Prometheus Brought Me Here....

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  1. My driver name is Jamie. I am twenty-two and I was aretired role-player.

    Before my retirement, which was almost a year ago, I was a hard core role-playerwho could turn twenty posts in a day. I was on a number of different websitesand had several characters to a story line. I liked to consider myself aroleplayer pro. Then I realized that I was spending so much time role playingthat I wasn't working on any my independent work at all. It also took a majortoll on my social life and before I knew it I wasn't giving my full effort onanything. So I made the choice to kill off a majority of characters and stay onone website for a while.

    I loved the website to death, literally. The plot was amazing and my small timeplayer in a week became the main bad guy. It was great. Then the Admins pulledsuch a sh**ty move and everyone quit. The pain was great. I was pissed. So Iretired role playing.

    Then Prometheus came out.

    I am a big time Aliens fan. I am also a big time science fiction fan. I love Greekmythology. I demand amazing plots. This movie had it all!

    I waited until it came out on DVD because I was too broke to see it in theaters.Today, I set the mood for the movie. I was prepared to be amazed! I watched thebeginning glued to my television. My mind was being blown. I was set up tobelieve this movie was only getting started, then....nothing happen.

    I felt like I had an alien rip out my head rather than my chest. It hadeverything it needed, but they just got lazy or got so stoned they couldn'tremember where they were going with the plot and just bullsh**ted their waythrough the rest of the movie. Nonetheless, it pissed me off.

    I decided that I would take all that wonderful excitement and inspiration I hadfor that movie and role play a kickass science fiction plot to recover fromsuch a huge let down.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  3. Thank you. I hope I can find a roleplay soon.
  4. There's plenty to choose from :3 If you can't find what you're looking for, host your own- you'll never know who might be interested to join you here in Iwaku ;)
  5. Thank you. I am looking into that!
  6. This post made me want to dance.


    I mean how badass is it that you got UPSET at a movie and said "FUCK THAT I COULD HAVE DONE IT BETTER!" and joined one of the best roleplaying sites?


    Welcome to Iwaku.

    You and I have very differing tastes, but I applaud your conviction!

    Just ask if you need any help! I'm just one message away!
  7. Eh, I have done it all. Very few things I haven't done when it comes to roleplays. Xd, but thank you so much!

  8. Prometheus brought me here. :(
  9. Prometheus brought me fire and then I was the first person to ever make S'Mores.
  10. SMORES sounds really good right now. XD
  11. Lol Asmo himself is trying to make a RP of the style of Prometheus, but better you should check his RP out or make one of your own! Anyways Welcome to Iwaku, I love to see your passion, I'm not a huge Alien fanboy, but I still didn't like Prometheus very much.