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  1. "In the dawn of a new age, war no longer plays a part of global strife. The dominate powers that be sanctioned a task force credited to policing every government; the US and the Russian Federation were no longer military super powers. Their military was divided up among varying nations as was all the top most powerful militaries, and abiding the protective laws; a draft ensued that took the first and second eldest boy from ages six to twenty-four. The youth was trained just as hard has their elder comrades and expected to show even more results when they could affordably be situated into combat at the age of sixteen.

    When all was said and done, global peace, for the most part had finally been achieved. However, regardless rather there was an open war to be fought with a clear front or side--violence begot violence. The communications center dubbed "The Brain" that was the sole proprietor of GTF or "Global Task Force", cracked down on major cities and ports; items deemed dangerous were disposed of and people who were viewed as threats 'disappeared' with family's still in the dark. Nevertheless, the scientific world was teetering on the brink of a revolution.

    Human beings had always found solace in the fact they were 'unique', and one of a kind. When cloning was first thought of, it was met with an outcry of apprehension. However, scientists have even gone further. Aside from the womb, there is hardly any chance of an embryo surviving. However if one could simply rewrite the genetics of a being, not quite human, by inserting a plethora of nanobots as a catalyst one could essentially 'build' a something ALMOST human fiber by fiber. But with appearances looks can be deceiving.

    These creations, these machinations of fate were dubbed "Humonculous". And they could do extraordinary things. Quintessentially a super soldier, they could be programmed for anything. nine were created; six male and three female. Each was programmed with various talents. They were given the names of the Greek Gods as their codenames. Those that specialized in close quarters warfare were Aries/ Artemis, Those that specialized in information gathering were Hephestus/ Athena and those that were involved in stealth tactics were Hermes/Her. The three remaining were all male and accounted for multiple commands. These were Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon."

    I'm looking for a good partner that can do multiple paragraphs, and maybe help me flesh this out a bit more. The route I was going to take was Zeus, was going to go AWOL after his 'soul' awakens and he feels this great innate need to destroy everything to do with the Homunculous project and starts hunting down the others and gets into these insane battles.
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  2. This sounds very interesting. How far into the story were you planning on starting this? I assume we will at least play through the events that lead to Zeus' "soul" awakening. Though I'm enjoying imagining what it's like from birth, growing up as a genetically altered super being. Also were you planning on other major trials for the Humonculous besides defending against and/or bringing down Zeus? Though I like the idea of him having a partner, or at least convinced another to defect.
  3. The Homunculi are privatized creations shown off to the world; think of them as you would a car at a car expo or brand new line of computers at a convention. Though there are only a handful, they were sorted through the ranks of of GTF but were created by conglomerate bio tech company. Nano machines act like their blood, and construct them in a viscus substance before they are then 'hatched'. Every Homunculi has an Oroborus mark, a sort of brand that acts like the point where an umbilical cord was attached. Only instead of just nourishment, they receive data input for what they are classified as and the required data.

    Homunculi have flesh and muscle physiques; women and men being startlingly 'handsome' or 'beautiful' as it was a trait of the gods they represented.Men were built a bit more robust, and women more limber. But they all have long hair of various color, and various eye color that is lambent. They don't age, get sick or are too feeble to die in such a way as it would look like an accident of any kind. The ones made for combat situations: Artemis/ Aries, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon-- were all made to be extremely durable. They can even take a bullet to the head provided it was low velocity and didn't blow their head apart. (i.e. pistol rounds versus sniper rifle rounds).

    Zeus is compatible with all classifications and is there fore proficient in a all forms of warfare. He doesn't need to rely on information gathering from others, or defend information gatherers, or adopt a more covert way of doing things--these three can alternate.

    I would like to be interesting enough, to say that Zeus is an antagonist in the story. The story overall, shouldn't be black and white. It should encompass a broader view. In this age I set it in, these super soldiers are seen as reprehensible monsters that are cold and calculating and have no remorse in killing if it is required of them. The companies that made them and the GTF are seen in even harsher regard, as to the fact they think they can play God and get away with it. So its also a political story with RETCON (The Bio tech company) and the GTF wanting to keep the media in the dark.

    Zeus is rather unlike the rest of the Homunculi in that he 'actively' pursues his goal with his own intent rather than a dossier that gives him a mission. He's become self aware. He has remorse, he has guilt and shame. He experiences these things he's never really been built for.
  4. Okay now I understand them better. Okay since it has a pretty broad perspective are you looking for people to play characters such as politcal figures or just the homunculi and/or GTF staff?
  5. They could really play both if they wanted to, but it isn't mandatory. Honestly though, a human element to the equation would balance it out better. Either one trying to capture Zeus such as a high ranking official in the GTF or RETCON--or maybe a reporter that's trying to peel away the circumstances and learn the truth about what RETCON and the GTF are really doing. I think that would be very benificial, because either way it would be a tug of war and Zeus' humanity would bee ever increasingly revealed.
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