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Professional writing

As a writing based community, It is safe to say we all enjoy writing on one level or another, but have you ever considered writing as a career? Do you think you have the skills to become a published author?

Never as a career but I have done professional writing before.
I wrote some 20-30-40 cd reviews for the local newspaper. Felt good to me, then again, totally different ball game to what you might be looking for.
Every now and then I play with the idea of attempting professional writing. The only problem is I'm trying to do too many things in my life at the same time. I need to finish a few projects, get an awesome man, and then kidnap my co-author for a month somewhere none of our loved ones could distract us. Of course after learning fencing.
My life dream is to publish a series of novels. :D Teen demographic, fantasy and modern fantasy. I even have my stories picked out that I want to write. Sitting there waiting for me in my plot folders. I've been trying to beef up my grammar skills, I practice writing everyday with roleplaying...

My only problem comes in the form of lacking all forms of self discipline. D: I think I've only ever finished ONE story. I usually get to a certain point and then I'm -stuck-. Be it not knowing what I want to write, or just... not forcing myself to actually TRY to write.

I've recently (er in the past year or so) picked up some new, really helpful methods for plotting a novel. Things that help me OODLES in planning. Now my only problem that remains is the "just DO it already". XD I always seem to find excuses or distractions that keep me away from it.

I'm sure ONE day I'll do it. c___c I guess I haven't hit that point where I want it enough.
I'm a combination of Diana and Ocha in this case...

Combine the first part of Diana's post about getting stuck or having no self discipline, with Ocha's bit about being busy with so many other things, and there's basically the reason why I have trouble writing anything permanent.
Kinda... I enjoy writing as it's the creativity outlet I'm good at(or kind of good at... or not really good at... I like it best), and have often dreamed of being able to share my creativity with other people and be rewarded for my efforts, just usually I lack either the time or self-control to do it. Maybe I could write for a newspaper or magazine or something, I dunno. I just want to know that people are reading what I write. ;_;
I'm a creative writing major. >_>;; At least I'm used to low budgeting.
I used to want to write professionally. Now I hate writing. I hate typing. I hate using keyboards and pointing and clicking for every damn thing on electronic medical records. Give me a dictaphone, a quiet space, and six minutes and everything will get done faster if I can just freaking dictate. Stupid medical records.