Project: Veronelle

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  1. It is the new year of 1947.

    None of the World Wars ever happened, prompting the creation of massive empires all over the globe, each spanning an entire continent and specializing in their own particular ways of keeping their considerable powers. Five empire, all with their clearly delimited border, each dying to get bigger yet afraid to be the first to disturb the status quo, in the process attracting the wrath of the other four.

    So they turned to subtler means of warfare.

    Spying, conning, blackmailing and stealing were now commonplace all around the world from agents of one power to another, each eager to earn a more important place in their great nation to the detriment of the others. Each Imperial families had their own agenda which they advanced by using their agents and each agent advanced their own agenda by climbing the social ladder of their empire. It was a beneficial relationship, they said in shadowed corners, far away from indiscreet ears.

    That stagnancy was banished by a startling news; The European Throne was left empty after a tragic accident. This was what the other nations were waiting for and that which had them all in a frenzy of sending as many agents as they could to amass enough support to become the new European President, a newly appointed status after all of the last monarch's blood was spilt. That mission was started by an harsh contract that assured the Empire the total control of the agent's territory, in a undercover manner, of course.

    The first part of this long mission would be to be admitted as a citizen of the capital itself: Veronelle.

    That capital was separated into three districts, the High District where the successful lived, the Middle District, home of the merchant and upstanding citizens, and the Low District, home of tramps and foreigners. The city was circular in shape, and was constructed around an elevated area know as the Ballroom, the social heart of the great city. The right to occupy a small emplacement in the Low District would be pretty easily obtained, the right to the upper echelons of Veronelian society however, would be much more arduous to grasp...

    Our heroes were now about to learn their new purpose from their exalted leaders.

    And thus our story began.