed much, just the slang has changed, both here in america and there in london. :) As for the second part. Anyone who is any good at translating older languages, WOULD translate them into the appropriate english or other language for their time. So, if I were to translate a prophecy out of Ancient Egyptian or Kemetian, I would try to make it understandable to others in my time. So, the wording isnt a problem. youre just gonna have to backstory that someone in this time translated it, which is why the words are more modern.
  10. Well, the thing with this prophecy is that it is lost (inspiration from your idea ^^) and noone knows where it could be. My players are going to find it by an accident so I think there is a little chance that someone could have translated it. So do you think that you would be that kind and try to change some modern words, please? ^^
  11. I can certainly work on it for you. What language do you want the prophecy to have originated in? It would be easier to pick an older language, like Latin for example, cuz then I can rewrite exactly what you wrote in that language, but the words will translate back into english in older verbage. it's like reverse engineering it. it usually works out pretty well, especially if you pick a dead language like Latin. which also would have been appropriate for that time for someone like Nostradamus...a lot of older cryptic writings were done in Latin and Greek.
  12. Well, it should be in the language of Nostradamus times. So if the process that you've wrote would work then I am all for it :) And thank you so much for your help. I really appreaciate it :)
  13. youre welcome, not a problem. when i get home i will start looking it up for you...should be just a few hours.
  14. Okie I got it all translated into Latin..Good news..the words you used, were used in the 16th century...its really not that modern sounding at all...the following Latin phrases are the direct translated prophecy that you used here.

    <o:p> </o:p>

    Ex omnibus periitspes oritur tenebris tribus gemmis. Tribusgemmis unusquisque in catena. Tantum temporibusostendet suis temporibusfiat pure & ductis.Tribus gemmis unusquisquein catena. Satis illi ad penetrandum nocteresplendeat? Non velintduris in malis?

    Duae sorores. Minoribusunus, una grandis. Aliter tamen vougeeorum gratiam adhuc.Looking at invicemoccurrant media peroculos eorum. Magnumcertamen oritur unastabit bu tallfine. <o:p></o:p>

  15. both of those are in the order that you posted is being stupid
  16. Whoa! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help! <3
  17. not a problem, anytime...hope it works for you :D
  18. It does work perfectly for me ^^
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