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Hello there, you lovers of Iwaku! 🤍🖤💚

Love is definitely in the air around these parts and what a better way to celebrate than decorating our profiles to express that. You can express your favorite ship, fictional or non-fictional, and post here once you have done so. A fairly simple event to participate in because all you have to do is change your profile to fit the theme. Whenever you have done so, post here to show us so we can gush alongside you!

This event will take place from Feb. 1st Feb. 2nd to Feb. 29th.

Eddie Brock x The Symbiote is my pick. <3
I celebrate the L O V E with my favorite Genshin ship of Kaveh and Alhaitham

...there is no finger guns emote and this greatly saddens me so just picture me shooting a finger gun
A bit of an unconventional ship, but hey I wrote an entire novel length fanfic around it so this shouldn't be too surprising, but Malenia x the Tarnished you play as from Elden Ring.


Mostly because of this cut dialogue, and Malenia just needing some love in general after all the shit she's been through:

Sweet Tarnished…
Dearest companion…
Did you not heed my warning?
Your greed knows no end.
You would steal the last drop of warmth from his empty frame?
After all you've taken, you still want more?
Then you will have to kill me.
I am Malenia, Sword of Miquella.
And I have never known defeat.

My dear twin, accept this gift.
A gift of abundance, my last drop of dew.
Let all things flourish,
whether graceful, or malign.
Gotta go with my classic fave Inuyasha x Kagome
Does a really strong friendship between animals count 🤔
gotta stay on theme with my name and profile XD
*tad bit of anxiety over posting this, but I wanted to participate!*

My original plan was to just switch my avatar to something cute featuring my chosen ship, but I thought 'no'. These boys mean so much to me, and this is the season of love, you know? I would be doing them such a disservice if I didn't go all out for them. And, keep in mind that they do, in fact, age throughout the show and are both canonically 18+, and whatever I write them in, they are an appropriate age, as well!

I know there's a huge chance that very few of you know what Uta no Prince-Sama is. It's often shortened to Utapri.
It is an idol franchise.
It is a series of games that I have actually never played.
It is a rhythm game/gacha app that I played religiously before they cut off English support for it. [although, I hear they're bringing it to the Switch, soon!]
It is an anime series and a few movies that I have consumed rabidly and passionately.
I call it feel-good sparklegarbage with every, loving, fibre of my being.
This show has been there for me in some dark, uncertain, times and continues to be a source of comfort, creativity, and fun. :'3

Which brings me to Ai Mikaze and Syo Kurusu.
Ai's a tall, blue-haired, robot. Smart, honest, curious.
Syo's a short, blond, young man. Excitable, energetic, courageous.
They have so many wonderful interactions throughout the franchise. For one of the app events, they were even cast in the roles of spies in which it is heavily hinted at that their characters were once involved romantically.~ They support each other, level each other out, teach each other so much. They're just so wonderful, together.


I might get some big eye rolls for this next bit and I want to bite back the need to kneejerk apologize. But, a bigger reason I ship them together is because I'm a dirty oc-shipper. I polyship them with Sunsetter. They're her partners in their canonverse, going through all sorts of life events, together. They are some of succubus Suns's Marked in my fantasy AU. They travel along with her on the high seas as part of her crew in my pirate AU.

They have inspired so much writing and drawing and creating, out of me.
This is a sort of love letter to my boys, specially made for Valentine's Day. 💗

Hope I didn't come off as too, too, crazy, pff.
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I wouldn't say this is my favourite ship of the game, but I thought this artwork (my avatar) was beautiful. A certain character x the female protagonist of P3P.

Persona 3 Portable was my introduction to the franchise and it has a special place in my heart. I'm still disappointed they axed her in the remake, but it is what it is.
I went with my favorite toxic love couple, Veronica and JD from Heathers 😁
I WISH TO PARTICIPATE! *takes deep breath* G'raha Tia is best boy for spoiler reasons! Non spoiler I ship him with ALL warriors of Light because we're all Canon dammit! So I picked generic WoL because he looks damn fine in the dawn trail trailer. I don't have art of my WoL with him.....yet......
I have decided that this year I will do Ben and Jed Tien for the month.
this was a tough one- i didn't know if i wanted to portray blitz and stolas or fizz and ozzie. but i made my choice 🤭 we got fizz and ozzie from helluva boss
I will be joining. Crack Pairing it is xD

These two pairing even if the main ones never interacted.
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I think mine is the same as last year, but it's still one of my favorites! Stede x Blackbeard :heart:
I don't have many favorite ships, but Navier and Heinley from The Remarried Empress~! I love them so much. ;-; 💗
I have a few favourite ships, but I gotta go with Lucas and Athy from Who Made Me a Princess for this one. I love their dynamic so much
I had to think for a while but I think it is time to shamelessly plug a webtoon that I read and can't quite forget. I am going for the main couple of the webtoon named 'The Reaper and the Waiting' beautiful and heart wrenching and exactly what I love in a romance (I promise it has a good ending). It is written and drawn by Jayessart who also has an (ongoing) merfolk story! :D

Suicide and death

EDIT: If you loved 'Under the Whispering Door' by TJ Klune I feel this should be right up your alley!
So glad to see people rep lesser known properties and webtoons! I wanted to do one of HarinxIrang from Flow (which is a rather dark but to me personally deep and meaningful story about class and personal expectations) but couldn't find any that would work as a profile pic, and the one good one I could find from My Cute Beast (which is incredibly wholesome and makes fun of a lot of not very good romance tropes 10/10 recommend) was blurry as heck, so I just went with an old couple I like Jelsa. LOL. Cheesy? Yes. A very cracked ship? Also yes. But I always thought they'd blend well, the serious and duty-bound (with a hint of mischief) complementing the fun-loving and carefree. Plus the ice aesthetic is very nice. I'm a hoe for the pretties and I won't apologize for it.
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