Project Genesis - The Homo Eximius

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The Homo Eximius: "The 00s"


Homo Eximius: All Homo Eximius have heightened strength and intelligence compared to average humans. Depending on their created purpose, each Homo Eximius has a special talent encoded in to their DNA. If created as a body guard, one would have extra strength and perhaps the added use of a weapon or power. If made as a thief or spy one would have quickness and abilities to make themselves "invisible" or blend in.

Each Homo Eximius 's talent would be unique and power is solely its own. Additionally all Homo Eximius have a barcode or marking on their person for purposes of tracking and identifying them as a Homo Eximius

Legally created Homo Eximius would have a barcode and number, illegal Homo Eximius may have the mark of the family or organization that created them. Only seven are known to exist and it remains unknown how many are still actually living.

"Legal" Homo Eximius: Whether on the police force, special investigations or undercover, these were created for the purposes of upholding the law and protecting the innocent. Most would be involved in special cases for investigated high priority crimes or as personal security to important people. There is of course the special team designated for the soul purpose of hunting rouge or illegal Homo Eximius. All legals are under the watchful eye of the government sponsored Nova Corps Enterprises.

"Illegal" Homo Eximius: These beings have been created for the use of assassination, special tasks, or other means involving illegal activities.

"Rogue" Homo Eximius: Rare cases have been reported that one or two Homo Eximius might have been able to break free from their original intent and have escaped to disguise themselves amongst humans. This however must be a rumor as no such cases have been found.
Read this first: I have a dead line of until the RP starts to "apply" for these roles, I'm only going to accept the bios that fit/look the best or have been asked of me in advance. As of Aug, 17th the roles of 01, 02, 03, 05, 06, and 07 have been taken.

Character Sheets
well, if you've gotten through my entire badly-lain plot and you still want to RP, here's the sheet.

Name: What your character is called... (Please add #)

Age: How old they are

Appearance: Height, weight, body type, hair color/length, eye color etc. If you post a picture please add a short description as well.

Alliance: Legal, Illegal, or rouge

It was in the lull of WW III that the 'powers' began to manifest. Some saw them as dangerous, ungodly or demons. Others thought of them as the next link in the evolutionary chain, a step forward for humankind or simply something special.

Either way, they were outcasts, set aside as special or shunned.

The biggest question was how.

The most popular theory was a reaction to the myriad varieties of weapon that had been used against the people. Somewhere, there had been a reaction to whatever had scrambled the genes, causing the birth of children with abilities the humans had never perceived themselves having.

NOTE: This is not magic!!!

If you want your character to have powers, make them believable. I don't want characters to be werewolves or vampires or angels or whatever. Think of those with powers like mutants, if you will. Hint, hint: Marvel Comics is going to be your frien

Weapons option: You can arm your characters with weapons. Nothing that is magical or so powerful that it makes you impossible to stop. It can be anything from a gun to a large hand held weapon.

Personality: How your character would react to situations. Are they nice? Arrogant? Rude, etc.

Past: Add a short past - where they grew up, perhaps how they got to be where they are at the start of the RP. Why they are on the side that they are on.
Name: Sahar Fairchild; "Genesis 00"

Age: Around 14.


Her height is around 4'6 and her weight is about 84 pounds. Her appearance was chosen to be "angelic" in nature, so she has silver hair which was genetically altered. A consequence of the alternations of her form changed her eye colors to red, instead of remaining blue.

Alliance: Crusaders; but in reality only to her "mother."

Powers: She has the powers of telepathy and can create mass illusions in other people's minds, to help her defend herself.

Restraining: By tapping into the minds of her opponents, she can disable them from attacking her for several moments allowing to her to either escape or attack them. A series of what appears to be a wall of flames engulfs the opponent, making entrapping them

Deletion Stigmata: This is an ability that can only be used as a counterattack. Sahar is able to reflect all damage her opponents deal to her back at them. Since she is a telepath and has self healing, she can displace any pain or wound and send it back towards her attacker. It is mainly a distraction, so that she can use her other attacks, while her opponent is down for the count.

Personality: Sahar has a complex personality for someone as young as she is. A prankster by nature, she finds life under the eyes of the government boring. One could easily see that she is a spoiled brat. She only cares for one person in her life and that is one of the scientists she calls "mother." Sahar likes Teddy Bears. She dislikes confined spaces, suggesting she has claustrophobia.

Past: She is the daughter of one of the most powerful of the "Homo Eximius." Whoever her real mother person was, is hidden away from all but the High Priest's highest ranking officers. Sahar has lived her entire life in the lab, behind an observation booth being kept in a slumber. Sahar has been given injections to keep her from reaching puberty, which allows for her psychic abilities to manifest at a much faster rate. The government has given her a home schooled education and thus she has a very smart mind for a child of her age. She hates being called Genesis, so she named herself Sahar. However few call her by her nickname and she gets annoyed. Rumors are flying that the rebels are out to capture her, so the guards have been increased, making her even more unhappy....
Name: Eros Lancelay (03)

Age: 19


Stands at five feet, seven inches with a weight of one hundred and forty pounds. Her hair, which falls down her back, is an autumn brown with eyes of glittering jade.

Alliance: Illegal

Not only able to read the emotions of others, which is a passive ability she possesses, Eros is able to controls the emotions of people around her with a maximum amount being roughly twenty five people.

Weapons option:
Eros is skilled at stealthy movements, utilizing a dagger that amplifies her power slightly.

Personality: Mild and very obedient acting, very little seems to perturb Eros and she accepts life with an easy grace. In the times she allows her true feelings to show, she can be reckless and passionate, as well as hot-tempered and violent.

Past: Created by the wealthy family of Lancelay, she was raised with their son as a daughter, the hand to aid his possession of vast wealth in assassinations and manipulations. Eros fell in love with the son, however. When the elder members of the family discovered their affections, they passed the mantle to their younger son and had their own son killed in secret.

Since the disappearance and death of her lover, Eros has witheld her emotions for fear of sadness overwhelming her. Vowing to serve the family that her lover held dear, Eros plunged herself into their work with hardly a second thought, almost completely desensitizing herself to a sociopathic limit she does not dare cross.

Character Accepted
Name: ????; 02

Age: Unconfirmed; Is estimated to be around his early twenties


Alliance: Crusaders, but follows orders only from Sahar/ Rouge

Powers: It is believed that 02 has been heavily experimented on, thus altering and amplifying his powers.

-Fingers are able to manipulate the genetic structure of both simple and complex forms of matter, able to create the incorporeality and corporeality of his hands at will. While fingers are occupying any space of matter while incorporeal, if shift back into corporeality, the matter in which his fingers are occupying will be obliterated to give way to the structure of his fingers.

-Abnormal amounts of Adrenaline constantly flowing within the blood system, making 02 feel little to no pain and fatigue. His Body is also able to withstand the abnormal amounts of Adrenaline without going into arrest.

-Peak bodily performance in all fields, with running speeds that cross the borderline of human capacity at 35 mph

-A heighten Extrasensory perception to an almost clairvoyant degree.

Personality: A scrambled one to say the least. 02 is host to a myriad of different personalities, which was believed to be developed by his mind to deal with the sheer overwhelming strain caused by the heavy experimentation by the Nova Corporation. He often tends to stay silent, as it is believed that his different personalities are all fighting to speak all at once. Though he has been seen heavily conversing with Sahar, as 02 stated himself 'The voices seems to get scared off by being around you.' His personality around Sahar is that of a brotherly disposition, treating her like a younger sibling to the point of calling her 'Little Sis'. Away from Sahar, 02 can sometimes come off as anti-social to down right animal like, sneering and glaring at those he dislikes and even attacking them, depending on the shift of the personality with the most control. On the battlefield,though,is where 02 is best known. He is considered a living weapon, 02's savagery is only matched by his unrelenting pursuit of the enemy, slaughtering each and everyone which he determines as an enemy until they all met a violent and gruesome end.

Past: With no recollection of his past, 02 found himself awakened from his steel and fiberglass coffin by a rolling blackout that touched the Nova Corporation's hidden lab facilities. Quickly escaping, 02 cruelly and brutally slaughter a great number of personnel at The Nova Corporation before fleeing towards the city. 02 has been living in the shadows and alley ways like a wild animal until he managed to pick up the psychic presence of Sahar...

Character Approved
Character Name: Rhiannon Wade (Six, 06)
Gender: Female
Alliance: Illegal Homo Eximius
Age: 23
Occupation: Once Bodyguard now... Unwilling Criminal

General Appearance: Wavy brown hair, brown eyes, average figure, 5'7", 124lbs. Favors fashionable but simple clothing, loose and lightweight fabrics. Wears mostly darker colors, and enjoys pretty accessories.

Powers: Can bend and move air, specifically oxygen particles. This is basically moving it from one place to another. Can not create oxygen.

Weapons: Rhiannon believes she has no need of weapons. She relies solely on her power.

General Personality: At one point, Rhiannon was a friendly optimistic individual, who often always had a kind word to say. Since her previous employer's death, she's far more jaded. Seeing more of this "real world" has her questioning everyone's motives and even her own place. Rhiannon never had a part of herself hidden before, now she's struggling between trying to keep a brave face and feeling like she's just screwed.

History: Rhiannon doesn't know a lot about herself. As far as she could remember she's been working for the Mancini family as Miss Emily's personal assistant and guard. Who or what she was prior to this, she has no idea. Miss Emily was a joy and a good friend, but Rhiannon can't protect a woman from bad health. The lady died in her 40s from a heart attack. Thus, Rhiannon was "inherited", so to speak, by Miss Emily's younger nephew, Mr. Val. He is a bit of a cretin, but Rhiannon does what she's told be her employers.

Val Mancini is a scoundrel working for the mob, and so far he's only had "small time" crimes in mind. Val has Rhiannon using her gift to render people unconscious while he "works". But work is starting to turn more and more dangerous, and Rhiannon is doing things she never wanted to do.

Character Accepted


Password: **********



Designation: ZERO-ONE (Refered to as 01 as of now)

Alliance: Rogue
Status: Unknown. Assumed dead.
Powers: Psychic abilities

Project notes: 01 was one of our most (if not the most) successful of our early projects. Developing quickly, it grasped psychic powers at an alarming rate. The most notable were immense telekinetic power, the ability to enhance physical strength (Namely his jump height which at the time of experimentation was at a record of 25.6 meters), and in some cases mind control over weak willed individuals.

R&D's Notes:
Its a pity things worked out the way they did with 01. While the growth of its powers were massively successful as perdicted, 01 regained its sense of self and free will two weeks into testing and proceeded to go on a rampage, presumably to reach experiment 000234. While we saved the integrity of 000234 by tightening security and closing off that wing of R&D, massive casualties were sustained before 01 did something even more disasterous: It turned its attention to our primary mainframe. When it attacked, years of data was lost. While the majority of the back-up files remained intact, 01 again proved its intelligence by specifically destroying the back ups of the experiments about him, right down to the majority of his personal data. Following that, 01 successfully escaped Nova Corps and evaded all attempts at tracking.

Even though he was on the run, the shock troopers couldn't help but feel that they were the ones being hunted, and this could prove to have some merit to it given further losses. Now ten years later the mainframe continues to recover years of data, and 01 is considered dead though R&D refuses to believe that a being of 01's intelligence was killed so easily. I can't help but shudder when I think of how he may have developed in the past 10 years...or what will happen to Nova Corps should he come back for revenge...

TIME: 02:23:40
Name: Setem (07)

Age: 27


Alliance: Crusaders

Job: Protect all personnel he is assigned to.

Powers: Manipulation of liquid mainly water.

Physical Manipulation: Setem can control the water and bend it to his will. He can choose to cause a deadly torrent or make it a floating peaceful stream. It all involves controlling the bonds of the elements inside the liquid itself.

Chemical Manipulation: Along with controlling the elements inside the liquid he can proceed to alter the chemicals or other substances in the liquid. For instance if the water had a high sodium content combined with some chlorine from any other liquid; he could in essence strip both substances of their Na and Cl and cause a large reaction leaving him with more salt in which to do the process again.

Psychic Manipulation: Science states that water carries sounds faster than air. In Setem's case, it can carry news from far away. The vibrations can be interpreted. Although this sounds difficult, to man that has been trained in protecting those around him, this is an easy task to decipher the messages. This also includes physical presence in water for up to 1.5 kilometers.

Personality: Setem is calm and free of worry. He has known nothing but serving those he works for and being a completely loyal dog. A promotion to him is just another unneeded thank you from those he works for. He carries very little emotion with him to battle and shows no fear to his superiors. However, when he does make contact with the public on rare occasion he is the most kind-hearted man anyone had seen.

History: There was not much for Setem to remember, or his superiors for that matter. Mostly they manipulated his powers for their own benefit. They found that Setem wished to understand more about himself. Slowly they saw that he taught himself how to manipulate the chemicals in liquids rather than just bend them to his will. After realizing that he could do that they tried to help him understand voice traveling through the liquids. For the most part they succeeded, Setem was just unable to translate uncommonly used words.

After his training he began to work as a bodyguard for the high ranking members of the Crusade. On more than one account was he able to predetermine the attacks through his ability to translate through water. Even if they did make it past detection they still had to get through Setem himself. The charges against him were dropped in the three cases he killed the assassin but he had to do community service to make up for losing valuable information. These are the times Setem had contact with the public. The children loved him and their parents agreed that he was almost a saint.

Finally Setem was given his next promotion. The details were not to be given until he reached the head office. Now Setem waits outside of the very door counting on some assignment of the upmost priority.

Character Approved
Name: Jerek Aldere, 04

Age: 31


A street fighter's build complements wide shoulders while his relatively short hair is kept styled when he isn't expected to dress for missions. Most often wears the black and gray fatigues emblazoned with the Nephilith emblem complete with combat boots. When coerced into civilian clothes he dresses modestly, taking care to cover the shoulder tattoo reading 04. A man relatively easy to read, his emotions play out like an open book upon his face.

Alliance: Legal, Major of the police force and Commander of Taskforce Nephilim


Pyrokinesis: By far one of the more dangerous powers of the 00's, the ability of sheer destruction in the latent talent of 04's body was astounding…and dangerously uncontrollable. As it stands, he can set most items on fire by speeding up the molecules in the air around them or upon the item itself. It should be noted that this power has only moderate control, and is quite easy to run amok if not handled properly and frugally.

Biokinesis: A far more frequent power 04 uses, he can manipulate the muscles, organs, and bones in his body to produce whatever desired effect such meddling might produce. Capable of supernatural reflexes, speed, and strength this power can transform his body into a weapon. Nevertheless, as with all 04's powers increased usage of this ability will likely damage his internal organs irreparably.

Telekinesis: This power is only active in a field around 04's own body…allowing for flight but little else. As his least practiced skill, the ability is hard to maintain and can be erratic in application, thus making it easy to both disrupt and fail on its own.

Weapons option: 2 Rail Guns, Curved long sword. But he is trained in most weapons of the Crusade.
Personality: Gifted with amazing powers, Jerek firmly believes he has been sent by divine powers to root out corruption and serve as a sword to the High priest. His faith is unquestionable, his desire to serve unwavering, and his willingness to offer himself up as a sacrifice if need be borders on the extreme zealotry which has so deeply rooted in his mind. Beyond his obvious ties to his beliefs, Jerek is a passionate man given to rash decisions and strong emotions, perhaps an outward manifestation of the chaos within him. Currently he has been working on being gentle and understanding to his fellow man, attempting to understand the enemy before obliterating them. Thus far it has been met with mixed success. Luckily, he's managed to avoid most guilt by convincing himself that his divine flames cleanse the souls of those wicked…that they might find happiness in the next life.

Past: Due to the experiments conducted on both his psyche and body, Jerek has lost all memory of his life before he apparently volunteered to be a 00. His files, identification, and personal belongings before his operations were all misplaced, omitted, or destroyed by problems with the system, as he was told…thus he has nothing save his own face and body to use as a guide to search for an answer to his past. Of course with the Crusade and their need of his services, Jerek has allowed his search for answers to be put aside that he might more thoroughly concentrate on his missions. 04 firmly believes that trails to his past will be given to him when his god decides to make it known.

Character Approved
Character acception for 00s is now closed. If you see your character crossed crossed out, that means I have not heard back from you in over a month and thusly the roles have been given to some one else.

Thank you for joining the plot and please enjoy it.
Name: Zion (05)

Age: Not quite sure ... looks to be in his early twenties though.


Zion is 6'0", weighs about 170 lbs. with a lean, muscled body. He has white hair and his eyes are light blue.

Alliance: ... Illegal, if you want to get technical.

Powers: Zion's powers deal in probability, altering it. His third power gives him the ability to phase matter and "zap" enemies with it. The extent of his abilities are unknown. He doesn't like to use his probability powers as he believes that for every time he makes "good luck" or "bad luck" the opposite luck is happening to someone, like a man losing his life because his gun's trigger suddenly froze up.

Bad Luck: Zion alters the probability field of the objects (and people) around him, to give his opponents bad luck, like buildings collapsing or the floor going out from under them.

Good Luck: A subconscious power in which Zion is able to initiate "good luck", such as dodging bullets, or making that lucky shot as long as he is moving and doing everything in his power to make that "good luck" happen, such as running around to dodge bullets instead of just standing there. He can't turn it off.

"Zapping": Zion visualizes how to range the object and he manipulates the monecular structure so it turns into the basic form of flow in nature but then accelerates it at such a fast speed it acts like a lance. The drawback is that he strains his eyes doing this. If he does this consecutively, he will eventually go blind.

Weapons option: A pair of knives with slightly curved blades hidden in leather sheaths in the sleeves of his jacket. The sheaths are attacked to his arms by two buckles on his wrist and a few inches further down his arm. When he's about to use them, he usually crosses his hands at his wrists and uses the right hand to grab the left blade and the left hand to grab the right. They're easier to pull out than put back in so he only pulls them out when he needs to. At first glance they don't look like much, handles wrapped in strips of leather and tape. If you strip them away, you'd see the handles are very old and handcrafted, none of that manufactured crap.

The blades themselves are sharp on both sides and are about a foot long, making them very dangerous to handle.

Contrary to what you may believe, Zion is a proficient martial artist.

Personality: Zion is very laid back and appears to not have a serious bone in his body. He might come off as rude because he always his earphones in his ear and if you try to speak to him, he may not even be looking at you. He's mastered the art of multi-tasking, though, so it's possible for him to listen to you and hum along to his favorite song, too. Contrary to popular belief, he listens to the music at a softer volume than most and there are times his iPod isn't even on, he's just wearing the earphones.

Zion doesn't get mad very easily and he's a really nice, friendly, polite guy. He's odd in that he does the most dangerous things for absolutely no reward. He's a firm believer in karma, and in the universe righting itself and even when he fights, he doesn't fight to harm, just to disarm. Big difference. He also doesn't kill unless it can't be helped. He doesn't need the blood on his hands, thank you very much.

Past: Once upon a time, the one who was to be known as Zion started out as few ever do, a test tube baby in a cold, sterile lab in Norfolk. He was a success after the many failures and the scientists were so eager to continue their good luck, they began attempts at cloning right away. Their goal was to clone an army of 00's and the fact that their investors were demanding excellent results spurred them on, and allowed them to do what all humans do: make mistakes.

Somewhere along the way, things were mixed up. They slipped and a scientist believed he was saving one of the copies when it was the original he took away. It was a mistake they didn't discover until much later, when the boy had disappeared and the scientist who had taken him away had been killed in a freak accident. The boy sought shelter in an old church, alone and with only his iPod to keep him company. It had been the scientist's and now it was his.

Zion continued to grow, remembering only his name. His powers were active at a very young age and his genes were near perfect, part of the reason he was chosen to be cloned. So for Zion, he believed he was normal. He became friends with a travelling hermit who insisted on once having been a knife-master. He even showed Zion his trademark weapons, and taught him how to fight using his dual-wielding, upside-down knife-fighting style, much like the martial arts of today.

Zion excelled at it and grew, learning the concepts of philosophy, peace, and even reading and writing were literacy was virtually unknown. He and the hermit travelled and saw many things, helped many people. The hermit made sure Zion experienced the good and the bad, the joy and the sorrow of life and that he knew that everything he did, no matter how horrible it seemed at the time, was done with the best of intentions.

And like all life, the hermit soon passed away, leaving Zion with the lessons he had been taught and his pair of knives. And his iPod, of course.

Character approved
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