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    Stepping inside of a new city was never an experience which Azael correlated to good times. Throughout several years of wandering around the kingdom of Alsteria, being an outsider already brought a ridiculously big range of problems and benefits - varying from getting chased by the local police, to getting free drinks in a tavern, from explainable reasons as a policy of not accepting outsiders because of hostilities, to stuff as her clothes being "too revealing". With a red robe covering most of the demoness' body, a bit of it being dragged across the ground, she finally crossed the silver gates of an unknown city for her: Goldjoy.

    Easily one of the biggest cities of the kingdom, the pharaonic architecture of some buildings said a lot about the size of it. From every place Azael went to, Goldjoy was easily one of the most breath-taking scenes she saw: streets filled with pedestrians, the castle standing in all its might at the far end of the kingdom along with, of course, one of the main attractions of the city: the Tower of Light. A cathedral which felt almost out of place from the rest of the town, featuring enough extension to hold a ridiculous amount of priests and priestesses, the size of the land occupied being enough to probably create another kingdom of its own. Naturally, it'd be Azael's first stop.

    Paying a coach with a few gold coins, it didn't take more than a few minutes to stop in front of the main entrance of the new cathedral. The demoness took a stroll around the building's garden before anything else, stopping to take a look at the flowers and details of the building from outside but, growing bored soon after, she stepped inside of the Tower of Light, to try and find some kind of guide for the place. Almost immediately after Azael walked through the pearly white gates, a tingling sensation went through her body as she sensed a power - which wasn't something to catch her attention, unless of this magnitude. Her eyes immediately scanned through the small crowd to see the source of such feeling, and they soon rested on a young female, dressed as some kind of priestess, who would be seemingly ordinary for other's incapable to feel such power. With quick yet careful steps, Azael approached the unknown stranger, taking the robe off her head to reveal her face, for matters of respect. Her words sounded soft, yet her voice had a tint of authoritarism, slightly higher than most people's and surely slower than of a normal person. Her hair fell down to her shoulders and, with a swift head motion, Azael threw a lock of it away from her face.

    "Greetings, milady. I am a foreigner to this town, but heard many things of the Tower of Light. Something about you tells me you're well versed in this cathedral's history, despite your young appearance. Would you kindly show me around the place?"

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  2. Rosario's hands were full with the tourists that flocked to The Tower of Light during it's weekly opening. Outsiders were only welcome during service days, which were Sundays, and a couple of times during the week to see the interior of the cathedral. A lot of the cathedral was closed off to tourists, with only the garden, courtyard, the great halls, and the chapel open to the outside public. Rosario had been tasked with showing tourists around the Tower of Light, and had just finished up her last group of the afternoon. Her poor feet were aching from strolling through the halls all day, and her arms tired from pointing out important statues and paintings on the ceiling. Now, was her time to relax. She walked over to a bench and sat down, a quiet yawn escaping her lips and a pleasant smile on her face as she watched tourists walk by.

    A young woman approached her out of the blue, nearly startling Rosario as she was in somewhat of a daze. She blinked at the stranger, her face gentle as she listened to the woman speak. Rosario tilted her head to the side, poking her lips out just a bit as she thought over how best to reject this woman. Her next group wasn't for a couple of hours, and she truly was exhausted. Something about the woman's voice and piercing blue eyes made it hard to resist, though, and Rosario found herself unsure of what to say. "I-I suppose I could give you a quick tour, but you'll want to join me in several hours for the official tour of The Tower of Light where I highlight important aspects, and share various information about the statues and architecture," Rosario responded warmly. She stood up from the bench, hands resting over each other in her lap as she began to lead the blue haired woman away from the entrance, and down one of the halls.

    Since Rosario was not giving an official tour, the great halls were not as packed as they usually would be. Most people seemed to gravitate towards the garden and courtyard, and Rosario wanted to take advantage of the quiet of the halls. There was plenty of statues the Goddesses - all made of a rich marble or gold, and paintings which hinted at sacred rituals, and wars with angels and demons. Rosario stopped in front of a large golden statue of an ethereal beautiful. "Do you know our Goddess Avonmora?" Rosario asked, stopping just in front of the giant statue. She marveled at it's beauty for a moment, before looking at the woman. "She is the Goddess which governs this cathedral. The man who built this statue said that she came to him in a vision and that he could not rest, until it was completed." Rosario said, returned her attention to the statue of Avonmora. It seemed even when she was on break, she couldn't easily get out the tour guide mode. "Have you ever seen anything more beautiful that nature did not create itself?"
  3. Azael's eyes gleamed with satisfaction when the other accepted her polite request, even if she the feeling that it was only of pure kindness, since the unknown female appeared to be quite exhausted while resting on the benches. Now, it wasn't really so much of her fault - the demoness had no idea the other was giving tours around everyday, but it was still not enough to stop her from getting closer to such... Curious individual. Her lips formed a small, polite smile as she started to follow the priestess just beside her. - "Oh, I'm not sure if I'd want to see the touristic tour... There are too many people, and I fear I'm not a fan of being around too many people. I'd go around on my own, honestly, but having someone who surely knows more than me in the mythology sounds amazing." - Her steps were controlled, definitely walking slower than her normal steps. In any way, it wasn't like Azael had any kind of obligation to do in this new kingdom.

    As such, while the younger priestess walked her down the hall, the demoness was clearly very interested in all of the statues and paintings around the place. It always enticed her curiosity to see how humans saw and recreated the battles between angels and demons, the gods living on the skies, the ethereal planes... For someone who already wandered around both Aether and Nether, her vision was clearly different. It brought a sense of nostalgia mixed with hatred when seeing some of her brothers as heroes on the walls, even if none of them was recognizable because... Well, few people actually saw angels. With a sigh of satisfaction, Azael stopped in front of Avonmora's statue, exchanging glances between it and the tour guide, a more controlled tone of her voice due to the sacred nature of such place.
    "Oh, yes, I definitely heard about Avonmora, but not about this story... And, indeed, it's one of the most beautiful sights I had the privilege of seeing, and I do travel a lot!" - A soft chuckle escaped her lips, before she finally turned to the tour guide. - "Now, the man who built this must've been someone of true faith to do it without questions. I don't know you, but I think I'd be suspicious if a goddess came to me. Wouldn't you?"

    Making her way towards one of the many paintings in the wall, Azael approached one depicting a familiar scene... Heaven in dark colours and shiny, small star-like objects falling from it - angels falling. A devilish smile took place on her face when seeing it, carefully lifting a finger to point at it while turning to the guide to get her attention.
    "Now, what does this painting represents? I'm not quite getting its meaning..."
  4. Rosario stood still, smiling softly and watching the blue haired woman move from painting to statue with an intrigued look. She did enjoy seeing the looks on the tourists' faces when they got see everything up close. Very few things in the city compared to the Cathedral, so Rosario could not blame them. They were still a few things that intrigued Rosario, but she was quite accustomed to everything that the Cathedral had to offer. It was a truly magical place, and she was grateful to live there and train as a Priestess.

    Noticing which painting the mysterious woman had pointed to, Rosario began to walk towards her. "Ah, this one." She stops beside the woman, looking up at the painting and then back to the woman. Very few people found this picture interesting, as it just looked like a night sky full of shooting stars to most people. There was a deeper meaning, however. "This painting is inspired, or perhaps a retelling of how the angels were banished from the heavens by the most Holy one, Eternos. It is said that any Angel that is banished is sent here, destined to walk the earth for all of eternity. Their existence is cursed and often times they turn into the demons we're warned about." Rosario points to a bright star with her index finger, careful not to touch it as she traced it back to an ocean. "What a miserable existence it must be, cursed here with no way back into heaven. Being here for too long can sometimes make angels crazy - that is what Father Kain says."

    "What do you think an Angel could do that would be worth banishment from the heavens?" Rosario asks, turning to face the woman with an inquisitive look. "I'd never want to give up my spot in heaven."
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