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  1. In the late 2080's a military project was commissioned to make super humans. Now in 2136 project phi has had a breakthrough and now multiple superhumans have been created. Rules: 1: Make your abilites reasonable we may be super but we arent gods 2: You have to have a weakness of some kind I dont care if its to kittens just have one. 3: Have fun (Yes I rewrote this mainly because I was tired when I wrote the original) (plot discussion thing )
  2. General Reid punched in the password and two sliding doors opened. With the loud clang of his boots against the iron floor he entered the central chamber. Today would be the first day the experiments would all be gathered in one place. The thought made him shiver a bit, many of the mutants had very... unstable personalities. Having this meeting would be risking but necessary nonetheless. His country was in chaos, and the populace needed a few 'superheroes' to inspire faith in the government. His country also had many enemies, the experiments may prove useful in war time as well. Reid sat down in a large chair at the end of the ovular table, he pulled out his pipe and waited for the experiments to come in.
  3. Avalon walked into the large, dome shaped room, chained to other 'experiments' as they were called. Her luminous green eyes were immediately drawn to the bastard sitting at the end of a oval-shaped table, looking smug. She wanted so badly to beat him to a bloody pulp. Unfortunately, the shackles were enchanted- leaving her to growl to herself about the man taking away their freedom and locking them up only to inject them with needles and shove them in cells for weeks.

    Before entering the testing chamber, the experiments were told that the general, or the bastard sitting in the plush-looking chair, would give us commands based on our number. Avalon was #4. From there, they would discover what their 'super-powers' were, and learn how to use them in an every-man-for-himself type war amongst the experiments.

    Looking around, Avalon appeared to be the only female in the premises. But she could be wrong, judging by the length of burly #16's hair. She then focused her eyes back on Bastard, as she now referred to him in her head, waiting for his commands.
  4. The sun perched high in the heavens, casting its life giving light upon the landscape. But there was a stain on the earth, a subversion of science within the walls of this classified military base. War has once again become common place in the world of man, everywhere one turned one country was threatened with open war, chaos, suffering, despair. Dark eyes started down at the base from a high cliff, his long black trench coat whipping softly against his body, at the mercy of the winds will. This man was Kazuto, he was once a captive of this base, captured and imprisoned for his unnatural abilities only to be poked and prodded like some worthless lab rat. He showed them though for in his escape he left a trail of bodies. Now he has returned to not only destroy this place once and for all....but to free any others that might have been captured or experimented on. With a heavy sigh he closed his eyes, lifting his right hand slowly running his fingers through his raven hair, and when his eyes opened again his persona changed. Any glint of kindness or calm emotion that filled his eyes were now gone, replaced by a cold calculating killer. Taking a step forward falling from the edge of the cliff he free fell towards the earth below him. Landing on the concrete of the base, bending his knees absorbing much of the impact as the ground beneath him cracked under the force. Before him stood a squad of soldiers who turned their attention to him, bringing their weapons to bare. Staring at them through his raven locks he gave a cold blooded smile before standing erect. One of the soldiers barking orders at him for he had no doubt that these men knew who he was and if he couldnt be captured he was marked to be terminated. Well too bad for them because Kazuto had no intentions of becoming their lab rat again. Lifting his right hand up the soldiers tensed up as his digits wrapped around the hilt of the blade strapped to his back. Slowly drawing it from its sheath the gentle rasping of the monomolecular blade filled the air, the blade itself was black as night with the double edge style. Taking a few deep breaths as the world around him began to slow down as he held his blade to his side, staring at the soldiers before him that he aimed to kill. Then when it became clear to the soldiers they suddenly opened fire, this is when Kazuto moved in with a quickness. For his ability was his unnatural speed and reflexes, enhanced ten fold by the invasive experiments the military performed on him. The bullets seemed to crawl through the air as he ducked and weaved, deflecting the rounds with his blade before he closed the gap in a matter of seconds. In the time it took the soldiers to realize their demise it was already too late, as Kazuto's blade tore into their bodies, cleaving flesh and bone alike. In a few quick flurries them men lay dead of dying in a pool of their own blood. Brandishing his blade flinging the blood off to the ground the once captured experiment returned to his home to exact his revenge and free his brothers and sisters.
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    He cautiously counted the experiments, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen.... Seventeen? Where was #17? "We are missing one." the General said, inhaling a puff from his pipe. He got up out of the chair and started pacing back and forth in front of the mutants. "Do any of you know where number seventeen went?" his question was not answer, but was met by sixteen blank stares. The experiments had not seen Kazuto since yesterday, they where wondering the same thing.

    Carefully, the intelligent #5 spoke "We do not know either, General". Reid stopped pacing and stared into #5's crystal eyes, tears began to fall from his eyes. #5's training had been especially hard on him, almost verging on the edge of torture. He had not fully grasped what had happened to him until General Reid looked in his eyes.

    An alarm sounded, and red lights flashed around the room. "NUMBER SEVENTEEN HAS ESCAPED. FIVE GUARDS HAVE BEEN KILLED TWO ARE INJURED" warned a voice of the intercom. "That bastard" complained the General he motioned a guard to release the experiments. He took another puff from his pipe, and realigned his posture. "Alright you freaks, your first assignment is to catch your friend and bring him back to me. Now I want him in 48 hours or you will all be in serious trouble" he barked in his Drill Sergeant. The mutants stared, at him shocked. The General pointed toward the door behind them. "Go!" He ordered and they all ran into the armory to prepare for their first mission.
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    The sounds of his steel toed combat boots echoed throughout the hallway, no resistance so far which Kazuto found some what strange, he must've come during the guard change which make things easier. But he knew they would find the bodies of the guards outside sooner or later, not to his surprise when the alarm began to sound and the red flashing lights filled the hallway. He skidded to a halt looking around thinking upon a strategy, but before he could the sound of multiple people running filled the hallway. Turning his head to his right and then left a small contingent of guards armed with riot gear and stun batons quickly surrounded him. *Where are the other test subjects* He wondered to himself as he took in the sight of the puppet soldiers. From their appearance the one in charge still wanted him alive.....too bad for them. His cold eyes stared at the men hiding behind the visors of their riot helmets, sighing softly letting his left hand slowly drop to his side, his fingers fanning out the fingerless glove upon his hand housed a smalled blue gem on the under side of his wrist, and with a quick flick the gem began to glow and a second sword soon appeared in his grasp, the same style as the first sword that he held in his right but instead of black it was a brilliant shining steel color.

    The men wavered for a brief moment before regaining their resolve and began to slowly inch their way forward. Kazuto stood like a statue before his body suddenly leaned towards his left before seeming to vanish, and the first 5 men suddenly found a large gash across their body as his monomolecular blade sliced clean through them leaving their ruined corpses on the floor. In the middle of the carnage stood Kazuto, fear filling the soldiers eyes as he gazed coldly back at them before continuing cutting a bloody swath through them. Making his way towards the central chamber where the head of this base would inspect his experiments, always keeping in the back of his mind that he might unleash the others upon him. If were unable to convince them to turn against the military...then he would have to put them down himself.

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    Avalon groaned as all of the 'experiments' rushed to the armory, as if hope lay enfolded within weapons and destruction. She shook her head, slowly making her way inside. No reason to exert herself, even though capturing the escapee should hardly take any time or energy. She picked at her nails as the men shuffled out, wearing clunky and slowing armor. She laughed, entering the cleared-out armory, picking up a simple pair of arm cuffs and snapping them on.

    "This'll be a piece of cake." She grinned, sneaking over to the old holding cells, looking around for #17's. She then followed the trail of blood, knowing it would lead her to her target.
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    General Reid walked through the halls to his office. He sat down in his command chair and looked at the security camera footage on his computer screens. Taking another smoke, he whispered to himself "There is no way this will work". The General shook his head, watching the footage like a football game where the team he was doomed to lose. "They are all just to unstable".

    In a spasm of anger Reid slammed his fists on the table. Collecting himself, he took yet another puff from his pipe.
  9. Avalon found that the trail of blood was easy to follow- this one was a lover of the dramatics, drawing out the blood and pain as long as possible. She grinned as the trail of blood grew closer together, an obvious struggle lay- there were dead soldiers laying around in almost a circle. She knew he was close.
  10. With another group of guards laying slain at his feet, once again brandishing his swords flinging the blood from his blades. Extending his left arm out, his digits releasing the hilt of his blade it suddenly vanished back into the storage crystal. Twirling his primary blade in his hand before sliding it back within the confines of its sheath he sighed softly looking around trying to gather his thoughts. So far he hasnt run into anyone other then guards, none of the other experiments have showed up yet, but he was positive they would. Walking causally down the corridor Kazuto scanned his surroundings, keeping his guard up at all times, then the sound of combat boots stomping through the hall way grabbed his attention, he decided at this point to be more stealthy and see how far that got him. Quickly ducking into a door way slightly closing the door leaving enough space for him to peek through, that when he saw them, the other experiments, his brothers and sisters in this place of torture all to subvert science. Holding steady he waited for the small group to pass before quietly exiting the room. Continuing his way down the hallway he happened upon one of the several security cameras that were positioned all over this place, by now there should be plenty of eyes glued to the screen searching for him. So he decided to greet them by lifting his left hand flipping them the bird allowing a lightly amused chuckle before going about his way once again. Wondering through the halls wasnt his plan but this place seemed so alien still for most of the time he was locked in his cell or in a lab somewhere, its was a miracle he escaped at all. Then he felt the all to familiar barrel of a pistol press to the back of his head, he turned his head slightly casting one dark eye upon his would be captor to find one of the other experiments holding the weapon. He recognized this person, one that has been broken by the military and was now a willing puppet, the male ordered him to put his arms up and Kazuto did as he said, but just as the man moved to grab his wrist Kazuto quickly tilted his way out of the line of fire, quickly turning his left side towards his attacker knocking the pistol away with his left hand. Stepping in with a quickness, slipping his left foot between the leg of the puppet experiment he quickly thrusted his left elbow into his gut and his right fist into his chest knocking him hard back against the wall knocking the air from his lungs. Again with the flick of his left wrist the gem lit up once again making a advanced looking automatic pistol appear. Snapping his hand up pressing the barrel to the mans forehead he spoke softly before squeezing the trigger. "Die well" The hammer cocked back and slammed forward striking the bullet and sending it out with a bang, ending the males suffering there and then.
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  12. A dark skinned man sat over the hillside staring down at the miltary base below his single unbreakable red octagon sign layed over his back dripping with blood seemly asking him to head inside but his remain just wacthing and waiting.