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  1. This thread has been requested to be deleted. ^^​
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  2. Oolahlah~
    If this becomes a thing i'm in.
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  3. All we need is enough players. ^^
  4. Caught my interest :)
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  5. I'm thinking we only need six or seven players. Not really sure. xD
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  7. Ask your friends if they'd be interested too. The first time I made this I had players with in a couple hours but I don't think that will be the case this time ;-;
  8. <_< Bruh...jacking my idea much ;-;
  9. Interested as well~
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  10. Uhm no. I created this rp last year, and you asked me if you could use the name for your own Alice in wonderland themed rp. Then you made it and gave me credit for my idea. Then both our rps died, you came back and recreated your wondeand rp and by that time had completely forgotten who had the original name. -___-

    And I would prove it to you except for the fact that I deleted all my irrelevant inbox messages from last year because my inbox would get full other wise.
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  11. Why prove something that doesn't exist? Never in my life have I had that conversation with you.. The only relevant thing I ever did involving your Alice-esqe RP was make you that banner, that's it. All I'm pointing out is how INCREDIBLY similar the plot lines are... Like... Wtf is all I'm saying here.
  12. Ali I made this rp loooong before yours, you even know I have because you remember that you made me the banner. No the plot is not the same are you really comparing an asylum themed rp with a sci-fi one that has nothing to do with an actual asylum? Also how can you compare my plot to yours when I haven't even given out any plot points?
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  13. I'm taking the white rabbit again, as I did in the last rp.


    Hey. Vio made this idea last year with us all. I played the white rabbit and even made a character that I believe is still in my blog. It never got off the ground, because a lot was going on at the time, so vio was forced to drop the rp for the time being.

    Although this is not the most original of ideas, Vio never "jacked your rp idea". She gave it to you if I remember correctly, because you were a big fan of the story.

    It is not very nice to throw a bunch of accusations into an interest check. It would have been much more polite to take it to a private chat.
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  14. Thank you for sticking up for me, but I already took care of everything. I know you were very polite about it, but even polite comments can lead to flame wars.

    Other than that, I will have you down for WR <3
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  15. The RP idea that was claimed to be jacked... was it about a mental hospital or asylum or something?

    Anyways, I will see how it rolls.
  16. I'll say one last thing on this because I don't really give a fuck anymore, but she never gave me the idea... Or let me use it for that fact of the matter. We had been discussing my love for a game called AMR because I was obsessing over it, and then she made project Wonderland, that was how it went. But I won't say anymore on the topic. Sorry for "throwing accusations" .
  17. Are you interested ooor? xD
  18. That really isn't important......, but are you interested or not?? I can't tell from what you posted. xD
  19. Although, being a third person to the party, being an observer and all.. Is the rp still going to start or... Due to it being requested to be deleted, will it not be a thing anymore?
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