Project 64: Gamers, UNITE! (A Video Game Based RP)

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    (Clears throat, speaks in a deep voice. Text on screen scrolls as narration continues)

    Long ago, in the distant land of the Internet, there was a group of Internet gamers. They were known as "Project 64" and worked hard to produce comedic reviews and playthroughs of games, both old and new.

    They were led by the marvellous, totally awesome and extremely handsome, "mr_pibbs", the first reviewer who came up with the idea for Project 64 after he saw some videos and said "Hey, I can do that too!" With an aptitude for gaming and poorly written comedic dialogue for a cheap laugh, mr_pibbs (or Pibbles, as he is often called) ventured to the furthest corners of his college dorm and found his new employees: his friends!

    Now, having spent the past 3 years out of college (they all dropped out), they've built up quite the reputation within the Internet. They attend conventions, upload new videos every day (or week, depending on the style), and participate in a larger gaming community with various events like charities or the occasional product-plug.

    One day, rather unexpectedly, mr_pibbs sends out an invitation to the members of Project 64:

    Busting out the Atari 2600, NES, Sega Genesis/CD, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, DS, PSP, Dreamcast, N64, Playstation, Xbox, Tablets and their Laptops, the group prepares for the greatest four day and 96 hour tournament of the champions, to see which one among them is the ultimate gamer! Loaded with a keg of beer, energy drinks, pop, chips, and enough order-in pizza to choke a Ninja Turtle, those Internet Gamers were ready for anything... Except what happened next.

    The enormous amount of items plugged into the back of mr_pibbs' television and wall socket behind it, has been consuming extreme amounts of energy. After the power overloaded, one of the reviewers discovered a mysterious generator which mr_pibbs had never seen before. They ignored the strange circumstances surrounding the power generator as one of the gamers plugs it into the power socket. What followed next, was a shocking event: a powerful vortex burst through the television and rapidly began to suck in the Internet Gamers. Once the wormhole sealed, they discovered that the event had warped them to a world which they thought was purely fictional: the Virtual World of the "Datacore". Upon their arrival in this strange world within the TV, they discovered that the only way to leave is by gathering many mystical artifacts. The only way they can recover those artifacts, is by defeating the "Bosses" at the end of the level in each game world. These so called "Game Masters" are equipped with technology and items from each world, giving them certain skills to help conquer the Ultimate Gamer Challenge.

    Armed to the teeth and ready to face the challenge of the game world before them, the Title Screen comes up, playing an epic pixel tune, preparing them for the awesomeness that lays ahead. As the opening cutscene to the game ends, a sole option appears on the massive door before them, containing the portals to the game worlds:


    So, as you've probably guessed by the little overview I've written up, this RP will centre around a group of Internet gamers who are pulled into a video game world. In order to escape, they must defeat the many Level Bosses and recover many mystical artifacts. Think something along the lines of "Captain N: The Game Master" and "Sword Art Online" in terms of how the worlds and game-level systems work.

    This will combine elements from our favourite gaming companies (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, SEGA, Capcom, ect) and our favourite game series (Super Mario, Little Big Planet, Halo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, and more!) This will be a very relaxed and comedic RP, where the characters simply try to interact with the worlds around them and most likely get into all kinds of jams (ex. In the Kirby world they would argue over killing the adorable enemies, while the Killzone world would reluctantly pit them against each other in a randomly generated death battle). Some worlds will change them and allow them upgraded versions of their hear (ex. Going to Skyrim will make all the equipment more medieval based, while landing on Planet Zebes will force the weapons and armour to become as futuristic as humanly possible).

    There's still so much to discuss for this, and so many different ideas we can go with in terms of game worlds. I'd like to hear what you all have to say, so post below and let me know what's on your mind or if you're interested!

    I had some ideas foe Game Worlds from the 8-16 bit era's listed here. Keep in mind, they're mostly E rated games because they're were the ones that dominated the 80's-90's. These worlds will not be the only ones we go to, but they can act as a starting point for us simply because I think every gamer knows about them:

    • Super Mario
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • The Legend of Zelda
    • Mega Man
    • Double Dragon
    • Metroid
    • Castlevania
    • Street Fighter (or) Tekken
    • Harvest Moon
    • Contra
    • Kirby
    • Yoshi's Island
    • Donkey Kong

    Let me know if you have any questions/comments about this RP! I'll be sure to try and answer them. We'll need about 3 other people to join us before we begin. I'll be taking the role of "mr_pibbs", by the way ^^
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  2. COUNT ME IN! Eon has joined the battle!

    Username: Nerdking527
  3. Awesome! What character shall you be taking the powers of?

    I'm torn between Link, or Mega Man.

    Also, did you want me to explain that portion of the RP a little more, or did you understand it?
  4. I'm interested, but I have a few questions.

    1. Are we choosing our powers as Game Masters based on the current list of worlds?
    2. Are we limited to the powers of the game's protagonist? (I think I know the answer to this one already, but it never hurts to be safe.)
    3. How many people do you think you'll need before the IC thread starts?

    Character/franchise–Maxwell, from Scribblenauts (with the necessary limits)

    @Sora1297 Thanks, by the way.
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  5. 1. No, our powers can be from any game, but not overpowered. You can choose from characters like Mario to characters like Master Chief.

    When I say "Powers", its really not just limited to the character. You get their abilities as well (ex. A Mario character would jump higher, be resistant to pain in his hands thanks to smashing bricks all day, wield the power-ups of the Mushroom Kingdom, and more), including their costume (or a version of their costume you like)

    2. I'd say yes, but you can have the powers of an NPC or any character who either helps the hero by giving advice/typical NPC stuff, or by going along with the hero on the quest.

    I'm not sure about villains just yet, but it isn't something I'd rule out just yet.

    3. Already mentioned that. Right now, all we need is one more person to join before the OoC thread can start.
  6. Also I forgot to mention: if we get a large enough roster, I'll be allowing a set amount of actual video game characters to be used. For example, you have a Game Master with the powers of Pit from Kid Icarus, while either you or somebody else takes the role of Pauletina as their primary/secondary character (I allow a maximum of 3 characters per player)
  7. Alright, I've got an question: Do we get more than one game to draw powers from?
  8. Are we talking two games from the same series (Zelda 2 and Wind Waker) or from totally different franchises (Killzone and LBP)?
  9. Both, I guess.
  10. Well yes for the first one. If you chose a character's powers from a franchise like Final Fantasy or Mega Man (where there's a lot of power-ups/items), then you can totally have access to them all. I do ask that we limit ourselves a little in terms of how powerful they are. Meaning, nobody can start with the Super Ultimate 1-Hit-KO Power/Weapon you access in the game (I'll exclude certain things like the Master Sword from this rule because lets face it: the full powers of that thing are vaguely explained, and it can start off like a regular sword and evolve into the Blade of Evil's Bane)

    But as for cross-series powers, I'm gonna say no. Unless you're Kirby or somebody with a Copy ability (used in moderation, of course), you've gotta stick with one game.

    However, you can play more then one character, if you really want to have two different game power-sets.
  11. Okay. Whoever is link get's sooooo many powers...
  12. Not really. If you have somebody like that with a lot of items, I'm limiting the number of items they can carry to 8 (per world, they can change what they're equipped with at any time after the level).
  13. Aaah, okay. I'll be taking InFamous as my franchise then.
  14. Alright, just one more person before the OoC is launched...

    Anyone have suggestions for game worlds to go to outside the list I've posted already?
  15. WoW? Oh, there could be a Fable world where everybody has to struggle with corruption!
  16. Hello! I would like to offer to take the final needed position for this roleplay.
    However, I do have a question. Would Namco also be an acceptable publisher? I'm just wondering since that wasn't listed, so I'd like to make sure. I only ask because the answer may change how I want to create my character. The particular game I had in mind were the Soul Calibur series. I may take from the elbow blade-wielding character, Talim. If this isn't acceptable, that's fine. It wasn't a set-in-stone decision anyway and if not, I'll probably take on something like Yuna from Final Fantasy series or Princess Zelda from LOZ.
  17. Namco is totally acceptable! Feel free to use Talim, Yuna, or Zelda as a character!

    You can also mix and match Game Masters and Video Game Characters (the actual character as opposed to somebody with his/her powers an abilities).
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